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Project • By IN-EXPATHousing

The Loft Box

With a clean, white interior, the Loft Box is a minimalist's dream come true that goes beyond the conventional floor plan. While simplicity reigns in this home, a complex configuration of spaces ensure it’s bright and spacious inside out. False ceilings were removed in favour of a double-volume loft space, bringing fresh air and diffused light into the interior. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignApartments

Apartment Renovation

The renovation of this apartment in Bruxelles, Belgium has a unified palette that is almost constant for most of the rooms, which gives the apartment a refined look. Every room uses this color scheme differently, depending on the function of each space. But one thing that is constant is that the renovation is mixing between function and aesthetics  The overall style of the apartment is minimalist modern with an overwhelming artistic feel. More

Project • By mado architectsApartments

13Chenar Residential

The 13Chenar residential project referred to us when the construction process was suspended due to the client dissatisfaction. The building was designed by bubble deck system which liberates the interior from structural elements and moved them toward the edges of slabs.They just finished the fourth slab when they asked us to revise their project. We refused to design just a simple facade and proposed a serious set of changes both in architecture and facade. Because of the imposed structural system limitation in making hollows, we decided to focus on the edges of the building and define a hierarchy from outside in. In order to do so, we designed all the units requirements in the space between the core and the shear walls and considered the l... More

Project • By BeSenseApartments

Interior design UP / Дизайн интерьера UP

The project of a two-level apartment was designed for a family in which there are two children. Since the family is very hospitable and loves to spend time together, we decided to divide the whole space into two zones. On the lower floor there is a kitchen, a dining area, a living room, an entrance hall and a transit area, all of which are combined into an open space. Also on this floor is a toilet room, bathroom, dressing room. On the second floor there are separate rooms for personal entertainment: a bedroom, two children's rooms, a bathroom. Technical room-boiler room.The style of the apartment is quite minimalistic, monochrome and concise. Thanks to this color scheme, we have achieved an atmosphere of balance, which is very characterist... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignApartments

Modern Contemporary Apartment Interior Design

This Modern Contemporary Apartment Interior Design in Byblos, Lebanon has been inspired by the works of British craftsman, Timothy Oulton. The result is a creative blend of vintage-chic and stylishly modern aesthetics that propagate the best of functionality and visuals. The visually dynamic design is littered with trendy accessories, colorful statement artwork, and a dynamic decorative panel. With the help of fashionable furniture and accessories, the whole ambiance has been uplifted two-fold. More