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Product • By LuceplanCostanzina - Suspension Lamp

Costanzina - Suspension Lamp

Costanzina - Suspension Lamp - the colored polycarbonate shade adds personality to any setting. The control rod is positioned close to the light source. A counterweight provides easy height adjustment. More

Product • By LuceplanCostanza - Wall Lamp

Costanza - Wall Lamp

Consanza - Wall Lamp - Slender and discrete, this lamp fits easily into any context, public or private. The handy rod near the light source makes it easy to turn the unit on or off. More

Product • By LuceplanCostanza - Floor Lamp

Costanza - Floor Lamp

Costanza - Floor Lamp - ethereal and essential, this lamp fits into any setting with nonchalance. Costanza is an archetypal example of modern elegance. The polycarbonate shade rests on the aluminium structure at just two points.LED technology has made it possible to update Costanza while keeping its inimitable characteristics: high performance in terms of diffuse lighting and visual comfort. More

Product • By LuceplanCompendium Plate

Compendium Plate

Compendium Plate is another extension of the luminous alphabet of the Compendium family, now interpreted by Daniel Rybakken in the ceiling, applique and suspension versions as well. The external profile in anodized extruded aluminium conserves the slim original thickness, creating a surface almost flush with the wall. In spite of its extremely slender design, Compendium Plate provides extraordinary lighting efficiency combined with a clean form and extreme elegance. More

Product • By LuceplanCompendium - Floor Lamp

Compendium - Floor Lamp

The Compendium floor lamp version provides a diffuse light. The body houses a high-efficiency LED source and rotates freely on the base to direct the light towards the wall, preventing direct glare. More

Product • By LuceplanCassette


A Cassette lamp for direct light featuring a large, uniform and glareproof luminous surface. Though the product responds to typical design requirements and can be inserted in a wide range of architectural contexts, the design – clearly reflecting the style of Daniel Rybakken – gives it a decorative appearance. The luminous motor is the result of an optical “packet” driven by the use of edge-lit LED technology. The body is composed of an extruded aluminium frame and a sheet (passe-partout) equipped with a central circular cut that emits light into the surrounding space. More

Product • By LuceplanCappucina - Table Lamp

Cappucina - Table Lamp

Cappucina - Table Lamp - the decoration of the fabric represents a project in a project. The patterns have been created by the designer herself: a degradé texture with very evocative strokes. Dense in the upper part of the shade, they gradually spread towards the bottom, creating a delicate nuance in tune with the light projected on the fabric, leaving room for the background color which becomes dominant. More

Product • By LuceplanCappucina - Suspension Lamp

Cappucina - Suspension Lamp

Cappuccina Suspension Lamp also comes in a suspension version. Two sizes for the shade and three color combinations are available for all the models, giving rise to lamps that are very different from one another. Also in this suspension version, the shade can be freely adjusted in space with a simple gesture. More

Product • By LuceplanCappuccina - Floor Lamp

Cappuccina - Floor Lamp

Cappuccina - Floor Lamp is a lamp composed of a slender metal base and a spherical diffuser in opaline glass with an LED module inside, on which the fabric shade is simply rested: this configuration makes it easy to freely move the shade, aiming light where it is needed. The concave base seems like the imprint of the glass sphere that emits the light. More

Product • By LuceplanBerenice - Wall Lamp

Berenice - Wall Lamp

Berenice - Wall Lamp can also be mounted on the wall, to bring light to exactly where it is needed. More

Product • By LuceplanBerenice - Table Lamp

Berenice - Table Lamp

Berenice - Table Lamp - a light point for easy directional orientation in space. The fluid movement of the jointed arms and the 360° rotation of the head make it possible to adjust the direction of the beam. Poised on a sturdy, stable base, Berenice adapts to any situation with versatility and precision. The many different models respond to a wide range of functional needs. Berenice comes with a high-efficiency LED that provides an extraordinary quantity of energy-saving light. More

Product • By LuceplanBerenice - Floor Lamp

Berenice - Floor Lamp

Berenice - Floor Lamp - light and well-balanced, ready to send light wherever it is desired. The parabolic reflector in aluminium or coloured pressed glass emits a concentrated beam that is perfect for reading. More

Product • By LuceplanCounterbalance - Floor lamp

Counterbalance - Floor lamp

In the floor version, Counterbalance conserves the characteristic aluminium cap, height-adjustable thanks to a simple sliding mechanism on the stem. More

Product • By LuceplanCostanza - Suspension lamp

Costanza - Suspension lamp

Elegant and light, this lamp emits a pleasant warm light through a silk-screened polycarbonate shade. The lamp’s height may be adjusted by means of a characteristic steel counterweight. More

Product • By LuceplanCostanzina - Table Lamp

Costanzina - Table Lamp

A discrete but solid presence, Costanzina can be easily positioned in any room, without stylistic limitations. The polycarbonate shade balances on just two points of the aluminium structure. If bumped, the shade can swing but doesn’t fall. More