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Project • By i-MeshCommercial Landscape

Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | i-Mesh, a young company from the Marche region of Italy, is responsible for the cover of the Expo 2020 Dubai promenade. It consists of 2.7 km of Made in Italy technical fabric for architecture, for a total area of 52,500 square meters. The high-tech, green, textile material is better performing, more sustainable, and more versatile for the local climate. In fact, i-Mesh flourished in a sandstorm resistance test, remaining intact without ripping thanks to the strength and flexibility of its fibers, soft material, and well- calibrated weight. Ismail Noor The theme of Expo 2020, which is scheduled for October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 in Dubai, is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future," a philosophy also sh... More

NewsNews • 30 Jul 2020

‘A Giant Sculpture’ marks the high point of Belgian nature reserve

‘A Giant Sculpture’ by architect and artist Gijs Van Vaerenbergh is a permanent, site-specific sculpture located on the highest point of nature reserve Hoge Mouw (near Kasterlee, Belgium). The surrounding landscape is characterized by coniferous forests on sandy soil, with moors, fens, open sand drifts, hollow roads, and streams. Rich mystical stories dating back to pre-Christian cultures are tied to the land. Credit: Mattijs van der Burght The form is the structure is that of a faceted head, with the form also closely resembling a dome structure. Made from 2215 welded 6mm thick metal triangles, several pieced have been omitted, making it possible to enter the interior space of the sculpture. In total, the sculpture measur... More

Project • By Kiasma LandscapesCommercial Landscape

DSR classe, Hyderabad

Unique and innovative landscape architecture, sculpture and art installation for residential, housing, hospitality and institutional & corporate offices in Delhi NCR and Hyderabad. More

Project • By Groundwork Architects & Associates Ltd.Exhibitions

Fairyland Playscape

Play Instructions1. This is a piece of art and architecture; the entire space constitute the “toy”. 2. It is an abstract art that wish to inspire. The participates are also part of the art work. 3. This space is about taking risky, because challenges can be fun4. The structure more bouncy and difficult than you think, please be careful!5. For the best play experience, go bare foot (no socks). You may store your shoes in the shoe racks. 6. Please enjoy and take a lots of picture! This is the "Yushan" of Chinese mythology, which is the residence of the Queen Mother. The warrior monkey Sun Wukong once played here. This is architecture; it is also artwork and a very large toy. Groundwork was commissioned by the Hon... More

Project • By TKP Architects pcPrivate Houses

CGC Custom Home

This very personal 5200 s.f. custom home was designed for a wooded 2.5 acre site with beautiful views of the Colorado front range for a couple with many unique lifestyle requests. After living for years in central London, they were looking forward to the prospect of enjoying their newly expansive open spaces and views, and yet concerned about maintaining the quaint, cozy comfortableness of their previous home. They requested a very modern, minimalist interior with both open and protected outdoor spaces. While they preferred flat-roof designs, the neighborhood design guidelines required pitched roofs and natural exterior materials, so the architects were challenged to design a home, within the guidelines, that had the modern i... More

Product • By Cañas ArquitectosBancos Zompopas, (Leaf-cutter Ant stool) 2010

Bancos Zompopas (Leaf-cutter Ant Stools)

Whimsical, contemporary, artsy and fun. A group of these natural river rock stone stools resemble a small colony of ants on the march, hence their popular costarican name - hormigas Zompopas- leaf-cutter ants. They were part of a commision from the from  the MADC ( Contemporary Art and Design Museum) of Costa Rica, and now are in it's permament colection, and also in various private colections. More

Project • By Landscape Design WorkshopExhibition Centres

Botaniko Sales Gallery

Landscape Design Workshop has won the 2017 American Architecture Prize in the category of Landscape Architecture/Commercial for their project Botaniko Sales Gallery. This real estate sales gallery serves a newly developed 120-acre residential community with 125 custom homes located in the city of Weston, Florida. The sales gallery is composed of 2 main volumes connected by a “glass box”. The first volume is the reception area whereas the second space contains a model unit and sample materials. The outdoor spaces relate to the indoor spaces, with the vehicular arrival court relating to the reception area and the sculpture court relating to the model unit. The vehicular court is designed to evoke the feeling of arriving home, almost l... More