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NewsNews • 22 Jun 2021

Nasushiobara City Library incorporates the essence of the city’s much-loved forests

Located 150 km north of Tokyo in the heart of the compact, vibrant city of Nasushiobara, the Nasushiobara City Library by UAo incorporates the essence of the city’s much-loved surrounding forests. Daici Ano Like a walk through the library, visitors to the library experience subtle layers of change unfolding across the softly defined borders, from the aphorisms and other exhibits displayed at various locations in the building to the activities and other human-caused transformations taking place. By stimulating multiple senses, the design intends to spark new realizations and learning. Daici Ano The first floor is a lively-accessible space with many intersecting activities. The stacks on the second floor by contrast provide... More

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Medizinische Lesehalle

The art dealership was one of Munich’s first buildings to be built using fair-faced concrete. The facade was designed in light grey roughcast cement and the interiors designed in unobtrusive colors. Light monochrome linoleum flooring and fabric coverings on the walls of the showrooms, in black, beige and dark red, offered a consistent background for the artworks. Interior doors and passageways were in mahogany veneer, with window frames were glazed to match. The window sashes were finished in white to provide contrast. The goal of the renovation was to integrate historical references to past use and materials, and to interpret these in a contemporary way. Original elements were to be retained and new ones shown as contemporary supplements;... More