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Project • By William / Kaven ArchitecturePrivate Houses


Extending seamlessly into Portland’s renowned Forest Park, William / Kaven Architecture’s Royal project is positioned at the coveted ecotone of forest and city. Located within minutes of downtown Portland, this airy, generously glazed modern dwelling cantilevers far above the forest floor among reaches of Douglas fir and vine maple. Royal is set into 0.65 forested acres less than 500 feet from the Balch Creek Forest and Forest Park, and boasts 735 square feet of exterior terraces and balconies overlooking a lush wooded expanse.   A dramatic 1.5-story foyer with clerestory windows leads into the main living area, which features white oak floors with dark walnut inlay borders, a substantial dual-fuel hearth, and a spacious... More

Project • By TEN ArquitectosCultural Centres

Cine Cosmos

When it opened in the 1940s, the Cine Cosmos was part of a circuit of film establishments characterized by large theaters where the premieres of Mexican gold cinema were screened. With the passing of the years and the arrival of commercial cinema chains, as well as the decline of national cinema during the 1970s and 1980s, the Cosmos cinema closed its doors definitively in the first years of the following decade. Starting in 2013, the Miguel Hidalgo mayor's office (where the property is located) has decided to revive the emblematic Cosmos Cinema by reconfiguring its spaces to turn it into a cultural center with sports, educational extension and exhibition spaces, while integrating to the FAROS network in Mexico City. As part of the archite... More

Project • By balbek bureauShops


The 2 000-sq.m Kyiv Food Market is located in the building No. 5 of the former military arsenal built at the end of the 18th century. It is a fine example of industrial architecture, which distinctive authentic character originates from the building’s rich history. Once a cold and empty space, it has now become a point of attraction where people get together, giving the place a new social meaning.   CONCEPT A commission undertaken by balbek bureau team came with a clear vision of the project concept, developed by the founder of the first food market in Odesa, the owner of the company “Cooper’s people” Alex Cooper and Kyiv restaurateur, the founder of the La Familia chain restaurants Mikhail Beilin.  ... More

Project • By Runberg Architecture GroupOffices

The Beardmore Building

Constructed in 1922 in Priest River, Idaho, the Beardmore Building is one of the most architecturally and culturally significant buildings in the region. The goal of its restoration was to revitalize the historic downtown and to rehabilitate the structure according to the Department of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation while demonstrating sustainable building practices. The design integrates the restoration of the original building with new technologies such as rainwater harvesting, energy-efficient lighting, mechanical systems, and photovoltaic arrays. When completed, the building was one of only five Historic Landmark buildings in the U.S. to achieve LEED® Gold certification. More

Project • By Herzog & de MeuronConcert Halls

Stadtcasino Basel

The Rise of the Cultural Mile in the 19th Century and its Urban Demise in the 20th CenturyIn the course of the 19th century, the town fortifications and the adjoining buildings of the former Barfüsser and St. Magdalen Convents were demolished, making room for what we would nowadays call a Cultural Mile along the southern fringe of Basel’s Old Town. These developments reflect the urban and architectural vision of those times. The Casino (1826) and the Blömlein Theater (1831), based on plans by Melchior Berri, were followed in the second half of the 19th century by several important buildings designed in the neo-Baroque style by Johann Jakob Stehlin.   Situated between Barfüsserplatz and St. Alban-Graben, they incl... More

Project • By Urban PlatformOffices


This master plan is the result of an urbanistic and financial feasibility study that seeks to provide a sustainable and quality solution to this abandoned school site, taking into account its historic architectural value. The study comprises, among other things, a feasibility study per built element; the definition of the elements to be razed, renovated or built; the definition of the allocation of the different elements; the study of different scenarios by taking into account heritage aspects as well as sustainability and financial feasibility.   The mission also includes the development of the selected scenario: definition of the surfaces and estimation of the construction, renovation and restoration costs; reduction of the technic... More

Project • By Rebelo de AndradeSports Centres

Pedras Salgadas Horse Riding Center

The Horse Riding Centre has extremely rich history, linked to the region of Alto de Trás-os-Montes and the passion of the local inhabitants for horses and equestrian sports. It is also the story of one of the best jumping of Europe, and its relationship with Pedras Salgadas Park in the peak of spa tourism. And it is a story of declines. The Horse Riding Centre decayed gradually but from the 1990s onwards this accentuated to an apparently irreversible extent. Restoration works started up in 2013. Times have changed and so have the user’s needs.   The spectators are no longer a tiny privileged class and the modernisation of show business has brought in democratisation in access to these things. The new international rules... More

