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Product • By BendheimKOVA for Bendheim Collection

KOVA for Bendheim Collection

The KOVA for Bendheim Collection of safety laminated decorative architectural glass creates new possibilities for dividing interior spaces. Inspired by the sparkling beauty of hand-cut crystalware, the Collection features five woven textiles, ranging from contemporary deco lace to wispy tulle, with touches of soft white, black, and bronze hues. The laminated glass provides varying degrees of privacy, depending on the textile design, and offers daylighting benefits allowing for energy savings and enhanced occupant comfort. To further benefit the space, the specialty glass can improve sound attenuation performance by four points, to an STC of 35 or better, when compared to similar monolithic glass, contributing to quieter environments and a g... More

Product • By LINVISIBILECurved Hinged door

Curved Hinged door

Linvisibile's Hinged door is available also in Curved leaf version. It is distinguished by the use of adjustable concealed hinges and the absence of door frames or jambs to achieve seamless continuity between wall and door. It can be painted in the same finish as the walls, becoming almost invisible. Or the door structure can be left visible, with only the panel forming part of the design continuum and the panel finish, to create special atmospheres, in a tasteful way. More

Product • By Artotech LaserLaser cut wall Panels

Laser cut wall Panels

The Laser Cut Wall Panel makes a traditional accent piece in any living space. If you want to add exotic flavors into your home decor, you may want to check these finely cut screens. Each screen is constructed in detail, offering a spectacular effect. For privacy, fencing, partitions, shading, backdrops and so much more please visit our website. More

Product • By JEB Acoustic PartitionsGT

GT - JEB Partitions

The GT System takes inspiration from the high-performance car, with its sleek silhouette and meticulous engineering. Characterized by a light, minimalistic form, yet highly engineered, the series is designed to meet the most demanding technical and aesthetic requirements.All components have been specifically designed to ensure maximum acoustic performance, while allowing the physical environment to remain the focus. This single glazed system is ideal for next-generation workplace environments where performance is paramount but sleek, minimalist design is desired. More

Product • By NanaWallPrivaSEE


– NanaWall Systems introduces the patent-pending NanaWall PrivaSEE™—a frameless, operable all glass wall system that provides better sound buffering than most fixed glass partitions. With no floor track, PrivaSEE is the industry’s only all glass single track sliding system specifically engineered for enhanced acoustical separation, allowing architects and designers to control sound transparently. “The NanaWall PrivaSEE is a moving all glass wall with a sound rating that has historically been limited to fixed all glass partitions,” said NanaWall Systems CEO Ebrahim Nana. “The fact that we are able to achieve such a high sound rating without a floor track makes PrivaSEE all the more incredible.”Most conference room specifications call for an... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Student Cafe Design

The trend of student café’s has been catching on throughout the world, and CAS has designed one of the best ones in Saudi Arabia. Tiny but tasteful, the small student run café is located near a university dorm in Dammam, and the desired demographic is that of the campus students. CAS has designed this café by carefully keeping the culture and tradition of KSA in mind. The ground floor caters to the boys while a mezzanine floor is reserved for the girls in order to maintain their privacy. The logo and interior design are inspired by the classic British Cambridge style with small hints of Arabic inspirations in the mix. The branding is extremely unique and styled to appeal to the student demographic of the area. Even the planning is tiered;... More



Laminated safety glass, characterized by incorporating different elements inside, widely apllied in facades and solar control as well as interior design and decoration. The particularity of this Secritex made of the family, is the intinsic decor is made directly on the plastic interlayer, with the tehcnical advantages that this entails. This gives a product of extensive possibilities in facade applications, privacy requirements, overall image, interior partitions, etc.. More

Product • By LINVISIBILEBoiserie System

Boiserie System

Linvisibile extended its product range with an innovative boiserie system, to decorate the walls in the same finishing as the doors. The exclusive “skin” system allows to coat, with only 3 mm of thickness, walls of any dimension in perfect planarity with the doors, for a total continuity effect. The wall becomes a whole with the door to furnish with elegance and refinement the environments in which we live. The boiserie can be made in several finishes: stone, metal, wood, glass, lacquer, leather, adapting itself with extreme delicacy to the finishing of the panels. More



