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Project • By CHM architectPrivate Houses

Conceptual series. "Garlic №2"

House for family (2-6 people), possibly two families (parents-children). Morphogenesis of the house is subject to a minimalist style with elements of loft, the concept of simplicity and relative cheapness of construction, the subtleties of taste and versatility of operation; the layout is individual, and can be transformed in the constructive scheme under immediate needs. More

Project • By H. E. A. De StudioHousing

House of Quiescence

South Lebanon - Chaqra An area of 2000 square meters of land located in the north-west prong of the village, and is characterized by its location on the edge of the hill and mountain views along the famous Valley Hjeer and North of Palestine. Advantage of this part of the village quiet and picturesque of mountains landscape perspective of nature, we take advantage of the strong ground level tendencies in favor of the architectural design is to give privacy and exploitation of natural landscapes. Contemporary traditional architecture gives a transparent design in the North West where the spaces of daily living and terrace with swimming pool located close together. The western wing party of the building located master bedroom with... More

Project • By H. E. A. De StudioHousing

The Twins

Oman wonderful country have a unique geography and topography of this they call wonderland land and Sindbad the Sailor, for this project private views of the sea directly its located on the outskirts of Muscat city on the Cornice in North Ghubra where fishing boats. A 700sq. M. land area has been designed in a way to exploit longitudinal entrances with contemporary style of residential for a twins unit to have both the sea view from deference locations which meets small family requirements. Here's the basic elements and the distribution of rooms on two levels and a penthouse with stunning view Sky Bar terrace, ground floor resides the main seating room and are overlooking through wall to wall transparent glass access to outdoor terra... More

Project • By H. E. A. De StudioPrivate Houses

Private Villa

The basic idea of the design is the transparency and visibility to the swimming pool, where you can see the pool from all areas of the house. And the house consists of three floors, the ground floor is limited to the reception and the open kitchen on the main living for the family, which directly overlooks the dining hall and swimming pool can be seen through the glass. The first floor is distributed by the master bedroom overlooking the main entrance and the swimming pool with a private terrace overlooking the main street and street garden, the space include small sitting with open dressing room and own bathroom. And the rest of the space with two children bedrooms, each room has a private bathroom and dressing room and by the end... More

Product • By KonceptZ-Bar Mini

Z-Bar Mini

Z-Bar Mini packs all of the the style and functionality of the original Z-Bar into a smaller silhouette. The unique 3-bar design provides a long reach and large range of flexibility. The multi-directional LED head lets you direct the light exactly where you need it. A simple touchstrip powers on or dims the light to your desired brightness. Z-Bar Mini can be mounted in a variety of ways, allowing users to free up desk space. If you crave a splash of color, Z-Bar Mini is available in six bright finishes. More

Project • By Studio ZimounArt Galleries

318 prepared dc-motors, cork balls, cardboard boxes 100x100x100cm | Zimoun 2013

318 prepared dc-motors, cork balls, cardboard boxes 100x100x100cm Zimoun 2013 Temporary Exhibition. DC-motors, filler wires, cork balls, cardboard boxes, power supply. Installation view: Opernwerkstätten Berlin, Germany. Dimensions: 40 x 4 x 4m / 131 x 13 x 13 ft. Photography by Zimoun © | Courtesy Studio Zimoun. Video: «Using simple and functional components, Zimoun builds architecturally-minded platforms of sound. Exploring mechanical rhythm and flow in prepared systems, his installations incorporate commonplace industrial objects. In an obsessive display of simple and functional materials, these works articulate a tension between the orderly patterns of Modernism and the chaotic... More

Project • By BllendDesignOfficeOffices

Conceptual Minimalism

Informed by conceptual minimalism, the new interiors were designed to relocate the multidisciplinary architectural & design studio, based in Athens, Greece. The target was the interior to reflect the studio’s aesthetic and environmental concerns; the architectural dialog starts from the landscape [scape], yet the building is not a mere accumulation of materials on XYZ axis, but a procedure which allows the ‘essences’ of space, materials, light and human condition to blend in order to achieve simplicity. The interior design is striped to an aesthetic, yet not functional minimalism. Different functions and routines are concentrated in the same section of a space that allows for different team members to interact and work together on a... More

Project • By LINE STUDIOApartments

House №2

House №2 One of our first projects was the country residential house for a creative young couple (he is a writer, she is a photographer), whose desire was to embody a simple, but at the same time, the original idea within a limited budget. We faced a target to design the house where they could spend their weekends, and have far-away-from-city, inspiration-gaining, enjoying-the-nature breaks. They bought a small-sized plot of land of an irregular shape that perfectly suited our target: the outskirts of the forest, rather a convenient location in relation to transport routes, not far from the city. The Customers have shared our views on architecture and trusted us in full, what happens not that frequently. It was decided to repulse from... More