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Project • By MIYAOApartments


HANAMI | INTERIOR | RUSSIA | 110 SQ. M In this project, the family that owns the apartment played the key role in it. Their inner energy in many respects influenced the design solutions used in this project, so it turned out both poetic and ergonomic. The clients completely trusted us, so they did not provide any specific examples to our work, but only described the feelings that they wanted to get from the apartment. This is a story of a very pleasant creative interaction between a client and a designer. This apartment was made for a bohemian lifestyle. Its owners wanted to create a reading area: we placed book racks and a comfortable armchair at a large window, so they could spend hours and hours reading books and magazines there. The... More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAApartments


Sleek apartment in Moscow by designer and architect Dinara Yusupova of U-Style. More

Project • By MONO ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Infinity Villa

MONO architects took a minimalist approach and removed all layers of excess, getting to the heart of what’s important: stunning views from each room.   Measuring 725 square meters, this one-storey residence keeps in close contact with its natural environment, channeling the energy of the earth. From the entrance of the home to the adjoining rooms, fantastic views abound.   In addition to a full suite of rooms one would expect for a country home, the villa is accented with a home spa, complete with a marble hammam, salt sauna, jacuzzi and a space for solitude.   “Return home to a place of Zen.” This was the mantra used when designing INFINITY VILLA. Inspired by the bounty of pine forest views and natura... More

Project • By MONO ArchitectsOffices


The office was built using a minimalistic approach, but with careful attention to detail, giving the office a modern feel while also being a comfortable working environment. We also reflected the company’s philosophy of environmental consciousness – using recycled eco-materials and incorporating living plants. Guests to Biosphere are greeted by a clean, minimalist reception area, the focus of which is the reception desk made of artificial white stone. Most noticeable is the metallic sphere set into the stone desk, which, constantly rotating, symbolizes the constant development and progression of the company. The managers’ offices are located in the center of the floor. They cleanly and visually divide the open space into... More

Project • By MONO ArchitectsApartments

Penthouse 180

A spacious three-story apartment creates a perfect frame for nature around. Any point of the Penthouse 180 opens up a breathtaking view of the city and the Dnieper. Signature to all MONO architects projects, architects created a minimalistic space, following the concept of “timeless interior”. The Penthouse 180 was designed for a family with children, so each zone is carefully thought out, functional and equipped with everything needed for a comfortable and cozy life. Right from the entrance, the apartment offers panoramic views of the city. The transparent silhouette of the stairs against the background of the windows highlights the minimalistic geometry of space: a kitchen, a dining room and a living room with a lounge area.... More

Project • By MONO ArchitectsResidential Landscape

Franco House

The customer, a successful startup owner from Silicon Valley, easily went along with challenging and out of the box ideas, which led to the creation of a modern and functional facility. The first challenge for us was the location of the villa. Given that the construction was planned on a slope with 12 meters difference, it was necessary to create a convenient entry to the territory for residents. Structurally, the house consists of three tiers: the upper one, with a garage for 4 cars, the middle one with the entry, and the lower one, with a lounge area on the roof. The villa was designed taking into account all the specifics of the surrounding area. The building is inscribed in the landscape in such a way that it preserves the trees growi... More

Project • By Vassiliades ArchitectsHousing

Apartment Builidng in Limassol

The building is located in Limassol and consisted of 6 apartments. Morphologically, the building is a composition of solid volumes and surfaces, which vary in color and reflect functional differentiations and movements ∙ always aiming to the functionality and the comfort of the user. Dominant feature is the central vertical volume which is marked with a bright red color and serves the vertical movements. The balconies project into "alignment" as a reference to the morphological repeatability of the classic flats - only here, the order and the simplicity are the philosophy of composition. The glass railings highlight the overhanging levels and balance the "heavy feeling" of the compact set. In the latter, the circular openings in the "frame"... More

Project • By Irina & Olga SundukovyRestaurants

Margarita Bistro

TaskTo create a new bistro design in place of the famous Margarita Cafe. At the same time, only the name and ceiling will stay intact, thus the new interior has to erase the memories of the old cafe, become recognizable and provide a new space among many other places in the Patriarch’s Ponds. ChallengesTo place an open kitchen and 60 seats in a small area so as not to sacrifice the comfort of the guests. To accentuate the bright cuisine of the chef Glen Ballis with seasonal products in a minimalistic interior. IdeaTo create a light space with an open kitchen. Despite the simplicity and minimal interior, we decided to bet on the details and finish, which would be interesting to look and study. We combined minimalism with warm shades... More

