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Product • By Culture INVarian®


Conceived to cover all or part of a surface, the range of wall tiles designed using Varian® technology opens the way to an infinite number of perspectives in terms of creativity.In simple version, equipped with backlighting or complexed with an acoustic filter, the modularity of the range will allow you to meet the technical challenges of your interior design as well as the aesthetic choices imposed by the harmony of the lines.For your future elegant and healthy layout projects : Screen and partitions, wall coverings, acoustic ceilings, dressing room, furniture, lights, objects,....This is a new innovative material composed by flax and vegetal resin with a lot of advantages :- bio-based (materials of plants origin)- durable/recyclable... More

Product • By CRLOffice Partition Systems

Office Partition Systems

Glass partitions are an ideal way of creating an open-plan ambience within office buildings, but often have the problem of poor sound insulation which can be a real issue in busy buildings where quiet areas are necessary. The Office Partition XL from CRL can accommodate 28mm thick insulating glass which insulates sound up to 42dB, allowing people to work undis-turbed by noise around them.Combined with its acoustic benefits, the Office Partition XL System makes installation quick and easy, enabling the feeling of openness and light created by large glazed walls simple to achieve in practically any space.With the Office Partition XL System from CRL, the height of hinged doors can be easily adjust-ed, glass fabrication is not required and the... More

Product • By iGAPTOUCHÉ


Featuring a new and interactive glass, Touche transforms your Privy glass into a touch display for various applications. The glass wall partitions of your conference room or office can now be an extended screen for presentations, digital note taking, video calls, and much more. Shopping malls, retail shops and hotel resorts can create new interactive displays to showcase products. Institutions can convert glass walls, windows and doors to become information portals. More

Product • By TABB Interior SystemsTABB construct excellence

TABB construct excellence

With the product TABB construct excellence we show a frame with integrated door in which we integrate the following functions: cabling, fixing points, hinges (adjustable), lighting, sound, a.o. The complete construction is made out of TABB construct light and the panel made of TABB construct light showing all integrated functions is located behind the door (so by opening the door all possible options become visible). This product illustrates one of the many applications to use TABB construct excellence, like: Ceiling systems, partitions (also acoustic), cladding, objects, furniture, etc. More

Product • By MykonB-Glow


As with Mykon's B-Clear product, the B-Glow range is characterised by its ability to combine inherent beauty with practical benefit. These panels create and diffuse light from dawn until dusk, transforming and bringing to life any environment. LED light is distributed evenly through the whole panel, thanks to advanced laser 3D v-cut fine lines applied to one side of the panel. The LEDs are available in 3 options (warm white, cool white and colour change RGB. The panels come complete with a remote control that allows you to set the colour, brightness or fade of a room; creating an environment to suit your mood.B-Glow is ideal for creating an exciting feature wall for parties and entertaining at home, exhibitions, leisure and retail applicati... More

Product • By MykonB-Clear


Mykon B-Clear panels provide the perfect perspective for a generous spatial ambience imbued with modern elegance.Bonding polycarbonate, acrylic or glass to our hexagonal aluminium honeycomb centre produces the unique B-Clear ‘fish-eye’ effect, forming a panel characterised by its ability to combine inherent beauty with practical benefit.The B-Clear panel range has a 78% light transmittance value, achieved through the aluminium ‘fish-eye’ centre capturing and diffusing light, to create a welcoming and relaxed environment. Each handcrafted panel offers superb concealment whilst maintaining an attractive translucence to create total privacy.Our high-quality polycarbonate or acrylic skinned panels are perfect for&n... More

Product • By Vitro Architectural GlassSTARPHIRE ULTRA-CLEAR® Glass

Navy Pier

Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass can transform heavy glass applications from attractive to sensational by adding sparkling clarity and unsurpassed color fidelity compared to standard clear glass. Available in a variety of thicknesses, from ¼-inch (6 mm) to ¾-inch (19 mm), Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass features a signature blue edge that makes it ideal for a wide range of extra-heavy glass applications, including decorative partitions, entrances and storefronts, and safety and security glazings. More

