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Project • By GKD Metal FabricsEstates

Caledonian Clock Center

Islington Council sought an architectural solution to secure the municipal center, home to London’s historic Caledonian Clock. This was achieved using GKD custom roller shutters in Tigris weave that provide durability, security during closed hours and a look that matched the surrounding environment. More

Project • By Tabanlioglu ArchitectsParliaments

Tripoli Congress Centre

Presidential RepresentativeFollowing the economic revival, an intensive urban and architectural movement began in Libya; new innovative and prestigious buildings in Tripoli started to signify the development, power and contemporary style.Open to the world cultures and where diverse languages meet up, the Congress Center is a strong element of high representation and welcome presidents of the world in the texture of the natural environment and as a source of pride for the nation it represents.Corresponding contemporary needs and architectural values, the building is in harmony with its “place” in terms of natural resources and cultural heritage. The Center signifies the spirit of its homeland and claims to establish a physical relation... More