The German manufacturer WOELM has been setting accents for decades under the HELM brand when it comes to sliding systems for doors, gates, partitions and shading. With new components for the HELM MK series, the interior sliding door made of wood or glass reaches a new level of comfort. The HELM SmartClose mechanical door closer, in conjunction with the HELM SmartStop pull-in damper, locks, closes and dampens the door independently. Play-free guides of the door wing ensure maximum smoothness. In combination with mounting profiles, panels and handles, complete solutions are available that can be used up to a sash weight of 140 kg and meet the highest demands. More

Product • By Avanti SystemsTimber Swing Doors

Timber Swing Doors

Timber Swing Doors are ideally suited for Conference Rooms, Offices or Other Spaces where a good sound insulation and reliability is required. They are compatible with most of the systems we offer which include: Solare™ Partition System Elevare™ High Wall Movare™ Movable Partitions Transverto MonobIock™ Modular The Timber Swing Door is our alternative yet stylish door if you are looking for a contrast to the glazing partition. Constructed with an aluminum frame, the door may be of standard height or may be full height of up to 8’-10” with a thickness of 1 7/8” and fit into any of the partition systems we offer . Vision panels are available. Timber doors are ideally suited for Conference Rooms, Offices or other spaces where a good sound... More

Product • By PORTAPIVOTFixed partition 3530

Fixed partition 3530

Glass partitioning system made with a minimal anodized aluminium profile 35 x 30 mm available in 4 anodized colours, black, silver, bronze and stainless steel.‎ The frame can be fitted with any 6 or 8 mm thick tempered glass.This system can be used as a standalone glass partition or can be used with one of our pivot and sliding door systems. Optional grid profile linesOptional anodized aluminium grid profiles can be installed on top of the glass. The aluminium lines can be glued on top of the glass (on both sides) and are used for aesthetic design purposes.‎ These optional decorative grid profiles are available in 15 and 30 mm width and can easily be cut to the right size in order to create different designs.‎Self-assembly... More

Product • By LINVISIBILEFire Resistant Hinged door

Fire Resistant Hinged door

Linvisibile Fire Resistant Hinged door REI 30 – EI130 (mod. F.11 REI), patented system for completely flush to wall doors and flush with the wall panels (concealed aluminium and hinges). The Hinged doors by Linvisibile are REI 30 certified since they provide perfect fire resistance to meet the safety requirements of hotels and restaurants, contract installations, large public spaces and any other public environment where specific fire protection regulations have to be met. Certified UNI EN 1634-1:2009 and BS EN1634-1:2009 and approved on art. 1 del D.M. 30/06/2004. Type approval number FE272EI1030P001; Certificate of fire resistance test N° 42/U/11-125FR. More

Product • By LINVISIBILEHinged Door

Hinged Door

Linvisibile Hinged door is the exclusive patented door, which is completely flush with the wall and reinterprets the traditional Hinged opening; available in pull and push opening models. It is distinguished by the use of concealed hinges and the absence of door frames or jambs to achieve seamless continuity between wall and door. It can be painted in the same finish as the walls, becoming almost invisible. Or the door structure can be left visible, with only the panel forming part of the design continuum and the panel finish. It can be coated with almost any type of material (metal, stone, leather) to create special atmospheres, in a tasteful way. There are lacquered (glossy or matt) and wooden versions offered as well. More



Plafometal offers 3 ceilings solutions for an optimal acoustic comfort Alpha offer, for more intelligibility Sound absorption aw up to 0.85, perfectly suited to passageways that are exposed to occasional intensive use. Alpha Plus offer, for more acoustic comfort Acoustic absorption: aw up to 1, perfectly appropriate for places where the occupants need to be able to hear one another (offices, classrooms…). Décibel offer, for more confidentiality Lateral attenuation D n, f, w up to 53 dB, ideal for open space with removable partitions. A system of metal islands with Orial swing-down opening panels. Hydraulic circuits with copper coils for cooling and heating. More

Product • By PromatPromat®-Ganzglastür 30

Promat®-Ganzglastür 30

New steel doors mainly glazed “Promat® Ganzglastür 30” will be now able to be integrated into the EI 30 Promat® butt jointed glass screen. The small visible profiles used for the doors and partitions frames, combined with a full transparency, will bring a neat and airy appearance to partitions with high level of fire resistance. More