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Project • By García Bueno ArquitectosUniversities

Recovery of Neomudejar Room

The Colegio Máximo de Cartuja located near the Monastery of the same name, territory currently occupied by the University Campus of Cartuja de Granada, was built at the end of the 19th century by the architect Francisco Rabanal to house the novitiate and college of the Society of Jesus . In 1983 it was declared a Property of Cultural Interest (B.I.C.) by the Ministry of Culture of Spain and currently houses the faculties of Dentistry and Library Science of the University of Granada. Throughout its history it has undergone some transformations, mainly due to the adaptation of the property to new uses, but essentially it maintains its original morphology.   It is a rectangular building arranged around four courtyards with a heig... More

Project • By AMBIGRAM ARCHITECTSPrivate Houses

Belsize Park 1

This is a luxurious renovation of a large detached Victorian villa in NW3 Belsize Park, North London. We were approached to transform a dilapidated property with 2 flats into a single-family dwelling. This included major works that only retained the four elevations with a new superstructure with services and a complete internal re-modelling of the property with a double garage. The brief was to create a contemporary home for a family of three with a drawing room, media room, open-plan kitchen, dining space, playroom, bespoke garden, wine cellar and five double bedrooms and bathrooms. We also gained planning for a full basement development below the existing footprint of the house and garden but that was never implemented. A daring double... More

Project • By BAUMITChurches

Reformed Church on Wolves Alley

A new appearance, in spirit and respect for tradition, a gross but vibrant stone brickwork, looking like in times past, but restored with modern time materials - natural hydraulic lime. ABOUT THE BUILDINGThe Reformed Church on Wolves Alley, in the proximity of Tailors Tower and old city area, is one of the most valuable Gothic buildings in Transylvania, built between 1486-1516. This Church is the largest Gothic hall type building (with one unique hall) in Transylvania and in Southeastern Europe,  remaining the singular monument of its age and size. It was partly restored between 2013-2015, both facade masonry and interior plasters. Surface of facade masonry: 2500 sqm.  ABOUT THE APPLICATORFounded in 1994, the company Decorint s... More

Project • By Declerck-Daels, ArchitectenApartments


From Co to Coost. The ‘Co-center’ was build in the early 20’s as a cooperative building, based on a socialist model. It grew steadily and became very popular … until the upcoming of supermarkets in the 70’s. The buildings were temporarily used as a bar, event location, fitness center, arts atelier, and auction house. Everyone from Oostende knows the site. But due to mismanagement it all went bankrupt. The historical commonplace gradually became a city cancer where only pigeons, gulls and squatters wandered around. It was hidden in a residential block.   This heritage was very particular. A combination of industrial architecture, with a richely decorated facade, and a inner courtyard, in the city center... More

Project • By Declerck-Daels, ArchitectenHotels

Hotel Tafelrond – The Fourth

From 1479, the building was a meeting place for different guilds in the city of Leuven. The Rhetoricians left the greatest mark on the building, where they gathered to recite poetry and to drink. After it had been demolished and rebuilt, music and theatre reanimated the building in 1817. The Tafelrond was a theatre for audiences of close to a thousand people where performances took place which are similar to those we think of today as living room concerts.   The Tafelrond was bombed and destroyed during the First World War. After the war, it was rebuilt in its original Gothic style of the architect de Layens and now looks as it did in its first life. From 1930, it served as the Leuven branch of the National Bank. The Tafelrond now be... More

Project • By Bialosky ClevelandApartments

Mueller Lofts

Hidden behind a row of sycamore trees on a quiet residential street in Cleveland’s AsiaTown neighborhood sits the Mueller Loft apartment building – reborn from the Mueller Electric Company Factory constructed in 1922.  The original two-story building was a small, post-and-beam structure with smooth red brick and simple masonry detailing.  As the company expanded over 90 years, multiple additions resulted in a deep and dark floor plate (120’x400’) with large steel windows relegated almost entirely to the west facade.   In first visiting the site, the most striking feature was the west façade’s windows filtering light through the trees along East 31st Street.  The greatest challen... More

Project • By Mombá ArquiteturaOffices

Mombá Arquitetura Offices

ARCHITECTURE OFFICE: MOMBÁ ARQUITETURA In search of places, aesthetics and possibilities aligned with the values and aspirations of the office, Mombá Arquitetura found an address in the Historic Center of São Paulo. Old building, large room, high ceilings, large windows and the need for a lot of renovation: the complete set to make an architecture delighted.   We had as main project guidelines: to recover and reuse the existing materials in the room; create multipurpose, integrable and non hierarchical spaces; express in architecture our essence full of originality, Brazilianness , colors and At the beginning of the work we had the first and best surprise: we discovered a hardwood floor under the existing carpet.... More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices


