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Project • By Minimal StudioShops

Barber's Club,

"Behind a grand Project there is a grand client"Barber's Club consists in the evolution of a traditional barbershop concept, perpetuated by a lineage of barbers, dated from 1929. Situated in Plaça Banc de S'Oli 09, Palma de Mallorca.During all phases of the project, the fusion or synergy between traditional elements, lasting in time, with avant-garde materials has been sought. Seeking to not only offer a service, but an unrepeatable experience for the client.The place has been designed as if it were a traditional razor. Where the softness and warmth of the velvety parament stand out, like the handle, with the millimeter precision and coldness of its blade, represented by the metallic mesh that covers and delimits the surface of the place.A... More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHLight Stick CW

Light Stick CW

Collection: Light StickMaterials: metal base and structure, copper rodColours: nickel, satin goldLight source: 4x interch. LED (61 cm) / 6x interch. LED (88 cm) / 8x interch. LED (114 cm)The originsWhen Enzo Catellani began creating new lighting fixtures using the first LED circuits, the intention was to create simple, discreet, almost invisible objects, that put emphasis on the light. This is how he moved away from a rather ‘aggressive’ style towards simple minimalism. More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHSorry Giotto 1

Sorry Giotto 1

Collection: Sorry GiottoMaterials and colours: waxed rough iron base, blue hand-painted copper ringLight source: 4x interchangeable LEDThe origins“I wanted to recreate one of the simplest, cleanest shapes: the circle.I tried, making a lamp that was minimally ‘intrusive’. When I switched it on, its name came to me immediately: Sorry Giotto”. More

Product • By CATELLANI & SMITHSorry Giotto 9 / 12

Sorry Giotto 9 / 12

Collection: Sorry GiottoMaterials and colours: blue hand-painted copper ring, black iron anvilLight source: 12x interch. LED (Ø 90 cm) / 15x interch. LED (Ø 120 cm)The origins“I wanted to recreate one of the simplest, cleanest shapes: the circle.I tried, making a lamp that was minimally ‘intrusive’. When I switched it on, its name came to me immediately: Sorry Giotto”. More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAApartments


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Project • By mode:lina™Hospitals


CREDUS CLINIC is a place on Poznań’s medical map, which is to be unquestionably associated with top professionalism, elegant modernity and comprehensive care for patients. Young doctors from CREDUS CLINIC wanted to ensure that the ideals present from the moment the clinic was established, were seen in its functional and patient-friendly spatial solutions. That is why they decided to entrust mode:lina™ architects with designing the clinic’s interior. White reception area with an oak desk and office space, in shape resembling a medical cross, is a clear architectural reference to the purpose of this space. All necessary functions were gathered along a flowing, curved line, which puts in order, and most importantly calms, the common area. Thi... More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAOffices


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Project • By MYVN ArchitectureHousing

House Split

The residence sits on a hill slope between two adjoining roads sandwiching it. To retain the nature of the sloping site and to play with it there is least possible cut and fill between two plots.Accessed from the road above on the east, a series of landscaped steps go down to lead to the main door. The plan is programmed to act as two volumes, one for the living spaces, bedrooms, toilets etc. and the other volume housing the service areas like the kitchen, dining and utility. The two volumes are bridged together by a third transparent volume that both acts to provide enclosure and also opens up the interior into the exterior. While looking outside from this space one will be able to perceive the moving clouds / rain / sun as though it is mo... More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAApartments


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Project • By YOUSUPOVAOffices


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Project • By YOUSUPOVAApartments


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Project • By dmitryman.comIndividual Buildings

Kitchen island studio created the new concept of straight kitchen island. Natural materials, natural colors, green line of grass harmoniously unite and create simple, linear, solid composition. Big mass of stone and wood composition meets the most minimalistic aesthetic demands. More

Project • By smartvollHousing


In a single enchated courtyard right behind the Museumsquartier (English: museum´s accommodation) we have resuscitated a small, romantic house of a coachman. Back then the coachman had to divide his small living area with the animal’s food chamber and his own space was also split up corresponding to the different functions of eating, sleeping, washing and living, so it was divided into smaller rooms again. One hundred years later we combine eating, sleeping and living in one central island of living. The bathroom, the kitchen and the storage are placed in a double function wall and are kept to a minimum. The result is: A small surface can get a huge room! Outside we put a small terrace on the top of the house and keep this in an elegant dre... More

Project • By dmitryman.comApartments

Modern apartment

This modern showroom created by for Ukrainian building company Bartolomeo RT. Natural materials, natural colors, space and functionality harmoniously unite and create freedom and serenity. Wooden floors, veneer furniture, plaster, natural carpets form the atmosphere of a country house. Large windows open a magnificent view of Dnipro river, flood the rooms with the sun and set the feeling of even more space of the apartments. There is a lot of storage space, WC site is divided into two zones. More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAApartments


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