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Product • By LuceplanBlow


Light in weight, essential in design, Blow moves air at variable speeds with a minimum of noise. The rotation of the colored or transparent methacrylate blades does not interfere with the emission of white light in the room.A special control makes it possible to invert the direction of rotation of the blades. This enables the user to regenerate the continuous, mono-directional air flow, and above all to draw the warm air from convectors downward in the winter months, significantly improving energy efficiency. More

Product • By LuceplanTrama - Ceiling Wall Lamp

Trama - Ceiling Wall Lamp

Trama - Ceiling Wall Lamp - the wall or ceiling version of this lamp is equipped with spacers that provide suitable ventilation. The special shape of the hinges also permits easy opening to replace bulbs, and complete detachment of the cup/ diffuser for maintenance. More

Product • By LuceplanTrama - Suspension Lamp

Trama - Suspension Lamp

Trama - Suspension Lamp - the shape and silk-screening of the polycarbonate diffuser enhance the quality of the light, which spreads uniformly in space. The lamp comes in two models: fixed height and height-adjustable thanks to a counterweight More

Product • By LuceplanTivedo - Table Lamp

Tivedo - Table Lamp

Tivedo - Table Lamp - ultra-light, ultra-jointed and ultra-technological, starting with the arms in injection-molded technopolymer, joined and organized in an original two-way pantograph system that allows for the widest range and variation of movement, always ensuring steady balance and stability. The swivel head, also in technopolymer, fitted with a practical, intuitive T-shaped grip, contains an LED lighting module of the latest generation. More

Product • By LuceplanTitania - Suspension Lamp

Titania - Suspension Lamp

Titania - Suspension Lamp - lightweight and versatile, this lamp can change color without altering white light emission thanks to a pair of polycarbonate filters. The arrangement of the aluminium ribs reflects light and conceals the bulb inside a transparent, surprising shape. The spherical counterweight permits height adjustment. More

Product • By LuceplanStrip - Wall Ceiling Lamp

Strip - Wall Ceiling Lamp

Strip is a family of very thin wall, ceiling and suspension lamps whose modular design permits use in sequences and groupings determined by “balanced” geometry. A few basic constructive parts like the die-cast aluminium uprights, the separator sections in extruded aluminium, the housings containing the electrical components, and the diffuser screens in opaline polycarbonate, make it possible to create modular lighting objects of different sizes and luminous intensity. More

Product • By LuceplanSoleil Noir - Ceiling Lamp

Soleil Noir - Ceiling Lamp

Soleil Noir - Ceiling Lamp comes with an avant-garde optical system to guarantee the uniform spread of light on the diffuser. More

Product • By LuceplanSky - Outdoor Lamp

Sky - Outdoor Lamp

Sky - Outdoor Lamp - Series of lamps with IP65 protection, with a simple and elegant design that fits in perfectly with any outdoor space. The head distributes light evenly while hiding the light sources. More

Product • By LuceplanQueen Titania

Queen Titania

Queen Titania - Suspension - doubled in size and visual impact, designed to light up large spaces. A pair of interchangeable filters make it possible to color the aluminium body without interfering with the white light emission. More

Product • By LuceplanOtto Watt - Wall Lamp

Otto Watt - Wall Lamp

The Otto Watt wall model is a concentrate of efficiency and flexibility. Reinterpreting the classic spring lamp, Otto Watt is extremely manageable and stable, thanks to its slim but solid lines. The shade can be adjusted across 360° for direct or indirect lighting. More

Product • By LuceplanNui Mini Outdoor - Table Lamp

Nui Mini Outdoor - Table Lamp

Part of the Nui family, Nui mini - Table Lamp translates its inspiration and design into a rechargeable table version. Offered in three colors for the top (white, greige and sand), it has a base in transparent crystal that contributes to create a sophisticated game of reflections.The use of the volumes is similar to that of the outdoor floor lamps, but in this case there is only one variant. The lamp is also ideal for indoor settings.Nui Mini is a product with its own identity, though it is part of a family, precisely because it can be used by private clients in a completely different, also domestic context. More

Product • By LuceplanMiranda - Table Lamp

Miranda - Table Lamp

Miranda a table lamp of classic elegance with an aluminium base and stem. The diffuser, in blown opaline glass, is supported by a bracket that extends from the bulb housing, whose cylindrical shape makes for easy assembly and disassembly. More

Product • By LuceplanMesh - Ceiling Lamp

Mesh - Ceiling Lamp

Mesh - Ceiling Lamp - The Mesh family has expanded with a ceiling version with 96 light points. The particular structure permits exceptional freedom in the control of luminance. It is possible to govern the intensity of the light. More

Product • By LuceplanLuthien


Luthien - A wall lamp with extraordinary decorative character and immediate impact. The structure is the result of the staggered overlaying of two concentric surfaces in technopolymer. The lamp emits indirect light thanks to the interaction of the planes that produce a reflection of the beams, in a cloud of light with a gentle spirit. A compact but very functional lamp of sophisticated beauty that is never excessive, Luthien combines aesthetic and emotional value in a precious object with the classic practicality of a wall lamp. More

Product • By LuceplanLola - Wall Lamp

Lola - Wall Lamp

Lola - Wall Lamp -  an essential and simple form for a wall lamp providing indirect lighting. The micro-perforated steel reflector makes for easy directional adjustment. More