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Product • By LuceplanGoggle


Goggle lamp comes in a single finish that changes color depending on the vantage point. The in-mold decoration technique makes the iridescent film that creates these shifting hues become an integral part of the polycarbonate diffuser. More

Product • By LuceplanGlassGlass


The versatility of a modular system - GlassGlass, the elegance of fine craftsmanship. The die-cast aluminium structure securely grips a series of glass shades, made with traditional glassblowing techniques. The load-bearing electrical cable is housed in a steel sheath. More

Product • By LuceplanFortebraccio - Ceiling Wall Lamp

Fortebraccio - Ceiling Wall Lamp

Fortebraccio - Ceiling Wall Lamp is also available in a spotlight version notmounted on the wall or the ceiling. The iconic handle gives the design charisma and intelligently solves the problem of direction of light emission. Designed to be gripped and handled with agility. More

Product • By LuceplanFortebraccio - Table Lamp

Fortebraccio - Table Lamp

Fortebraccio - Table Lamp sets new standards of efficiency and practicality for desk lamps. The central joint allows the two arms to rotate independently on the horizontal and vertical axes, guaranteeing great fluidity of movement even in extreme and unusual positions. The polycarbonate grip enables users to maneuver the lamp simply and manageably.The LED version provides impressive efficiency and warm white light. A lens connected to the heat sink makes it possible to adjust the light beam from a minimum of 45° to a maximum of 80°. More

Product • By LuceplanFortebraccio - Wall Ceiling Lamp

Fortebraccio - Wall Ceiling Lamp

Fortebraccio - Wall Ceiling Lamp guarantees a total light positioning freedom. The lamp’s distinctive handle conveys a highly charismatic, formal look, and provides an intelligent solution to the problem of directing light emission. Moulded in polycarbonate, it includes a switch and is designed in such a way as to be easily held and manoeuvred. Available in aluminum, glossy white or soft-touch black finishes. More

Product • By LuceplanFortebraccio - Floor Lamp

Fortebraccio - Floor Lamp

Fortebraccio - the floor version of the famous work lamp extends its range of application and its great functional quality, enhanced by the practical polycarbonate grip housing the on/off switch, to adjust lighting direction with great simplicity and precision. More

Product • By LuceplanFly-Too


An ultraflat luminous disk, adjustable by 360° in space. Fly-too is an LED wall lamp that generates perfect bidirectional floodlighting. The methacrylate lens features a system for recovery of marginal light flow. More

Product • By LuceplanFlia


The Flia family of outdoor floor lamps stands out for its ability to combine technological aspects with rigorous expressive forms. The miniaturization of the light source is a key factor of the project. The carbon stem is supported by a cylinder that contains the core elements and grants the lamp strength, lightness and flexibility. Flia is available in a single configuration – with three different heights – or multiples – with 2 or 3 stems – and can be attached to floors and decks, or directly on the ground.The lamp becomes nomadic, adapting to different types of spaces and needs, thanks to the rechargeable version. A versatile product, capable of crossing architectural boundaries and stimulating new usage scenarios... More

Product • By LuceplanFienile - Table Lamp

Fienile - Table Lamp

Fienile, a table lamp inspired by the image of simple rural haylofts in Norway, featuring a low pitched roof and central/lateral walls in satin-finish anodized aluminium. A work of micro-architecture that projects soft, warm light from above onto a lower surface, giving rise to unusual compositions of brightness and shadow. The light slides along the lateral walls with a wall-washer effect, created by the LED sources with dimmers, by means of a touch function. More

Product • By LuceplanE06


E06 - A family of adjustable fixtures with cylindrical housings. Two possible installation modes, on the ceiling or on a track. Light can be directed where it is needed. The jointed form makes for intuitive use, generating an intriguing architectural image. More

Product • By LuceplanE04 - Wall Lamp

E04 - Wall Lamp

E04 - Wall Lamp - Wall fixtures for indoor use. The cylindrical body connects smoothly to architectural surfaces. The optics permit a wide range of lighting solutions for multiple contexts. More

Product • By LuceplanE04 - Suspension Lamp

E04 - Suspension Lamp

E04 - Suspension Lamp - aluminium suspensions in two diameters and different lengths. The power cable enters the side of the cylinder, providing two-way emission without casting a shadow on the ceiling. The light source in a recessed position, preventing glare and improving visual comfort. More

Product • By LuceplanE04 - Ceiling Lamp

E04 - Ceiling Lamp

E04 - Ceiling lights produced in two diameters (70 mm and 134 mm) and various lengths. The recessed positioning of the light source increases the angle of shading and lighting comfort. More

Product • By LuceplanCurl


The Curl lamp is a device with well-balanced proportions and a natural sculptural presence. The typology of reference is the table lamp, a fixture to supply diffused light, shielding glare to create a restful atmosphere. The form of the base allows Curl to assume different positions; a dimmer switch is positioned at its center. More

Product • By LuceplanCostanzina - Wall Lamp

Costanzina - Wall Lamp

Costanzina - Wall Lamp - the polycarbonate shade is light and interchangeable, to warm up any living space. The control rod is within easy reach near the light source. More