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Project • By Johnson ChouOffices

Global Showroom

The design concept is based on two principles each realized separately on Showroom Floors 2 and 3: to INSPIRE the client or stimulate possibilities through a carefully composed and edited merchandising or display system that shows the products in their best light (Floor 2); and to help one ENVISION it in a parallel office/workspace recreation (Floor 3) – a context that may reflect their own needs. Ben Rahn/A-Frame The forms of the architectural elements and movement through the showrooms are inspired by the angled and curved forms of the original building designed by Moriyama & Teshima Architects. Ben Rahn/A-Frame By utilizing the floor division between the two showrooms, a clearly divergent, yet related, means of pres... More

Project • By MC-AOffices

BOOL Headquarters

The challenge presented to MC-A consisted in designing the headquarters of a forward-thinking, custom software development, and consultancy company, that has the motto: “We bring the future into the present”.  Caption This project was envisioned to accommodate a team of IT professionals committed to overcome its clients’ biggest challenges, with innovative and disruptive solutions.  Specifically, the requirements included a work area for 20 workstations, a venue for conferences, formation and team building moments that seated at least 30 individuals, a pantry, and a chill out zone.  Caption Having sorted out the location, in one of the most environmentally friendly buildings of Lisbon, Portugal,... More

Project • By CCHEOffices

The Hive 8

Development of an administrative building for the Swiss electrical components group LEM, which is relocating its Geneva headquarters. Leader in the market for innovative and high quality solutions for the measurement of electrical parameters, LEM has chosen The Hive campus, dedicated to companies in the high value-added technology sector, to house its research and development activities and a production unit. The architecture of the building meets the high energetic performance standards of the Canton of Geneva. The building is composed of 3 layers: -A concrete base, massive in appearance, which will house the industrial and logistics parts.-A lightweight glass box that will house the administrative areas.-A metal crowning, integrating... More

Project • By Neumann Monson ArchitectsOffices

Gavin Penthouse

Situated at the top of a 5-story urban infill, this 2,100 SF office space provides refuge and inspiration within this small, historic commercial neighborhood. Departing from conventional office amenities, the suite is designed to promote invention and collaboration among a dynamic group of interdisciplinary entrepreneurs.  Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio The office is divided into three equal-sized programmatic zones which comprises half of the building’s top floor. The interior theatrically inserts materials and furnishings into the concrete and glass volume. The juxtaposition of traditional with modern, through a variety of materials and forms, creates a unique and relaxed atmosphere.  Cameron Campbell Integrat... More

Project • By Neumann Monson ArchitectsHospitals

GuideLink Center

Law enforcement, healthcare providers, and local government agencies joined to create a 24/7, low-barrier facility to provide intervention and treatment for substance abuse, mental health, trauma, and act as a winter shelter. These offerings are an important alternative to traditional police intervention for individuals in crisis situations. The voluntary facility is strategically located near other supportive services, as well as bus, bike, and pedestrian routes.  Cameron Campbell Integrated Studio   The building is organized around its three program elements – office, behavioral services, and shelter – and is punctured across its main facade with primary access points. Inviting entrances incorporate full glazi... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices

Corporate Office Cafe

In designing a prominent corporate office located in Chicago, Illinois, IA Interior Architects created “The Halo” in the building’s café and barista area, incorporating an elegant focal piece to the space. The lighting fixture is crafted from Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh pattern IPZ-25 with a stainless steel and bronze finish. This blend of alloys gave the designers a color that complimented the miscellaneous materials used throughout the design, contributing to the classic atmosphere. “Creating a timeless environment was the most essential goal for the project,” says John Hopkins, Design Director, IA Interior Architects. “We found a vast array of products, patterns and finishes from Banker... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices

Corporate Office Building

For the design of a new prominent corporate office headquarters located in Little Rock, Arkansas, Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects utilized Banker Wire’s SZ-4 wire mesh pattern—in a stainless steel and brass mixed alloy—to create a striking ceiling installation. Bridging two separate, glass-clad office spaces linked by a five-story, atrium-like structure, the wire mesh-fabricated ceiling visually anchors the interior as a key focal point. Similarly, SZ-4’s placement within the organic ceiling shapes nod to the mountainous exterior landscape while adhering to the building’s safety requirements. “Selected for both its aesthetic and technical qualities, the high-quality nature of Banker Wire’s SZ-4 wire... More

