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Project • By Brininstool + LynchOffices

Blue Office

The challenge of Blue Office was to at once divide the 18,000-square-foot floor plate into distinct zones, while also unifying the space into a cohesive whole. Throughout, clear and frosted glass partitions produce enclosure, while a 150-foot-long feature wall and a rich blue elevator and stair core are visible from every space in the office. The feature wall is constructed from custom formed recycled fiberboard fins, and the glowing core is clad in backlit blue acrylic panels. The simple palette provides the client with an efficient and calm workplace, which utilizes materials for their best qualities.   More

Project • By Brininstool + LynchOffices

Squark/B + L Offices

Brininstool + Lynch first designed this 7,500-square foot, three-story building twelve years ago for a group of theoretical physicists. B + L removed the front of the humble 1920s brick- and-concrete building and replaced it with a beautifully detailed steel-and-glass façade, and completely renovated the interior. When it was finished, this project received a Distinguished Building Honor Award and an Interior Architecture Honor Award from AIA Chicago in 2001 and was featured in Interior Design magazine.The building became available in late 2012, just as Brininstool + Lynch was looking for new office space. The firm built out its studios on the top two floors, allowing it to expand to an architectural staff of thirty-three. A soffit floats a... More

Project • By Brininstool + LynchOffices

Arup SoundLab

SoundLab is a state-of-the-art acoustic simulation space which utilizes advanced audio technology, allowing clients and designers to hear the sound of any given sonic environment —existing or conceptual. There are currently nine SoundLabs in existence with Chicago’s being the most recent. Once the acoustical variables of a space are analyzed by Arup’s engineers, its unique soundscape can be precisely mapped and reproduced within the SoundLab. The sound that is produced surpasses the audio quality of conventional sound production and is described as ambisonic — a truly three-dimensional acoustical experience.Arup enlisted the architects to collaborate in designing an enclosure for their new SoundLab within their existing Chicago office, loca... More
Banker Wire Provides Building Design Solution for Northwestern Mutual
Banker Wire Provides Building Design Solution for Northwestern Mutual
Banker Wire Provides Building Design Solution for Northwestern Mutual

Project • By Banker WireOffices

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual, a financial services company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has expanded into a brand new, modern office space – in a building that is nearly a century old. The company worked with Eppstein Uhen Architects, Milwaukee, to completely renovate the interior of Milwaukee’s Van Buren building, built in 1926, and Banker Wire woven wire mesh now clads its central elevator banks. Northwestern Mutual bought the 158,000-square-foot, seven-story Van Buren building in January 2013 and worked with Eppstein Uhen Architects, Milwaukee, to redesign its interior. Northwestern Mutual aimed to achieve a contemporary aesthetic for the open-concept office, where more than 600 employees work. The modern design relies on the inter... More

Project • By Setter ArchitectsOffices

Setter Architects office

Setter Architects offices are located in Tel Aviv.  The design derived from the desire to create wealth in materials and textures in order to create an inspiring work environment, yet a work environment that feels like home. The entire office is paved with a soft, textured carpet and gives a pleasant and homely feel. The front desk has a raw iron façade with a laser cut logo, corresponding to a Corten steel column and a library with an iron wire mesh front. The building materials were deliberately used as a hint of the nature of the firm's work. Wooden decorative lighting fixtures illuminate the entrance area, alongside a bare block wall. Behind it is the kitchen and dining table. The kitchen was designed in a cozy home sty... More

Project • By Coenen Sättele ArchitectenApartments

Meerssen (NL)

Meerssen Phase 3 of the urban master plan for the historic center of Meerssen, developed in 1997, is now being realized. The different parts of this Master Plan as the extension of the marketplace, the realization of the Maison de Ville, with the Customer Contact Center of the municipality in conjunction with five apartments above and the apartment complex Nieuw Proosdij, located around the former, transformed monastery will be added to the already implemented plan components. The extension of the underground carparking phase 1 and the completion of the revitalized park, designed by landscape architect office Verbeek, are part of the final implementation of the Master Plan. This concludes a developement, which will make the center of Meers... More

Project • By Brininstool + LynchOffices


Basecamp is a web based software company located in Chicago, which maintains over six million users. The company’s philosophy of relying on usefulness over gadgetry has made the credo of “less is more” a design approach to their software as much as a business objective which is integral to their growth. Basecamp sought to create a unique work environment that not only reflected their business philosophy, but that also allowed their space to work effectively for their needs in the same way their software works for their customers. This shared set of values resulted in a 10,000 square foot loft workplace that, on the one hand, strives to be free of clutter and distractions but, on the other, is filled with tactile materials that counterb... More

Project • By EtceteraPrivate Houses

Interior Design

3D modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering More

Project • By Mirck ArchitectureOffices


When the first floor (bel-etage) and the basement of landmark canal house Keizersgracht 522 were recently vacated after many decades of intensive use, both floors were in obvious need of a complete overhaul. In addition, the building’s foundation needed comprehensive repair. Mirck Architecture was commissioned to take on the reconstruction and, along with interior architect Hayo Waisfisz, to design a new interior. Additions that in the past had been built in the inner court between the front house and the back house are removed. As a result, the basement of both the front and the back house will benefit from the additional daylight. In the new configuration, the front house will offer on the connected basement and first floors about 120 m2... More