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NewsNews • 29 Jul 2021

Le Cabanon by Studio Rick Joy sits in material harmony with its Turks and Caicos island surroundings

Located on the Turks and Caicos Islands, this three-bedroom family retreat by Studio Rick Joy is surrounded by rich native vegetation and the daily winds of Chalk Sound National Park. Perched on a site comprising 21,000 square feet of porous iron shore rock with views over white sand and bright turquoise water, the home is constructed with exposed cast-in-place white concrete walls and warm-coloured mahogany hardwood doors, windows, and ceilings.  Joe Fletcher Elevated on a platform that is on the same horizontal plane throughout, the program of the house is separated into two distinct volumes: an elongated bar to the west which houses private areas, and a standalone Pavilion which is open to the water and views.  Joe Fle... More