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Project • By Mojo Stumer AssociatesApartments


West Village Apartment is a building located between the two Richard Meier buildings on the Hudson River. Our client originally saw the project with us when the two penthouse floors were four separate apartments. Our task was to combine the four apartments into one duplex penthouse. The architecture had to be extremely contemporary to meet our client’s philosophy, and ours, with complimentary interiors that our firm did. The apartment has some very exciting details which you will see in the photographs. There are two outside decks that help the interior extend to the exterior. We programmed the apartment with adjacencies of space so that living is basically on one side and functions like kitchen and support on the other. The kitc... More

Product • By Noctum InterieurprojectenRimadesio Link+ door

Rimadesio Link+ door

A design that explores all the possibilities offered by a lacquered glass door, characterised by the exclusive shades in the Rimadesio collection. A thin aluminium profile marks out the surround to a pure surface that is full of reflections and the strength of the colours. Link+ is also fitted with a magnetic closing system lock, an innovative patented Rimadesio product that ensures silence and reliability over time. These newly designed handles are available for both swing and sliding doors. The principal aesthetic characteristic is total integration between the handle block and the glass panel that form a single uninterrupted surface. Link+ is also available in a slim version, characterised by ultra thin jamb finishing pieces. More

Project • By MOLOSPrivate Houses

Modern Lilac Interior

This interior was designed for a villa in Tirana. The result of it, is quite a minimalist modern line, with a splash of glossy lilac in different furniture elements. The lines follow a simple geometry that has a flow in the entire space. The interior products are all custom designed. The materials mainly consist of glass, wood and ceramics. The custom designed ceiling lights in the living area, are quite unique. They emit a diffuse light, and at the same time stand as a beautiful sculpture just in the middle of the gallery. The cracked details in the fireplace and walls, are all sculptured by our own studio artists. So are the paintings and the bull sculpture. More
"i n s i d e - beyond the noise" by Brani & Desi
"i n s i d e - beyond the noise" by Brani & Desi
"i n s i d e - beyond the noise" by Brani & Desi
"i n s i d e - beyond the noise" by Brani & Desi

Project • By Brani & DesiApartments


"in s i d e - beyond the noise" is а room for a college girl who studies Illustration & Graphics. The reason to study this discipline is the love she feels to the art of the contemporary illustrators. She would like to combine her another passion philosophy and art together. Her room represents the inner self. Everything inside is open and visible for the eyes, even the wardrobe is without doors. The room is in light blue – the color of true. There are a variety of forms for the different zones. The dominated acute shapes in the zone of the bedroom provides a feeling of warmth, and the rectangle shapes in the work zone - feeling of comfort. Somewhere the shapes are intertwined one within another and to be balanced, they have been filled w... More

Project • By SpectaculArch!Pavilions

Dried Chat Room

Winning Space of the Interieur Awards 2014 - built at the Biennale Interieur 17/24 october 2014, Kortrijk, Belgium. DRIED CHAT ROOM It’s a contemporary attitude towards our heritage New contemporary social attitudes retaliate ancient manners of cooking and conserving food. We live in a dizzy, restlessness world with a huge virtual reality factor which coexist with a new need of savouring scents and tasting flavours. Primitive and natural processes of preparing and preserving food like smoked and salted fish or meat, dried fruits and vegetables, use minimum resources for best result. It’s a necessary contemporary attitude with heritage. Moreover, this kind of food is commonly used by travellers, explorers and nomad people, expression... More
Interior rendering
Interior rendering
Interior rendering
Interior rendering

Project • By 3dVisDesignIndividual Buildings

Interior visualization projects .

Interior rendering visualization project . Snuggled in the heart of the most vibrant and sought after area in the world, this estate sumptuously contemplates the sea from its rocky cliff, on the Cap de Nice. More

Product • By SuitedsuitsSuit'd Suits Cover Models collection

Universal socket Covers

In 2010 designer Erik Boogerd discovered and invented the Universal poweroutletcover as a product model, also the trigger for starting the brand Suit'd Suits (meaning: 'Suited Covers') and the production company behind it (called 'Suited Products') later on.With the Universal poweroutletcovers, or Cover Models, we present a simple but effective method for making the standard and often yellowed plastic power outlets / sockets more appealing.How it works? A doublesided adhesive tapestrip that is pre-mounted inside the covers (from woodtypes and ceramics) are taking care of that dull piece of plastic within less then 2 minutes! It's a highly graphical product – with an overall iconographic appearance, that is designed to reduce the visibility... More

Project • By BT ArquitectosOffices

Façonnable, interior design project

Since 1950, Façonnable is a renowned French global brand keeping a vast history. Their stores display all over the world: United States, Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Middle East. Featuring a mix between classic and contemporary, elegance always remains, but at the same time it catches free style vibrant palette. Façonnable group entrusted Bettis Tarazi Arquitectos firm, the creation of the main office and showroom interior design at Punta Pacifica, Panama. Following the brand´s trends, the architects presented a customized classic, yet contemporary proposal. Wooden floor and warm illumination mainstream all over the offices, granting natural comfort. At the grand main reception desk, a Barrisol triangular volumized wall makes con... More

Product • By B-LINE S.r.l.HELIX chair

HELIX chair

The Helix chair in solid wood features back legs that were explicitly inspired by aeroplane propellers from the early 1900s. The geometrical cross-section changes continuously along the structure, giving it a new, dynamic look. The thin multi-layered wooden seat comes plain or upholstered in fabric. The slim-line backrest is available naked or as a version featuring a “corset” of elasticised cord. More

Project • By Christopher Polly ArchitectApartments

Darling Point Penthouse

Located within Easthaven designed by Ancher Mortlock & Murray in the late 1950’s, the project involves a comprehensive re-design of a top floor apartment by way of a two-fold approach: a. the clear delineation of the public and private domains in the plan arrangement that simultaneously enables particular spaces to flexibly borrow from, expand into or contract from, other spaces as required, to offer a variety of unique spatial configurations; b. the establishment of physical and visual connections of spaces to the terrace to enhance the amenity of, and relationships between, the living, kitchen and terrace areas, that also encompasses a link of borrowed light through the main bedroom to an internal bathroom - in unison with an over... More

Project • By Christopher Polly ArchitectShops


The new flagship store responds to its specific urban location within the established high-end retail character of the street, providing a high quality spatial experience for the presentation of optical products that overcomes its spatial limitations and modest budget. A series of white opal resin shelves and illuminated light-box storage units float and curve around the interior of the existing glass storefront, while white lighting columns illuminate the opalescent quality of the shelves for maximum visual focus of the displayed spectacles. Other modules wrap around the interior walls of the existing shell, accommodating further programmatic requirements for the display of sunglasses & optical products and for provision of storage.... More