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Project • By PROJECT905Apartments

Dinamo Apartment

The design of this minimalist style apartment in Moscow with floor space of 60 sq. m was made by founders  of  Architectural bureau PROJECT905 ( Aleksey Dunayev and Marianna Zapolskaya ) for themselves and their daughter. The apartment is located next to the Dynamo Metro station. Caption The common area with kitchen and living room divides two bedrooms – the children’s room and the parents’ room – as a buffer, and they also designed sliding partitions to the full height of the room from both sides of the parents’ bedroom. When they are open, the bedroom becomes a part of the common space, and when they are closed, the bedroom becomes fully isolated with its own bathroom and workplace. Along the... More

Project • By SOUTH architectureApartments

Lycabettus Hill Studio

The project is about redoing an empty and unused flat, a leftover basement of anAthenian block of apartments. Located at the north slope of Lycabettus Hillin Athens, the flat had a single opening into an enclosed atrium, and a pair of ceilingskylights. Design concept aimed at enhancing those features of the space, in orderto create a comfortable and relaxed living space, a dwelling where the resident would find shelter and would familiarize with its rooms at his own pace.   The design concept is therefore implemented with an array of pocket spaces well designed and balanced. These living spaces offer a variety of in-between relationsand create a graduation of privacy, while maintaining a connection between them.Furthermore, the desig... More

Project • By MEEKO ArchitectsBars

Wedding Barn House

The marriage is a symbolic event which shows a society’s lifestyle. Today, however, it is not only fun, but also style and functionality that count. Both investors and young couples are looking for places that not only offer space, but also the right atmosphere. Hence the idea to create a place close to nature, evoking simple and traditional associations. The wedding and event building called "Lubaszka" was designed in the hotel complex Rado Resort, surrounded by pine and mixed forests. This picturesque context has become a pretext to create an object open to nature, where all guests will be able to commune with it and draw energy from it.   The investor's goal was to build a wedding and event facility with a convivial atmosph... More
Living room
Dressing room
Hallway - living room
Hallway - kitchen

Project • By AE ArchitectsApartments


We designed this well-lit and spacious apartment for a young woman using natural materials.  Our goal was to create a minimalistic and modern-looking interior design that wouldn’t be loud and flashy; elegancy and practicality permeate the entire project. We didn’t choose the layout; the developer did. Yet, their decision to place an internal load-bearing wall at the center of the apartment turned out to be a welcome one; we created a ring layout around it. The bedroom leads to the kitchen, which leads to the bathroom and entrance hall – and vice versa. The customer asked us to wall off a portion of the bedsit to create a proper bedroom; we placed a semi-blind wall and a wood slat room divider that lets the natural l... More

Product • By MHBMHB Steel windows

MHB Steel windows

MHB's steel windows are the most exclusive, aesthetic windows for your project. The windows are made entirely by hand in our own facilities. The robust, sharp-edged steel frames are unique, durable and ultra-slim with a profile width of only 50 mm (1 15⁄16”). We strive for aesthetic perfection and the highest safety of our products. We monitor our entire production process to ensure that your windows are flawless.   Highest technical standards All our steel frames are weather resistant up to Class 6A - 600 Pa according to the NEN-EN 12208 standard. The thermal insulation of MHB windows is unprecedented thanks to the advanced insulation system in our solid steel profile systems. We add micro-engineered, fully double... More

Project • By ADD Architekten ZT GmbHPrivate Houses

LOI 63

Puristic means getting by with a few materials.    On the hills of the community Gießhübl, with a wonderful view over Vienna, the purist residential house for a family with three children was built in the summer of 2019. In its materiality, the client and the architect's demand was to use an absolute minimum of materials and at the same time showing a clear and extremely reduced formal language, both inside and outside. A clear spatial structure with room for maximum development for the individual users.   Among other things, the technical implementation and construction of the building are essential, since this is not a typical house. A single-shell concrete wall construction made of pure 50 cm thick insulatin... More

Project • By TempelbauApartments

Cotto di te

Working in the historic center is always a fascinating challenge and a great responsibility especially if you are in Firenze.Via degli Orti Oricellari is a road that connects Borgo Ognissanti to the Santa Maria Novella Station by tangling the garden of Orti Oricellari from which it takes its name. The apartment in question is situated on the first floor of an ancient building dating back to the 19th century.Its location allows the view of the garden and an excellent exposure to natural light. The current plan does not represent the original configuration, but is the result of a series of changes that have adapted the interior spaces to the needs of people who have lived there over the time.At the time of the survey, the building was in a... More