Project • By T+T ArchitectsOffices

Gazpromneft-Bituminous Materials office

The main idea of the project is to create a new generation of office space for high-tech businesses. “Gazpromneft-Bituminous Materials” is the leader on the market of bituminous materials and premium binding materials in Russia, where every third road in the country is built using the company's products. Modern multifunctional working space will allow the company to optimize its business processes. Caption Caption The company’s office is located in business center on Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg. Inside the two-storey building with the area of 2130 sq. meters zones for individual and team work, conference rooms and recreation zones, creating an opportunity to optimally use corporate resources are develop... More

Product • By VicousticVicOffice Desk Divider Lat

VicOffice Desk Divider Lat

Desk divider with acoustic performance VicOffice Desk Lat was developed to help you managing privacy between working places. It will help you to visually divide working places and at the same time, since it has great sound absorption characteristics, it will help you controlling the acoustics of your office. VicOffice Desk Lat comes in different sizes to be compatible to different desk dimensions. More

Product • By VicousticVicOffice Desk Divider Top

VicOffice Desk Divider Top

Desk divider with acoustic performance VicOffice Desk Top was developed to help you managing privacy between working places. It will help you to visually divide working places and at the same time, since it has great sound absorption characteristics, it will help you controlling the acoustics of your office. VicOffice Desk Top comes in different sizes to be compatible to different desk dimensions. More

Project • By Arkham ProjectsOffices


An abandoned house acquires a new use when it is transformed into an office complex; a brokerage, rental offices and a training center, each with its own access points. Located in the city of Cancun, in an area near the entrance of the hotel zone. Leo Espinosa The main design intention was to recycle and reuse as many materials as possible, preserving the entire original structure and giving unity to the facade through gabion walls that fulfill a double function, generate privacy, and at the same time create a lattice. which when illuminated, generates a playful space inside the project. Leo Espinosa Respecting the entire structure and reusing certain elements such as window protectors for the creation of lattices, bamboo for th... More

Project • By VicousticShowrooms

Schallmeister Office Showroom

From a workspace to a living place, these office installations show the wide assortment of applications that acoustic treatment developed by Vicoustic can have. The diversity of applications of Vicoustic solutions is well expressed in the Schallmeister GmbH's HQ, in Herten, Germany. From the entrance with stairs on the ground floor to the meeting room and managing offices on the first floor, passing by the printer/media place, all the way the employee offices to the kitchen/social area and even in the bathrooms. Caption "Vicoustic has really improved the room acoustics in our rooms enormously", says Daniela Dohle-Raffalzick, from Schallmeister. "After optimization with Vicoustic, voices sound much more direct and also the reverberati... More

Project • By CCHEOffices

Siège Suisse DOKA

This building is the first landmark of the district and is part of the development of the Niederhasli station area. It will create the link between the industrial area with its production and storage halls and a future residential area. Designed by CCHE, this building offers its users two office floors (1st and 2nd floor) as well as common and public areas on the first floor with a restaurant for all DOKA employees, a training center equipped with a conference room as well as the exhibition hall open on all three levels. The fifth roof façade is completely equipped with photovoltaic panels to cover the energy needs of the building and part of the DOKA production site. More

Project • By CCHEOffices

Campus Firmenich

Interior design of the offices of Firmenich, a large flavours and fragrance creation company and of the catering area. This project, which was awarded 2nd place in the Prix Bilan de l'Immobilier 2019 ranking, blends local and corporate culture for tailor-made layouts. Think Utopia The "New Building"In the new building, the administrative areas developed by CCHE reflect the local culture, in order to follow the company's global strategy and encourage local identity. This office space therefore blends "swissness" with the company's products. The Swiss landscapes are all very different from each other but create a single identity. To create a strong identity, the landscapes were deployed in the building’s different areas to create... More

Project • By CCHEOffices


The Pallin-Panchaude project is located on the roadside in the commune of Pully. The parcel already had a structure, which had to be demolished, before a five-storey administrative building could be rebuilt. The base that is opened on the Avenue de Lavaux maintains the existing stone wall, which joins the Panchaude bridge and will eventually be transformed into a pedestrian link to the site. The prefabricated façade modules were all custom-designed, are efficient against road noises while meeting all the criteria required to achieve the Minergie label. Hiris Images Hiris Images Hiris Images CCHE   More