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Product • By grendene chairsLike


Like is an ergonomic armchair designed to provide high standards in terms of ergonomy, comfort and design. The slim and slender structure, available in white or black, together with the wide range of coatings, ensure maximum degree of customization More

Project • By ZIP ArchitectsOffices

Rakpart 22

In the edge of the historical center of Győr, in the neighborhood of Széchenyi bridge a rectangular building complex has been designed. The complex includes three parts. A strip mall run through the ground floor. Two linear masses are placed above them, which contains the apartments. While the office building is situated in the north-west corner of the facility. Avoiding the effects of road 14, bachelor flats are facing to the private garden, so the side-corridor protects them against the noise. The variation of solid and hollow parts gives a characteristic chessboardlike appearance for the façade. The different functions - residential, business – are represented byvaried external casing, fiber cement and plaster. More

Project • By VONN LightingShowrooms

Lamborghini Miami

The most important element, but often overlooked in an office space is lighting. Lighting has the ability to change and affect the way a person performs and interacts within the work space. Poor lighting may cause eyestrain, headaches, and it can also affect productivity while too much light can create a glare that will cause these same symptoms. The goal was to illuminate the entire space while avoiding casting shadows and the increase of temperature coming from the light. With LED lighting, these goals are achievable.  We wanted to provide an utterly unique and thoughtfully designed lighting source for Lamborghini Miami’s Headquarters. Creating a more energetic interior combined with visual effects of dynamics and depth, the... More

Project • By Carpets InterOffices

Jorakay Corporation, Thailand

Jorakay Corporation, creator of the Crocodile brand, was founded in Thailand in 1992. The company is Thailand’s leading cement manufacturer, focusing on construction, waterproof systems, and repair. Product : Carpets Inter’s Mesa MS04, MS05, Flatlands FL10, and Color Symphony SM02, SM04, SM09 Installation Area : Commercial Office, 800 square meters Concept Design : Studio 54 More

Project • By Graham Baba ArchitectsOffices

Cannabis Company Corporate Headquarters

After working with Graham Baba Architects on a number of their branded retail concepts—it was time to improve their offices. As a leader in the burgeoning wellness industry, specifically the recreational cannabis market, the company desired a space that reflected their growing status within the market and a way to benchmark their corporate identity. Taking the top two floors of a new three-story building in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle, the design takes full advantage of the 38,000-square-foot of total square feet (divided between two floors) through a design that satisfies current space needs as well as future proofing to accommodate growth by setting aside the second floor.   Building upon the wellness concept, the ae... More

Project • By Swap officeOffices

Arak C.E.O. Headquarter

The main challenge here was to design a space for engineers and architects to interact during the paper works and presence in the building. The vertical void defines the entrance, also forms the specific characteristics of the volume and its coherence with the city, which activates the back yard and southern part of the site. The vertical void is the negative space in the building. It organizes the interior spaces around it and creates a visual connection between all the levels. The waiting hall is one of the considerable parts of the building due to its majority of clients. Therefore its located by the entrance on the ground floor. The amphitheater, gallery, and event space are on the below Ground Floor. More

Project • By Giovanni Vaccarini ArchitettiOffices


The structure of the SPG office complex consists primarily of a skeleton of reinforced concrete pillars and slabs made, used to hang prefabricated cells that form the external curtain wall system.  The individual cells create a double skin façade system that allows for the natural ventilation of the building envelope, while also serving as a solar shading device. The perimeter ventilation system was combined with an internal system of forced ventilation to reduce the quantity of energy consumed by the building.  The subdivision of the façade into prefabricated modules, aligned at each floor along a horizontal band, ensures the flexible arrangement of internal partitions and makes it possible to place a wall every 1... More

Project • By HEDOffices

Jenoptik New Technical Workplace

As a leader in lasers and material processing, optical systems, industrial metrology, traffic solutions, and defense and civil systems, Jenoptik recognized the need to construct a new workplace that provides the flexibility, scale and tools that will drive their business into the future. Recognizing the firms expertise in dynamic technical work environments, Jenoptik turned to HED to design their new technical center. Using HED’s New Technical Workplace design methodology, which emphasizes the interplay between product, platform, place, proximity, and presence in motivating staff and triggering innovation. This new machine-like building concept and design mimics the products and ideation of Jenoptik - with an interior that focuses an... More