Project • By KODD BUREAUApartments


The location and the resulting image of the project at the initial stage set the basis for the idea. All elements of the interior are brought into the exact balance of volumes and colors, textures and materials, as well as in the fullness of decor items. The house is surrounded by a pine forest, with a low floor the windows are at the level of the tree crowns. The surroundings bring natural colors and materials to the interior, while the interior is shaped by a structure that unites the living areas. Everything is as flexible as possible to erase the framing contour of the apartment. Technical issues are minimized or visually hidden to give the space as natural as possible. There is the required number of lamps, electricians, ventilation is... More

Product • By Asa PingreeMagic Daybed

Magic Daybed

The bed is made of a lightweight fiberglass composite. The finish is green linen molded in a clear gel coat surface that is extremely durable and suitable for extended outdoor life. The cushion, pictured here with indoor upholstery, is made of natural latex foam and covered in a Maharam fabric that can sustain high wear and is inherently flame resistant. More

Product • By Asa PingreeMonitor Stool

Monitor Stool

Asa Pingree’s slinky, singular fiberglass creations are a direct reflection of the designer’s penchant for clean lines and lightweight structures. The stool is made of a lightweight fiberglass composite with a molded gel coat surface that is extremely durable. The cushion is latex foam covered in hand stitched velvet. Variations can be made to order. More

Product • By Asa PingreeMonitor Bench

Monitor Bench

The sculptural monitor bench is a strong centre piece for a lobby, a graphic ending to a master bed, or a playful seating to punctuate an entry or courtyard. Available in a variety of colors and fabrics the monitor bench can be adapted for both indoor or outdoor spaces. The base is made of a lightweight fiberglass composite with a molded gel coat surface that is extremely durable and suitable for extended outdoor life. The bolster, pictured here with indoor upholstery, is made of super high density foam and covered in a Maharam fabric that can sustain high wear and is inherently flame resistant. More

Product • By Asa PingreeMonarch Bench

Monarch Bench

Asa Pingree’s slinky, singular fiberglass creations are a direct reflection of the designer’s penchant for clean lines and lightweight structures. The chair is made of a lightweight fiberglass composite with a molded gel coat surface that is extremely durable and suitable for extended outdoor life. Shown here in brun (grey/brown) color and light tan leather. Custom color available. COM welcome. More

Project • By INpulsApartments

Apartment, Maxvorstadt

    The Apartment in central Munich, Maxvorstadt was newly arranged and appointed for a new wed couple. The main challenge was to combine the partly existing structure with the personal expectations and wishes in a fluid way.  The overall appearance of the flat is modern and well- structured through its white, lubrified oak wood parquet and built- in furniture, which leave enough space for usage, especially in the pitched roof area. One of the highlights is the red tapestry – an heirloom of the owner’s grandmother – hanged in the seating area at the dining table. It matches perfectly to the shades of the kitchen and is not only an eyecatcher, moreover, it is also a sound absorber and makes the seating mo... More

Project • By jihad khairallah architectsApartments

Private Residence Rakan Al Salem

Our concept was to ’embrace, connect and purify’, an architectural approach that created cozy volumes, the resulting composition is a ritualistic sequence that would ‘purify’ the minds of the users, to create a calming and tranquil experience at home. Openings in the wall create playful thresholds between different rooms, allowing visual glimpses of activities and framing of picturesque ornaments. More

Project • By jihad khairallah architectsPrivate Houses

Private Residence Karim Khalile

The home sits in a hill overlooking the coast on the north of Lebanon.A rough architecture articulated on two levels, bedrooms in the basement and main living on the upper floor. High ceilings, built-in furniture, and a minimum color. Sky high ceilings The color white dominates around the floors and hightlights shadows, distances and independent elements such as chairs, sofa, table and other furniture. When you enter the house, you see an open space that seeks a balance between the linearity imposed by the two parallel main elements. The central dining table (Borges table by Emmemobili), surrounded by chairs (Wishbone chair by carl Hansen & son ) filter open space of the living room in an unobtrusive way to calm, offering a counterpoin... More