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Product • By Minimal StudioSuper Ligera, "Ode to slenderness"

Super Ligera

In classical ballet, a ballerina uses half-pointed shoes until her bones are prepared and hardened to support pointed shoes, adapting her bone structure to the physical and aesthetic demands of this art, cataloged as a discipline.Super Light has been inspired by this bone transformation process due to its extreme lightness, uniform throughout its perimeter, composed of numerous elements that make up and reinforce its central column. Her cherry seat is adapted from where the the passage of time can be reflected and appreciated, reinforcing its natural imperfection.The result? A delicate piece for its slender figure, wrapped with the brutality and roughness of its seat. More

Project • By Balzar ArquitectosApartments

Mirasal Housing

Torrevieja is a seaside town located south of Alicante, known for its major tourism attraction. Its surroundings have a high landscape and ecological value on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the form of Las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja Natural Park.Distant views towards this natural park with mesmerizing light pink hue of the salt lagoon, a recently constructed urbanization in which there are no neighboring buildings yet, striking topography and a complete triangular block form the context in which Balzar Arquitectos and Julia Alcocer have designed the Mirasal residential complex.The project resolves the placement on the lot by conforming to its perimeter, creating a large interior garden. The building seeks to harmonize with the t... More

Project • By psb arquitectosHousing

casa tapada da rainha

The project is located on a plot of land in a new subdivision where there are no buildings nearby. It is a rural area where single-family dwellings of 2 floors are expected to be built.The housing is organized in an elementary way, with a common area on the ground floor, and private areas on the first floor.The entrance hall divides the common area from the area where the garage and office are located. This works independently of the remaining housing spaces. In the common area, there is the living room adjacent to the dining room and kitchen. The laundry compartment is accessible through the kitchen and has an open outdoor space. In the extension of the corridor that connects the hall to the living area, there is a complete sanitary facili... More

Project • By Fran Silvestre ArchitectsCommercial Landscape

OAV offices

A glance over this place shows us a C-shaped space, which fits the proposed program. It is a small office dedicated to customer service. The rectangular floor plan, to which the communication core of the residential building in which it is located is subtracted, distributes the space in a large corridor attached to the dividing wall and two rooms.We decided thus to “work up against the wall” in this way the work stations and service areas are attached to the longitudinal dimension of the premises while the waiting area and the meeting room are located in the two resulting rooms.To delimit the working area, the gray materiality of the pavement is used. A resource is thus used that gives the roof the quality of being a kind of signage th... More

Project • By KODD BUREAUApartments


Soft colors and lighting, solid space, lots of air and flexibility are the main features of the project. The apartment has almost no stationary partitions, all zones are delimited with furniture. At the entrance there is a small wardrobe, which passes into the kitchen area. This volume forms the bathroom, only the door shows that behind the gray cabinets there is a separate room. The bathroom is made in one color, as an insert into the common space. Minimalistic kitchen as much as possible is not similar to a typical type of kitchens. The bedroom is separated by a wardrobe, a bookcase and glass sliding partitions. If desired, the owners can close the partitions with curtains for privacy.Architects: Daria Koloskova, Dmitry KoloskovProject Ye... More

Project • By KODD BUREAUApartments


Customers are a very young couple, active and modern young people. The main goal of the project is a functional space, with all the necessary areas for rest and work. At the entrance there is a cloakroom, then a common space with a kitchen, as a livingroom area and as a dining place. There is also a workplace for two with a beautiful view of Moscow, especially at sunset. A cube made of plywood forms a sleeping place for two, and contains a very capacious hidden space for things. Shelves from the kitchen - as a geometric structure, only some parts used for storage of books.Architects: Dmitry Koloskov, Daria KoloskovaProject Year: 2017Location: Moscow, RussiaProject Area: 39 m² More

Project • By KODD BUREAUApartments


Apartment for a young couple who has two daughters. The apartments include a common space - a living room combined with a kitchen, a parents' bedroom with a bathroom and a dressing room, and a children's room with a shared bathroom. The office is not isolated, but visually distant from the living room. The main idea of the project was the design of lighting, both accent and general.Architect: Dmitry KoloskovProject Year: 2017Location: Moscow, RussiaProject Area: 124 m² More

Project • By KODD BUREAUApartments


Less is more. Less is eco. In this projects client wants to create open space, pure lines, "simplicity" and eco-friendly.Architects: Daria Koloskova, Dmitry KoloskovProject Year: 2017Location: MoscowProject Area: 156,3 m² More

Project • By KODD BUREAURestaurants


KODD BUREAU created the interior design for Cafe Nowness in Moscow, Russia. The industrial design suits the modern style of the cafe and creates a unique atmosphere.   Architects: Dmitry Koloskov, Daria Koloskova Project Year: 2017 Location: Moscow Project Area: 160 sq.m. More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAApartments


Two-level apartment with an area of 159 sq. M.The combination of minimalism with the Moroccan style! More



Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, ‘RED’ is a minimalist residence designed by Interior Designer Yael Perry.The designer used red & frosted glass to create reflections & shades of colour in this minimalist 120 sqm renovated apartment.The apartment is located in a luxury apartments tower who recently renovated & new 14 sqm balconies were added to all apartments. Before renovation, the apartment was dark, the walls were covered in dark tones & contained a mix of art deco furniture alongside pop art elements.The new layout divides the apartment into two zones, a public section on an open-plan kitchen & living area that opens up to a balcony and a private section which comprise a master bedroom, main bathroom, guest bedr... More

Project • By l i n e a r c h i t e c t sPrivate Houses


Art Gallery House - home art gallery.The sculptural form of a house made of concrete, metal and glass is conceived as an art object among private buildings.The house is located on a small plot, on a slope with panoramic views of the surroundings.The gallery space of the house with flowing zones is filled with modern art objects, which more like a museum, rather than a private house in which one can wander from one zone to another. The interior and architecture of the house is aimed at producing an abstract impression on the guests and residents of the house. But despite this the house has everything necessary for comfortable living: gym, swimming pool, home theater, study, many bedrooms, technical and utility rooms ...In the center of the h... More

Project • By Garage group architectsHousing

M house

Semi-detached house is a transitory form between free-standing houses and row houses, and can be organized as a group of linear or spotted units. Two parts of a semi-detached house are usually identically spatially and geometrically designed, which interferes with user’s identification with his living space. A designing process of this semi-detached house was marked by the architect’s effort to ideally use conditions offered by location and avoid this cliché. The main task of the designer was to conceive two different units with almost identical living areas within the object treated as an individual house.This semi-detached house is designed in, to a certain extent, limited conditions, on a small lot, and adjacent to several newly built st... More

Project • By Archangel Architectural BureauRestaurants

Garun Cafe-Restaurant

The Seasons of the year come and go and sometimes people do not get enough time to enjoy their favourite season. Some like the summer, others the winter, but the absolute favourite within the literature and human preference is the spring. Spring – that’s what Garun stands for in the complicated but still beautiful language that is the Armenian. So considering the publics love for the spring season, Archangel has created a place, in the tiny 60F of space, where there is a whole world, where it is always spring, or Garun.            Moving on from the popular associative color of spring, the green, Archangel has reinvented Garun in the colors of blue and yellow with the... More

Project • By KODD BUREAUApartments


The main idea of the project is open structure and panoramic windows. Mostly light and transparent materials makes this space air and free. Added sloped, vertical and horizontal elements, such as home furnishings and equipment. Contrast, laconic and restrained space for man who loves the specifics, wants to see and feel life. Transparent partitions made from electrochromic glass.Architect: Dmitry KoloskovProject Year: 2016Location: Moscow, RussiaProject Area: 76 m² More