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NewsNews • 28 Jul 2021

Ascending tower form of the Munch Museum brings a contemporary vision of the museum to Oslo’s waterfront

Located on Oslo’s waterfront, the new Munch Museum by estudio Herreros offers a contemporary concept of a museum with a transcendental urban role and historic responsibility as a cohesive element of the community, not only of Oslo but of the entire country. Towering above the skyline at  60-meters in height, the exterior is clad in recycled, perforated aluminium panels with varying degrees of translucency. Adrià Goula At lower level, connected to a covered public space, the museum hosts recreational, commercial, cultural and restoration uses. Terraces, the observatory and a club are located at roof level. During the ascending journey from base to top of the tower, the works of Edvard Munch and different historical st... More