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Project • By EzyOfficeOffices

Capco x Kelly Service

Kelly Services set its footprint in Malaysia in 1984. For over 30 years, Kelly Services Malaysia has been partnering with the finest local companies, key government agencies as well as some of the world’s most respected multinational companies to deliver the best talent in the market. With the plan of scaling the team in Penang, we had an opportunity to help the team getting a new look on the new location. Our designer Lydia has came out with a warm & cheerful design for both teams’ office& welcoming entrance for their visitors. More

Project • By Sachi DesignOffices

Walk in the park

Sachi Design realized the eco-friendly offices for energy infrastructure and technology company, Yinson, located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.   Curate a sustainable and green-conscious office space as they are driven to create an image that correlates to the green energy environment which the company believes in. Aside from that, this international listed company required a Google office-like functional facility that caters to 24-hour convenient usage for their employees on a daily basis. The design inspiration came from a walk in the park concept whereby we were motivated to simulate a park-like environment indoors. By doing this, employees will be able to feel like they are outdoors with fresh air and spacious areas. They won’t... More

Product • By TeknionVisio


Visio elevates the affordable work chair. Simple and polished, Visio has a lighter scale and a slim, graceful profile with mesh back that molds to the body for essential support. A comfortable chair with refined details, Visio offers discreet ergonomics that s More

Project • By cba Christian Bauer & Associes ArchitectesOffices


The new headquarter for the consulting engineering firm Goblet Lavandier & Associés has been designed and built with the latest standards in working environment and building techniques. The building is very compact on the ground (25 x 25m), optimizing the construction limits and consists of a concrete structure with a façade made of galvanized sheet metal cladding. In order to create a healthy and comfortable working environment, the interior design was completed with many communication spaces. The ground floor hosts all collective uses, such as reception, conference halls and canteen. The core area in all five above-ground levels comprises circulation and sanitary units and creates a flexible, circulating, naturally lit office z... More

Project • By FR-EE Fernando Romero EnterpriseOffices

Kering Mexico

The global Luxury group, Kering manages the development of a series of renowned Houses in Fashion, Leather Goods, Jewelry, and Watches: Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Brioni, Boucheron, Pomellato, DoDo, Qeelin, Ulysse Nardin, Girard-Perregaux, as well as Kering Eyewear. By placing creativity at the heart of its strategy, Kering enables its Houses to set new limits in terms of their creative expression while crafting tomorrow’s Luxury sustainably and responsibly.  The project was in charge of fr·ee Fernando Romero Enterprise; a global architecture and industrial design firm founded by Fernando Romero, whose commitment to translating historic, social, economic, and environmental context... More

Project • By Studio 91 architectsOffices

R.A.C. IT Office

Designed by Interior designer Kapil Menda and Ar. Nemish Shah of Studio 91 Architects, Mumbai, this 1550 sq. ft. office based in a commercial complex of Vile Parle, Mumbai is for RAC IT Solutions Company. A collaborative hub in the heart of the city, the space enhances their dynamic culture. The design eliminates physical barriers between teams to foster connectivity just as the company eliminates barriers to economic opportunity. Exposed ceiling and big suspended lights, oversized black metal clock adds to the industrial character, which was emphasized by leading all installations in a visible, thoughtful way. RAC Company has shared with us their desire to create an equal and open workspace that can express their culture and engage not on... More

Project • By Mahyar ArchitectsOffices


This project was originally inspired by the defense mechanism of some wild plants against harsh conditions and against being eaten by wild herbivore animals. This protection is mainly done by the thorns on their stems and leaves. Like these plants, people in society become aggressive to protect themselves.  The conditions of the project: This building is situated in a poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Tehran. It was originally a room made of bricks which was used as a kitchen, but then later was turned into a run-down garage for motorcycles. This building is adjacent to Tehran-Qom highway and local access road on the one side which makes it a very noise-polluted area, and on the other side there is the entrance to a vehicle grave... More

