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Product • By LZFI Club

I Club

Designed by the German designer Burkhard Dämmer, this series comprises suspension, floor, table and wall lamps. Every lamp is handcrafted by LZF, using natural wood veneer. This collection, which forms part of the CLUB series, features minimalist architectural lines. The suspension and floor models are equipped with the T5 electronic technology to ensure minimum energy consumption. The CLUB series combines the warmth of ambient lighting with the light output of fluorescent lamps. The lampshades are available in 11 different wood veneer finishes. Home, contract, hospitality. More

Product • By LZFGroove


The second screen designed by Luis Eslava Studio for LZF, we have the pleasure to introduce Groove: a screen with organic, winding lines and the power to transform the light that comes through it. This piece, as the name suggests, conveys a feeling of movement. For many people, ‘groove’ means the feeling of an expansive rhythm or what gives meaning to swing. Created by the Spanish designer Luis Eslava, Groove is an architectonic piece that allows us to define spaces by assembling several modules. Groove is also a canvas where intricate shadows are projected and converted into an ornament, changing shadows that adapt themselves depending on the direction of the light. It can be used both in home interiors and contract. Available in... More

Product • By LZFRaindrop


Raindrops of music that permeate throughout life, as if Javier Herrero had cosen the form of a concierto to present his designs to us. These drops, suspended in the night, creating inspiration for us all. The lampshades are available in 11 different wood veneer finishes. More

Product • By FlosSnoopy


Table lamp giving direct light with enamelled metal reflector and white marble base. It was designed by Achille e Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1967. More

Product • By FlosPochette


Wall lamp providing indirect light. Pressure die-cast Zamak alloy structure. Molded steel, galvanized white wall attachment containing the wall attachment system as well as the electrical devices. Pochette has a single dimmable light source in the traditional recessed series. More

Product • By FlosFoglio


Wall lamp providing direct/indirect/partially diffused light. Wall fitting in powder-painted polished white pressed steel. Diffuser in powder-painted polished. Two nylon injection molded white lamp holder supports. More

Project • By Marion Friedmann GalleryArt Galleries


RECOLLECTIONS touched on the sustainability of the past and its potential inherent treasure. The past is stored in our memories, and as such it is treasured within our deep emotional senses – this is conveyed in the manifestation of objects we create. The exhibition portrayed aspects of recollection and the past, reflected in objects through the work of five designers. The past and our reminiscences can be represented in various ways: Forgotten or overlooked materials; a re-interpretation of something once useful, that has since been neglected; something dead brought back to life; something archived or stored, kept secret or secure; something rotten, damaged; something lost or out of fashion; a celebration and valuation of old tradition... More

Product • By Flos2097


Suspension lamp providing diffused light. Steel central structure with brass arms, both available either chromium-plated or gilded. Steel ceiling fitting and rose. More

Product • By VondomThe second light

The second light

VONDOM enters the lighting sector with the launch of THESECONDLIGHT, an avant-garde two piece lighting set designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Our lamps are made from polyethylene resin and the bases from stainless steel grade A-316, a creative and original concept in the world of lighting. Under even the most extreme conditions our lamps are ideal for use outside due to their IP65 protection class. VONDOM presents this unique piece in two different sizes: ø 38 x 50 cm height and the larger ø 75 x 100 cm. THESECONDLIGHT also offers the possibility of choosing between an energy saving light bulb or colour RGB LED's. This last option comes together with a remote control to switch the unit on and off, and to program the colour option... More