LIKO-Noe® demonstrates what the office buildings will look like in the future. It connects the interior with the exterior, modern materials with nature. It reflects the workmanship precision, state-of-the-art technologies, functionality and attention to detail. It introduces the principles of old times' robust buildings and, at the same time renewability, into the segment of prefabricated buildings.   Natural Thermal Stabilization is in the heart of LIKO-Noe. What do we mean? The building works just with the energies from natural sources. The sun takes care of the electricity, the earth of heat or cold. Forget special machinery. Water is a symbiotic part of the concept - retention lake, water reservoir for the entire company area... More

Project • By Uygur ArchitectsCultural Centres

CER Modern Arts Center

The history of the project goes back to 1990s, when a national competition was opened in 1992 for the design of presidential symphony orchestra concert hall on a vacant land between Ulus and Sıhhiye, the old and new quarters of Ankara. The site contained a segment of the railway, with old traction ateliers and train maintenance sheds (three identical units dating from 1920s, with a longer unit added later). Being four adjacent units in total, all were intended to be removed from the site. In 1995, after the architects of the winning project started work for the presidential symphony concert hall, decision was taken for the transformation of these old sheds into an art museum. In the meantime, the railroad was rerouted and two of the three i... More

Project • By Korteknie Stuhlmacher ArchitectenSecondary Schools

Campus Cadix CAD

The building application for the recruitment room for port workers dates from 1938; the building was commissioned on 5 February 1940. The architect was Emiel van Averbeke, the city architect who ten years earlier had built the neighbouring school ensemble. The complex consists of four interconnected hangars with saddle roofs. Here, port workers came together in large groups; the raised walkways provided overview and control. location: Eilandje, Kempisch Dok Westkaai, Antwerpyear: 2009 - 2021client: SO Antwerpen/ AG Realestate - Scholen van Morgencontractor: Strabag DBFM / Monument (cad hall 3, printing workshop)advisor - technical installations: Adviesbureau vd Weele with AACO Architecten/ Peter van Orshoven (Cad hall 3, printing worksho... More

Project • By Korteknie Stuhlmacher ArchitectenLibraries

Public Library Het Predikheren

The baroque Predikherenklooster, or Dominican Monastery, is a more than impressive building. In 2011, after several failed attempts to repurpose the ruins of the monastery, the city decided to restore the historic landmark building and turn it into a public library, which will open in the autumn of 2018. Before the restoration work began, the monastery and adjacent church were a harsh, monolithic block; for many years the expressive texture of the derelict façades told passers-by an enigmatic story of its tormented history.   The baroque monastery was built starting in 1650 and was deconsecrated at the end of the 18th century. In the 19th and 20th centuries it was mainly used for military purposes and has been abandoned since... More

Project • By Matilde Peralta del AmoLibraries

Banco de España Library Restoration

The Bank of Spain is the national central bank and the supervisor of the Spanish banking system together with the European Central Bank. Its main headquarters is located in the center of the city of Madrid, at the Cibeles square. It occupies a complete block and was built in several phases from the late 19th century till the beginning of the 21st century. The first building was built following the project of the architects Eduardo Adaro and SeverianoSainz de la Lastra. It is a linear building parallel to the Paseo del Prado, which twists diagonally, in Cibeles square corner. In the interior of the chamfer axis and next to it, is the old operations centre, nowadays the library’s reading room, object of the present restoration. It is a... More

Project • By brandt+simon architektenPrivate Houses


A villa, built around 1923, in the south of Berlin should be prepared for a family with two children and many visitors.   Originally, the house, consisting of a ground floor, a top floor mostly on the roof area and a cellar, all three about the same size, had been planned for one menage. Because of the splitting in different apartments und numerous built-ins the inward hab been strongly reshaped. After years of vacancy the house was in need of restoration and modernization. On the one hand the exterior of the building should be retained basically on the other hand there should be formed a generous and modern living spaces inside.   To fulfill the clients wishes suitably a number of interventions had to take place. The entrance... More

Project • By Six Degrees ArchitectsTheaters

RMIT Capitol Theatre

RMIT Capitol Theatre is a rich project which combines heritage restoration of this unique historic cinema with the integration of 21st C seating, lighting and projection and sound equipment.   The geometric plaster ceilings, its key architectural feature, will be fully restored and refitted with current LED lighting to increase light levels and reduce power consumption. The cinema will operate as RMIT’s premier film and media learning and teaching facility, hosting film screenings, lectures and other large format programmes.   Major upgrade of significant listed heritage theatre including light/AV/mech/carpets and full amenities upgrade.   More

Project • By Carlana Mezzalira PentimalliOffices

Ex Tribunale

The Municipality of Bressanone (in the region Trentino Alto Adige, Italy) is gradually changing its skin.    This process has taken place for many years, with important private and public projects selected through international competitions. Those operations are both on small and large scale and involve several actors and different types of partnership. The quality of these projects is the same one that characterizes different aspects of this region, among them the contemporary architecture. A slow transformation is taking place also inside the city of Bressanone; moreover, it is working in a silent way, almost discreet, without revealing itself to whom is walking in the historical city centre.   This metamorphosis has in... More