Product • By Intelligent GlassLaminate Switchable Smart Glass

Laminate Switchable Smart Glass

Laminated glass incorporating our switchable smart glass technologyThe seamless nature of laminate glass means that panels can be positioned side by side (glass to glass) without the need for any vertical frames. This makes switchable laminate glass the ideal choice for glass walls and partitions, creating a very minimal and contemporary look. A simple ON - OFF mode switches the glass from being clear to frosted and replaces the need for old fashioned blinds or curtains, offering greater control and comfort within any room.Our unique manufacturing process means that our laminated smart glass panels provide superior performance and clarity, compared to other switchable glass products in the market. More

Product • By Caino DesignMePas


MePas (Metal Panels) have been conceived combining the art of processing steel with a taste for beauty and artistic research. Their charm lies in the subtle play between full and voids, shadows, reflections, details and dimensions. Finely processed, yet made of extremely thin, hard stainless steel, these engraved metal panels are elegant and contemporary and may be adapted or custom created for different styles and settings, allowing interior designers to explore new directions and create glamorous and exclusive environments. Thanks to a combination of creativity, know-how, innovation and international vision, Caino Design presents the MePa collection, a range of decorative, large format, finely engraved, stainless steel panels, enjoying... More

Product • By Note Design StudioKyoto mini architecture system

Kyoto mini architecture system

We at Note refers to Kyoto as an architectural microcosm, an open constellation of interior architecture. Our interior spaces are ever changing, this we know. Less permanent divides and ‘blocking off’ of functional space that serve one purpose alone and more modularity. Kyoto is created as a solution which provides the insulatory function of a closed physical space, with none of permanence. As it’s name suggests, Kyoto’s inspiration comes from the land of quiet contemplation, particularly the beauty of its tearooms. In these special places, the construction of the architecture and clarity of line and form are gently harmonious. Nothing is superfluous, everything serves a clear function without getting in the way of personal interaction.Heav... More

Project • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOffices

World Cola Company

JEB Partitions System(s): X SeriesPartitions Type(s): Fixed, Double GlazedDoor Type(s): Double Glazed More

Project • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOffices


JEB Partitions System(s): X-Series, Integram WidelinePartition Type(s): Curved Glass, Feature Wall, Operable WallDoor Type(s): PLUS Door More

Product • By Palram IndustriesPalruf ®

Palruf ®

Palruf ® Corrugated PVC SheetMain features and benefits / advantages (USP) of using Palruf Corrugated PVC sheets. Common applications, including residential, architectural and commercial applications:Associated benefits / advantages ·        Does not corrode – Corrugated PVC roof panels are ideal for seaside projects, mines, livestock farms·        Fire resistant–self-extinguishes and meets the highest standards in the field·        PALRUF Roofing Panels are suitable for curved roofing·        High impact strength–resists hail, wind and snow loads·      ... More

Product • By AnauniaMovable Partition Walls

Movable Partition Walls

Movable Tailored WallsAs well as a wide range of standard models of movable walls and partitions, on demand the Anaunia’s people, work in team with architects, develop flexible solutions and create extremely functional and acoustic comfort projects, tailor made, to the specific needs of our clients.The continual evolution in ways of utilizing and living space means that the requirements of our clients are many and various. Anaunia transforms these requests into personalized products to satisfy both designer and client.Anaunia’s vocation is to use form, structure, materials and colors to create infinite solutions in movement. Movable Push Partition WallsThe movable push partition walls allow changing the layout of the spaces in a s... More

Product • By EastmanVanceva® Colors interlayers

Vanceva® Colors interlayers

Vanceva® Colors PVB interlayers for laminated glassA dynamic palette for decorative glazingProducing a broad spectrum of colors and moods that are unachievable using stock selections of glass, Vanceva® gives architects and designers more creative freedom with glass than ever before. Vanceva color interlayers can be combined to produce more than 17,000 transparent, translucent, or solid color options to help create the desired tone and intensity.When Vanceva color interlayers are combined with tinted or reflective glass, the design possibilities are nearly limitless. No other interlayer brand delivers the complete spectrum of colors for laminated glass like Vanceva colors Applications include:Curtain wallsAtriumsPartitionsConference roo... More