Project • By Jiri Lizler PhotogprahyOffices

Architectonically unique building in Karlín

The building located in the hearth of Karlín represents a significant part of local industrial heritage. Its genius loci recounts the story of the renowned car manufacturer Praga. The building has been transformed into a workspace named Praga Office & Garden. Architectonically, it has been a project of the klik architekti studio, which designed the new solution of the space drawing inspiration from car industry. “The investor’s vision was to create a unique space that would merge the industrial character of Karlín with the boutique identity of the brand Scott.Weber workspace. It was a seemingly simple assignment, but it required a search for the design boundary between these two concepts,” says the archi... More

Project • By MBA - Matteo Belfiore ArchitectureOffices


Cybernet Systems Co. Ltd. is one of the world-leading companies in manufacturing support using CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering). The company headquarter is located in Fuji Soft Akihabara Building in Tokyo. Inspired by the traditional Japanese architecture’s flexibility, the new Cybernet office is a modern space designed to promote employees’ wellbeing, encourage dialogue, and improve productivity. A simple and minimal design approach – paired with great attention to the details – has been adopted in this project. Thanks to the open-plan and transparent partitions, the office is bright and sunny for most of the daytime, minimizing the need for artificial lighting. This project aimed to create a bright and innovative o... More

Project • By Futuris ArchitectsOffices

Interior Design of Office by Futuris Architects

Modern and Luxury Interior Design of Office Space by Futuris Architects More

Project • By raum.atelierOffices


The modern new office building “Theo 105” is located in Düsseldorf-Rath and impresses with its architecturally fascinating design language. With its curved building form and rounded corners, it is reminiscent of a "tube", which can be traced back to the industrial location at that time. Today, new office complexes for various companies are increasingly settling in this area, such as Surplex GmbH.    Surplex GmbH is a partial tenant in "Theo 105" and is known as an international trading company, which buys and sells used industrial machines for wood and metal processing.   The simplicity and straightness of the building facade was taken up by raum.atelier and is reflected in the interior design of the almo... More

Project • By Just / Burgeff ArchitektenOffices

Knolle ® Societät Law Firm Makeover

Just/Burgeff Architekten conducted an overall makeover of a law firms office space, centrally located near the Offenbach market square. All of the office areas were reinterpreted within this Interior Design project. The office as a whole has been visually enlarged through some changes in the oficce space's layout. This is especially evident in the new receptipn area, in which the layout was previously based around a centrally located reception counter. The new counter is now located at the nack of the entrance foyer, whilst also now blending in with the overall color scheme, adding additional depth to the space. In place of the former reception now stands an impressive multicolored art object that invites people to sit down funcitoning as... More

Project • By Pei Cobb Freed & PartnersOffices

Global Financial Company India Headquarters

This 2.5 million s/f build-to-suit office campus on a 21-acre site will be a global financial firm’s largest office complex outside the United States and will serve as its India headquarters. Three ten-story office blocks are unified at ground by a 150,000 s/f array of courtyards and common amenity functions including cafeteria, conference facilities, fitness and health centers, casual dining, formal and informal gathering spaces, and a transportation center which organizes arrivals and departures of employees via shared and private vehicles. Taking advantage of Bangalore’s favorable climate, the design strategy allows seamless use of indoor and outdoor spaces, closely integrating landscape and building.   COMPONENTS2,70... More

Project • By Direct Painting GroupOffices


Rainmaker is one of the most influential business consultants in the UK. Rainmaker approached our team with the task of renovating the interior of their London workplace - this included restructuring & decorating their various meeting rooms, communal spaces, tea points, and restaurant area. Rainmaker was keen to create a work environment that was both comfortable & inviting while encapsulating the Rainmaker brand.  We initially spent time with the brand, establishing material options, colour choices and building possibilities for their available space. Once this was confirmed, we developed a flexible programme for the renovations - ensuring that minimal disruption was caused to the business, we agreed to carry out the works du... More

Project • By Vector MaisOffices


Founded in 1981 in the United Kingdom, SAGE is the market leader in cloud management solutions, with a presence in 23 countries and more than 13.000 employees worldwide. For the renovation of its office in Lisbon, the multinational company chose Vector Mais as a general contractor in a project with interior architecture by Openbook studio. Located at the Art’s Business Center in Parque das Nações, the interiors of the SAGE office reflect its innovative and dynamic approach, providing a comfortable workspace for its employees. Entirely built by Vector Mais, the office stands out for its abundance of natural light, fluid workspaces and a large cafeteria. More