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Product • By SCHÄFER TRENNWANDSYSTEME GMBHVENTO - Room-high glass toilet partition


High, higher, VENTOThe new room-high toilet partition VENTO from Schäfer Trennwandsysteme sets new (vertical) standards and responds perfectly to the trend for ceiling-height partitions in sanitary areas. This highly exclusive glass installation is primarily aimed at buildings with high-quality, luxurious interior design that is also reflected in their sanitary facilities.Unique in design and constructionVENTO is the first toilet partition of its kind on the market. A perfectly formed construction with superb properties: the system consists of a 40 mm-thick, torsion-resistant sandwich construction with a 5 mm-thick safety glass (SPSG/ESG-H) overlay on both sides and an internal aluminium frame. The safety glass is available in all RAL colou... More

Project • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOffices


JEB Partitions System(s): X-SeriesPartition Type(s): Single, Double Glazed, Fixed PartitionsDoor Type(s): Double Glazed PLUS Door More

Project • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOffices


JEB Partitions System(s): SummitPartition Type(s): Fixed, Single GlazedDoor Type(s): Pivot Door, Single Glazed Door, Sliding Door More

Project • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOffices


JEB Partitions System(s): X-series, IntegraPartitions Type(s): Double Glazed & Fixed Partitions, Operable Walls, Switchable GlassDoor Type(s): Plus Double Glazed Door More

Project • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOffices


JEB Partitions System(s): Summit, IntegraPartitions Type(s): Fixed, Single GlazedDoor Type(s): Single Glazed, Sliding More

Project • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOffices


JEB Partitions System(s): Integra, WidelinePartitions Type(s): Fixed, Single Glazed Door Type(s): Single Glazed More

Project • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsOffices


JEB Partitions System(s): X-SeriesPartition Type(s): Double GlazedDoor Type(s): Double Glazed More

Project • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsBanks


JEB Partitions System(s): X-series, IntegraGlass Type(s): Single & Double glass, Switchable GlassPanel Type(s): Operable Walls - Fabric Wrapped Solid PanelsDoor Type(s): Plus Double Glazed Door LeafColour Finish: Anodized Champagne More

Product • By S.I. SrlProjections


ScenographyScenes, backgrounds, partitions can be quickly modified, the assembly and disassembly is done with great easiness and reduced costs. The surfaces can be screens for video projections and video installations or fixed and dynamic decorations, symbolic images and quotes. When the texture of I-MESH meets the light, the light design exercise begins. The light is reflected or let through according to the density of the yarn, of the type of material and pattern. When I-MESH is utilized as a projection screen the communication exercise begins: by utilizing images, signs and words, surprising effects are created. Detailed illustration or visual suggestion are made by balancing light and shadow, details of depth and surface. This appl... More

Product • By Palram IndustriesSUNPAL


Main USP & Benefit points of using SUNPAL in vertical applications, including residential, architectural and commercial applications: ·        Withstands very high loads·        Accommodates expansion & contraction·        Simple & fast installation·        Leak-proof ·        High thermal insulation·        Ideal for curved designs·        Double sided UV protection·        SolarSmart™ cool light colors  Th... More

Product • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsPLUS

PLUS - JEB Partitions

PLUS represents JEB’s first collaboration with world-renowned architects KplusK. The system is suitable for any application, beautifully detailed and features bonded glass within the slender main frame sub structure. Coupled with exceptionally high acoustic performance, PLUS is a system unmatched by any other available in the world and its refined detailing is truly timeless. More

Product • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsSUMMIT

SUMMIT - JEB Partitions

Summit responds to the constant market challenges that drove the JEB team to develop a partition with a perfect balance of cost-efficiency and performance.Central to the Summit system is its glazed, narrow-frame acoustic sliding door. Designed to offer maximum acoustic performance and reliability, the single or double-glazed Summit system performs like no other and comes with ISO certified laboratory testing. All of JEB’s doors can be used within the partition system, providing maximum flexibility and choice.Its lightweight design with minimal extrusions and parts provide superior building tolerance and simplicity of installation, helping contractors achieve an exceptional standard of workmanship with minimal labour costs and time. More

Product • By BendheimUltra-White Laminated Fade® & Low-Iron Fade® Glass

Ultra-White Laminated Fade® & Low-Iron Fade® Glass

Bendheim's Ultra-White Laminated Fade® and Low-Iron Etched Fade® glass designs present an elegant, timeless aesthetic, defining interior spaces when used in partitions, doors and windows, atriums, and staircases. The superior fade effect of Bendheim’s Ultra-White Laminated Fade® glass is produced through a unique ink technology. Ultra-dense and brilliant white at the bottom, the glass smoothly fades to clear at the top. The durable, maintenance-friendly laminated safety glass is available in sizes up to 60”W x 120”H and thicknesses up to ¾”. Bendheim’s new Low-Iron (ultra-clear) Etched Fade® glass is fully etched up to approx. 52” from the bottom of the sheet, then gently fades to clear as it approaches the top. The durable, stain... More

Product • By BendheimVintageWire™ Glass Collection

VintageWire™ Glass Collection

VintageWire™ Glass by Bendheim is decorative laminated architectural glass featuring true chicken wire. VintageWire Glass is available in translucent form for partitions and enclosures, as well as mirror-backed for wall cladding, elevator interiors, and lobbies. The collection can be specified in combination with a great number of privacy or less obscuring patterns from Bendheim’s hundreds of varieties, including our post-consumer recycled EcoGlass™. An opaque version of the glass emphasizes the nostalgic appeal of chicken wire by embedding it in antique bronze or antique silver mirrors. More

Product • By BendheimProjectable Magnetic Glass Marker Boards

Projectable Magnetic Glass Marker Boards

Bendheim's award-winning Magnetic Glass Marker Boards have gotten even better, now featuring high-performance, maintenance-friendly projectable writing surfaces. The exceptionally strong magnetic action of Bendheim’s magnetic glass marker boards sets us apart from all the rest. The boards reliably hold a variety of materials from notes and fabric swatches to color chip samples. The new projection-friendly glass version accommodates digital multi-media presentations while allowing for writing and organizing ideas. The maintenance-friendly glass surfaces resist ghosting and staining, even when permanent markers are used. The laminated glass boards also allow for two distinct aesthetics (i.e., one side of the glass can be white, the oppos... More