Project • By Vassiliades ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House in Limassol IX

The design of this house was based on minimalistic morphological choices, which were made in order to distinguish its architectural features, while the modernistic design patterns led to a result without decorations and any kind of exaggeration. Thus, the main idea is analyzed into the composition of two main volumes, which are separated by their function, but also by their material - exposed concrete for the public uses, white for the private ones. Generally, the design is driven by simple geometries, close to modernistic and minimalistic trends. This logic led to the use of the sincere exposed visible concrete, large wooden surfaces, and the neutral white and gray colors. The differentiation in the materiality and the color of each volum... More

Project • By ES_ARCHITECTURE (Erez Segalovitz)Private Houses

GN House

Surrounded by houses built in the 1940’s with sloping roofs covered by concrete tiles, the GN house stands out with its bright color and modernist simple shape. The house is slightly lifted from the street level and defined by a few basic materials and colors: concrete in white, steel and aluminum in black, and wood in its natural color.  The scheme of the project is based on the merge of three boxes, which are distinguished from one another by size or coating material. At the front, the top floor stands out with its dazzling white plaster coating, and in contrast to the floor below it, which is coated with Cedar wood beams. The wood beams are assembled at an angle which gives the stiff mass a movement effect; the same idea is c... More

Project • By l i n e a r c h i t e c t sApartments

m o n o c h r o m e

The planning solution is based on functionalism, in which there are two main zones, a common zone and a private one, united by a single storage system along the entire apartment.   Sensual and sophisticated interior with a monochrome palette and attention to detail, which emphasizes the importance and quality of materials.   Monochrome is the main acting force of this interior, which is characterized by the aesthetics of tranquility and solitude. When designing, the main task was to create a comfortable, restrained and balanced interior, which reflects the philosophy and lifestyle of the owners (no more, no less), which emphasize the feeling of moderation , as well as practical and aesthetic orderliness and the ability not to... More

Project • By DA bureauBars

Under the Sea

Under the Sea is a small sushi bar in the historical center of Saint - Petersburg.    Our clients came to us with idea to make something unusual in visual and construction terms. They had only name of restaurant - Under the Sea and 110 sq.m. space in a historical bulding. It was our starting point.    One of the advantages of the space was its ceiling height, so we decided to use it as visual magnet of the whole space and place some key structure there. This is how the massive wooden structure under the ceiling appeared. This construction consists of more than 40 wooden pieces and refers us to a huge polygonal wave, so visitors sit under metaphorical water. And this is a reference to the restaurant's name - Under the... More

Project • By LimonARC | Architecture StudioApartments

The Flea Market Apartment

The 84 sqm apartment, located in Jaffa's colorful Flea Market District, intended as a home of a young creative couple with a dog.Architect Limor Yossifon Goldman (Studio LimonARC) was in charge of the architecture, design and renovation of the 84 sqm apartment. In contrast to the location of the apartment, architect Limor Yossifon Goldman decided to leave the creative and messy chaos outside, and create an airy, clean yet warm and personal space for the couple and their family & friends. The apartment is located in a residential building and designed around a green and inviting inner patio. The apartment was designed in minimalist eclectic style, with an emphasis on the use of wood in various forms of processing as material for constru... More

Project • By mode:lina™Offices

Flokk Warsaw

The Scandinavian Flokk group, in cooperation with the Polish manufacturer Profim, has just opened its first Polish showroom in Warsaw, designed by a team of architects from the mode:lina™ studio. ‘When we were looking for a studio, we were looking for someone with a fresh and light approach. A studio that would create a setting with a relaxed atmosphere’, explained Magdalena Borowiec from Profim. The newly opened showroom combines a maximally functional interior, which is to be a tool for work, education and the exchange of ideas, with a space where the quality and unique design of the Scandinavian brand can be seen at first glance. The well-lit, industrial premises have become a minimalistic space that provides an optim... More

Project • By Fran Silvestre ArchitectsOffices


Located in the center of the city, the project arises to give response to a new clinic whose values are based on an extremely personalized treatment to the client. The layout of the building, which dates from the beginning of the last century, conditioned the distribution. It was decided to unify the color of walls, floor and ceiling, using a continuous pavement designed by the studio. The tone of this material is applied to the lacquering of the wooden panels and the painting of the walls, to the solid surface of the counter tops, to the faucets, the push-buttons ... etc. favoring an environment that responded to the idea of the owners. This dark gray tone intentionally contrasts with the necessary dental care devices, which are shown thi... More