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Project • By KUBE ArchitectureApartments

D Street

KUBE's approach to the full renovation of this one-bedroom apartment in Capitol Hill was to unify the living spaces with a curvaceous form that starts in the kitchen and winds through to culminate in the living room. Stained maple cabinetry aligns with a curved ceiling soffit, providing light and creating a dramatic spatial effect throughout. The narrow outdoor deck was integrated with the indoor space through the installation of a glass wall with large sliding doors, establishing a seamless indoor/outdoor relationship. The bathroom remains in its previous location, thus eliminating the need to move pipes, but its total renovation resulted in a light and airy space, which had previously been dark and enclosing. The outdoor deck was re-surfa... More

Project • By YOUSUPOVAOffices


Loft+minimalism More

Project • By YKK AP America Inc.Universities

Gates Hall

Ithaca New York’s Cornell University Computing and Information Sciences (CIS) program was in desperate need of a space that facilitated collaboration between its faculty and students. To create just the space, Cornell University hired Morphosis architectural firm to design an exclusive CIS program building named, the Bill and Melinda Gates Hall.  To meet the needs of the students and faculty, it was vital for the building to feature copious amounts of natural light and open spaces. The building was designed to incorporate 35,000 square feet of YKK AP’s YUW 750 XT Unitized enerGfacade curtain wall, offering sprawling views of the picturesque campus. However, from a sustainability perspective, the design team was concerned about mitigati... More

Project • By KUBE ArchitectureHousing

Karr Pad

Renovated Washington, D.C. row house. More

Project • By KUBE ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Smoky Quartz

The goal for this existing suburban home was to “break open the box” to allow views of the surrounding wooded landscape. Interconnected spaces where created where previously there were walls dividing them. The kitchen and den are now opened up to the new family room, and the entry offers a view directly through the space to the trees beyond. The rear roof was raised in order to maximize views and light with large picture windows. Custom stained ash panels unify the various areas of the home. The family room’s vertical Macassar Ebony storage unit and Viroc clad chimney add warmth and texture to the double height space. The exterior received a facelift which included new cladding (Viroc and Hardi panel) and windows. More

Project • By KUBE ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Casa Abierta

The Owners are from Costa Rica. After the second meeting, their second child was born. At the third meeting, their house was filled with family and friends, a common occurrence in their home. The suburban box did not at all fit their lifestyle. It was closed, dark, and divided into very small rooms. They said that there was not one space in which they felt comfortable. They wanted a house of openness and light, where their children could be free to explore and play independently, still within view of their parents. The solution was to create a courtyard house, with large sliding glass doors to bring the inside out and outside in. The existing house was completely opened up, and a cathedral ceiling created in the living room. Programmaticall... More

Project • By YUAR architectsOffices

MSD IT Global Innovation Hub

"A bridge between past, present and future..."The office space exhibits the organisation of a town with each part of the office offering the amenities of urban space like streets, town square, riverside, parks as zones of encounter and meeting. The three floors are connected by way of a large sculptural staircase located in the very center of the office space that is to be seen as the main town square. The main square offers a large variety of meeting and working possibilities ranging from very private to very informal. As the space is serving for an IT department it was important to provide space for teams while keeping up the clean desk policy as a corporate constraint. The lights and acoustics where designed to provide healthy worki... More

Project • By MZPAHotels

The Planet

The Planet is a creative approach to the boundaries of your personal space, totally new level of comfort work in the office. It features a minimalist design that celebrates the beauty of simplicity and the power of futuristic design. We used to exist and work in limited and measured space. Tight bee cell of a divided office where we endeavor to promote development and create our future. Creators of The Planet tried to find own point of harmony and interaction wi other others in the office. They were searching for an interior design solution that would give a boost to unfold your inner space and inspire to generate unique ideas dividing your mind from the bustle and noise of the surrounding world. The Planet - an innovative solu... More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectBars

RABM - Ivy Restaurant and Lounge Bar

IVY represents a new way to experience and enjoy leisure time, being surrounded by the green of nature and the warmth of wood. Outside the ivy will cover in time the entire facade of the building, "hiding" the existing wall and making the openings on the avenue, as if it was a real greenhouse in Reggio Emilia city center. IVY restaurant and lounge bar represents a new way to experience and enjoy leisure time, being surrounded by the green of nature and the warmth of wood. The interior spaces take back the historical building volume to a single open space , where the kitchen and the dining room connect northwards and the large central bar and the lounge on different levels southwards. The lounge seatings look out towards the street with a nu... More

Project • By ActiuBanks

Sabadell Bank

The proposal by Actiu is based on the advice and design of spaces taking into account the philosophy "open space", and using the setting of a "spine" to create individual spaces, that promote job sharing. Actiu was selected as the winning company to supply office furniture to the new Corporative complex of Sabadell Bank, one of the largest banks in Spain, after a contest amongst 22 companies from the sector. Actiu office furniture has equipped offices, meeting rooms, training rooms and a total of 400 workstations in the new headquarters, which was opened by the President of Catalunya Goverment, Artur Mas last Monday 11 June. The works, designed by the architects Jaume and Eugeni Bach, began in July 2009 and has involved an investment... More

Project • By 1+1=1 architectsOffices

Tetra Pak Hub

In 2009 Tetra Pak, commissioned this 1300 sqm Hub Centre dedicated to innovation and training to be built adjacent to their existing headquarter. The project is located in the industrial area of the city of Modena, Italy. This is a region that embrace tradition, innovation and style and the project represents this. Example are the Ferrari and Lamborghini Factories and Offices. The intention was to represent Tradition, Innovation and Style whit a stunning yet functional contemporary architecture to expression the international image of the company and of its commitment to quality and innovation. The site was formerly agricultural. On the site there was a derelict farm type building with a strong feature – the so called ‘gelosia’ – this... More

Project • By Nico van der Meulen ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House Brian

This house was transformed from a 1970s home into a modernist villa. For the additions and alterations the interior walls were removed and an atrium and moat were created around the hall and dining room, with a curtain of water falling past a cut-out in the atrium wall. The outcome of the architectural design is a contemporary home with a double volume living space that opens seamlessly on a 13x6m lanai area. The water feature in the atrium adds the sound of flowing water to the living rooms and is visible from almost everywhere in the living and kitchen areas. The kitchen forms the hub of the home with an open space that is ideal for gatherings. Situated next to the kitchen is the breakfast room and atrium that allows morning light i... More