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Project • By BroekbakemaOffices


Both the original interior of the company cafetaria, designed by Wim Quist in 1992, and the layout of the Robeco Tower no longer reflected the present corporate image, which is expressed in the new corporate style. Recent restructuring and the closing down of other branch offices have, however, resulted in a doubling of the number of employees who work at the head office. This meant that the seating had to be increased considerably. The new interior is to a large extent based on the new corporate style and its accompanying colour scheme. Company cafetaria The most important change to the cafetaria is the introduction of a long dining structure, finished in white Corian®, on an elevated floor. This structure divides the large but low s... More

Project • By andres carosio architekten agOffices

UBS Offices

In 2003 Andres Carosio Architekten AG completed the renovation of the 1950s UBS building in Zurich’s city centre near the famous ‘Paradeplatz’. The refurbishment included a new interior, new technical facilities, and a new safety, fire & security concept. Interior reorganization was aimed at optimizing work processes and creating an expression which contrasts the existing shell. The architectural concept and design solutions are focused on creating generous working areas with a maximum of natural light. Frosted and clear glass walls transport light to the interior, making the lobbies appear larger and giving the impression of an internal ‘piazza’. Coloured, free-standing conference rooms redefine their surroundings by separating different... More

Project • By SolarluxApartments


The exclusive residential project “Boston“ at the Eastern waterfront of Amsterdam is a prime example of the successful adaptive re-use of existing building fabric and the modern refurbishment of derelict in-dustrial buildings. In the course of last year old empty warehouses were turned into luxury “Loft” apartments with modern facilities and charming views onto the harbour and the close-by old City. Kitchens, bathrooms, sitting and bedrooms are open plan so that residents can arrange the inner layout in a flexible manner by means of partitioning walls. The project “Nieuw Amerika“ comprises the Boston block and the new Detroit and Chicago buildings and should be completed by 2007. All three buildings are connected underground by a two-tie... More

Project • By 4a ArchitektenCity Halls

Redevelopment of Marbach Civic Hall

A striking look with fresh colours: When redeveloping the Civic Hall Civic Hall in Marbach, 4a Architekten paid particular attention to giving the building an elegant appearance while maintaining the original identity of its existing fabric – and thereby a piece of history. The Civic Hall is situated in a small parkway in Marbach am Neckar, the Schillerhöhe, nestling in an ensemble of buildings dating from various periods: The Schiller National Museum (early 20th century.), the German Literature Archive (1970s) and the Museum of Modern Literature (new construction) are located in the immediate vicinity of the Civic Hall, which had exuded all the charm of the 1950s. In the first stage, modernization required that the building be reduce... More

Project • By Architectenweb MagazineLibraries

Den Bosch Library

After the rebranding that designers FoURPAcK introduced last year, Aquo architecture completed the project with refurbishing the building, which provides the city library of Den Bosch with a brand new interior. Besides a shorter name since the reopening, the ‘Bieb’ has been offering coffee and lunch alongside books and DVD’s. The Bieb is not only a source of knowledge accessible to everyone, but also a central meeting place. With the catering facilities and the library square as a venue for attending lectures and cultural events there arises more space for the social function of the library. The new style of the library also offers a higher degree of service. The refurbishment also coincides with the transition to a new self service lendin... More

Project • By GROUP AOffices

Aramco Overseas Company

The Aramco Overseas Company head office has recently moved into their new accommodation in The Hague. The new office, housed in an existing building from the eighties, needed to be fully refurbished. Following a selection in March 2009, GROUP A was chosen to carry out this refurbishment. The design challenge the team stood for was to strengthen the rather unobtrusive character of the existing building by means of a new interior. GROUP A resolved this by designing an interior that uses the more noticeable aspects of the existing building as a guiding principle, while reflecting AOC's identity. This identity is based on the cultural background of AOC, which is part of the Saudi-Arabian oil company Saudi Aramco. The interior subtly refers... More

Project • By MVSA ArchitectsParliaments

Ministry of Finance

This commission is set up in a different way to ‘normal’ commissions in the past. This is the first time that the Dutch government has put one of its office buildings out to tender in form of a Public-Private Partnership: it is a pilot scheme, encompassing design, build, finance, maintenance and operations. A project analysis has shown that a saving of 15% was achieved in comparison with conventional tendering. The Ministry of Finance building, designed by J. Vegter and M. Bolten in 1975, is one of the best examples of the Brutalist style in the Netherlands. The original building was somewhat bulky, inward-looking and impersonal. The building’s Brutalism, after all, was one of its main architectural qualities, and this school emphasised... More

Project • By ONOFFICEHousing

3=2+1 house

Three levels for two habitation units The house is a refurbishment of a 19th century three level building in one of the most antiques roads (750 B.C.) in the Ortigia's island, the Syracuse's historical center. Despite the conservative legal restrictions, concerning the refurbishment in the historical centre protected by UNESCO, the owner wanted a contemporary character for the apartment. Remembering the eclectic taste of the 19th century buildings, we decided to give to each level a different specificity with material selection. The first level, the guesthouse, is an open space where the pavement is coated by big slabs of marine plywood. The steel sliding wall separates the living room from the bedroom. When it's closed,... More

Project • By ARUPBridges

Managing Contractor - Renovation of 8 steel bridges

More than 200 steel bridges in the Netherlands, built in the 60s and 70s, and many more in Europe, are potential victims of fatigue-related defects. Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, is committed to the refurbishment of eight steel bridges in the Netherlands, providing strengthening design and engineering for an extended life of at least 30 years. This work is being carried out by an Arup Royal Haskoning Greisch joint venture, acting as the managing contractor. Greisch is acting as a sub-consultant performing the role of technical reviewer. The eight bridges are large, landmark and fairly new – with spans ranging from 100 to over 300m. They are a variety of cable-stayed, arched and... More

Project • By Architectenweb MagazineOffices


The interweaving composite panels dominate the new façade of the Eemsmond building in Delfzijl. The composite panels have a laminated insert of a chameleon foil with alternating angles. The panels change colour depending on the time of day. The front and rear facades were completely demolished and replaced by a prefabricated timber framed wall during the redevelopment of the Eemsmond building. Shelves and spacers in the front of the façade pull the flat composite plates into a curved sinusoidal shape. The plates are glass fiber reinforced polyester and are produced by vacuum injection. Firstly a layer of fibre is covered with foil and layed onto a mould. A vacuum is created between the foil and the mould and filled with resin. T... More

Project • By Benthem Crouwel ArchitectsBridges

Mainbrücke Ost/Rampenbauwerk Honsellstraße

In an international design two-stage competition for a new crossing of the river Main at Frankfurt/Main in Germany, the team Benthem Crouwel Architekten/WTM Engineers were awarded the third prize. The design task consisted of a refurbishment and re-integration of an existing listed steel bridge and the design for a new arched bridge with three lanes for motorised traffic, as well as bicycle and pedes-trian facilities. The curved plan of the new bridge finishes the existing street layout on the north bank of the river. With a span of 160 metres, the single arch-supported structure completes a hundred year-old ambition to jump the river, on this location just off the city centre and in direct vicinity to the new European Central Bank headqua... More