Project • By Alejandro Giménez ArchitectsOffices

Architecture Office

The architecture studio of Alejandro Giménez Architects is located in the historic center of the coastal city of Estepona. The study is accessed from the entrance patio  thanks to a separate staircase to the house. The railing is treated as a simple compositional element composed of metal bars in black and 10 meters high. The profiles go up from the steps to the upper floor, making it a singular element in the project. Upon reaching the studio, a spacious space with a large sloping roof opens onto a terrace with barbecue and chill out area. The studio floor is a continuous gray microcement coating both indoors and outdoors, losing the boundaries between interior and exterior. The grayish color of the floor is enveloped by the wa... More

Product • By PolygroupRaised access floor Gamaflor Pac finished with carpet

Raised access floor Gamaflor Pac finished with carpet

POLYGROUP has developed and designed the technology and necessary processes to offer raised access flooring systems carpet finished from factory. It is commonly used when an acoustic floor covering is needed mostly in office spaces, cultural buildings, theaters, auditoriums, etc. The raised floor system carpet finished from factory allows full accessibility to the space underfloor (plenum) from each panel individually without removing the carpet, as each raised access floor panel is independent and accessible.  There is a wide range of carpets marketed by POLYGROUP as well as colour availability that will inspire the most innovative design concept in the building. The system is composed of high density chipboard panels and steel in s... More

Project • By HQ ARCHITECTSOffices

Shahav Tower

The Shahav Tower is situated in a prime location, between 2 highways and in close proximity to the bus terminal and train station of Kfar Saba, central Israel. The tower consists of a ground floor dedicated to commercial use and 20 floors of office space. In order to maximize the commercial area of the ground floor the first floor was enlarged, allowing the creation of an external area for the restaurants, offering a shaded open space.One of the main objectives of the project was to follow a tight schedule, and complete the project in a short period of time, in 1.5 years. For this purpose, the design and planning process was developed from the beginning, together with the technical advisers from the company that will operate the building up... More

Project • By M Moser AssociatesOffices

Kids2 Shanghai office

With an objective to make parenthood easier, “one tiny win at a time”, Kids2 has been inventing baby products for more than 50 years. Growing its China operations to attract world-class professionals in every department and engage with various partners within its ecosystem, Kids2 required a high-performance space to not only bring staff together but create an environment that fuels innovation, creativity and transfiguring ideas within its teams and with its partners.   It was also important for Kids2 to create a space that cultivates its entire growing enterprise of entities that include a media company, multiple joint ventures and a venture capital arm.   Translating key values into design details The design conc... More

Project • By JJP Architects & PlannersOffices


The new headquarters’ concise, neat linear vocabulary is aptly adopted as well as “simplicity, attitude, technology, and human culture” are found as design axes to express the client’s low-profile style and the model for green building certification. The façade faces west, so the plan uses double-layer glass curtain walls to limit sunlight. It consists of two walls to form an insulated space which allows the air to enter from the bottom of the building and exhale from the top, and keeps thermal energy out and ventilation in. Meanwhile, the inner cladding integrated with electric shutters that synchronizes information with the weather station to filter sunlight exposure and ensure the transparency of the curtai... More

Project • By Spark ChicagoOffices


Revantage provides real estate services to one of the world’s largest investment firms. Their mission, to provide flexible and rewarding environments for their luxury apartment clients to thrive in, inspires the approach for the environmental branding throughout the space. More

Project • By GRAEFOffices

Gallup Offices

Gallup is a global analytics and advice firm that helps leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems. Gallup knows more about the will of employees, customers, suppliers, students and citizens than anyone in the world and knows what matters most to them at work and in life and how those priorities change over time. And they use that knowledge to create transformation. In the summer of 2020, the research-based management consultancy Gallup moved into the futuristic “cube berlin”. The cube not only impresses with its highly prominent location between the main train station and the government quarter, but also with its kaleidoscope-like reflecting façade. At the same time, it is one of the most intelligent o... More