Project • By TOM MUNZ ARCHITEKTPrivate Houses

Living in Thal

The highest standards from inside to outOver the course of approximately 150 years, the townhouse, a listed building, underwent a number of extensions. The deconstruction and gentle restoration of the building make it possible to re-experience the basic idea of the courtyard-like structure and inherent qualities of the history-infused location.   Sensitive, bold – and with thrilling contrastsThe exterior and interior are designed as one consistent unit. The concrete, spatial sculpture – outside dark, inside light – extends through the whole house like a protective shell. The facade, which is built of wooden elements, was developed with regional artisans. The oil-treated wooden slats, scorched with dark pigments, cla... More

Project • By Morscher ArchitectsPrimary Schools

The conversion of the Châtelet school

The conversion of the Châtelet school in Biel by Morscher Architekten from Berne is proof that monuments are not necessarily detached from the passage of time and changing requirements.   At the end of the thirties of the 20th century, a new type of schoolhouse typology began to develop in Switzerland. After the school palaces of the turn of the century, the majority of which were built in the style of historicism or later in Art Nouveau, the concepts of modernism spread to school building during the inter-war period. This coincided with a change in pedagogical concepts towards an education which had a less constraining, more independent development of children in mind. A child-friendly scale, a lot of light, lots of air and th... More

Project • By Plus ArchitectureOffices

Plus Architecture Melbourne Studio

Plus Architecture’s Melbourne studio has recently relocated to a new space in the centre of Melbourne. Taking ownership of a previously unoccupied, heritage building, Plus has invigorated the space, stripping the building back to its historical roots and then building upon these old bones, layering with modern accents and custom details, to create a new, workshop-style studio devoted to inspiring collaboration and creativity amongst the team.   Seizing an opportunity: restoring a heritage relic in a prime Melbourne location to former gloryThe essence of this design project was exposing and celebrating the raw and messy parts of a beautiful old building and bringing this derelict and forgotten space into the future. Existing her... More

Project • By ArchinproPrivate Houses

Casa Elledi

Casa Elledi was built in the early twentieth century as a noble summer house and divided over time into several properties, undergoing numerous transformations. The house has now been reunited, renovated and reorganized internally to restore the readability of the housing unit and give it new organicity. The primary task was to maintain the identity of the house, restoring it where defaced, with cutting-edge construction solutions. The study of new and existing materials was added to the seismic and structural consolidation of masonry walls and vaulted ceilings, to the total reconstruction of the pitched roof. The finish of the walls changes in relation to the use of the environment, shaping it to create a different atmosphere for each roo... More

Project • By GradhermeticSecondary Schools

Escola thau

Thau school extension designed by Batlle i Roig Architects. The project is based in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, and was carried with the aim to increase the center capacity and for improve their restoration service and its outdoor spaces.  The building is already organized in the form of a comb with a main hallway at double height that organizes the different classroom and other units of the school. On the lower floor of this new building, a large paved porch free of pillars is generated, which allows a play area protected from the rain or the sun, as well as a direct communication between the external subspaces. The classrooms on the upper floor are protected by vertical lattices that contrast with the pre-existing fa... More

Project • By Studio HeechPrivate Houses

Sanyang Brewery

Studio Heech has revitalised the main building of Sanyang Brewery in South Korea, built in 1944, by rescuing it without changing its unique character reflecting Japanese colonial architecture style. The decaying brewery building abandoned over 30 years has been transformed into new cultural venue space for exhibition, flexible events and cafeteria.   There were limited information and records of the 80 year old existing brewery building available. At the outset, the design team had a careful investigation to obtain a clear understanding on the building remained, including structural analysis, historic context research, then assessed all information and knowledge gained and recorded in order to set a clear strategic plan to decide whi... More

Project • By Cumulus StudioPrivate Houses

Symmons Plains

The Symmons Plains homestead was first established in 1839 by John Arndell Youl, a Tasmanian colonist known for introducing brown trout to Australia. Seven generations of the Youl family lived and farmed the expansive property until it was sold to our client in 2011. Over the years, the Youl family made a number of additions to the property, most notably the tennis court, airstrip and world-class raceway. The homestead itself comprises of a large limestone living quarters, flanked by two symmetrical brick outbuildings - both of which were in an advancing state of disrepair before Cumulus works began.   Understanding the significant heritage value of their new property, our clients approached the project with a clear vision; firstly t... More

Project • By i29Restaurants

Felix Meritis Amsterdam

This unique building on Keizersgracht was built in 1788 for a society of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and thinkers. It was a hotspotfor creativity and cross-overs during intellectual movement "The Enlightenment". Five different departments were housed in one building; Music, Commerce, Literature, Physics and Drawing.   Award-winning studio i29 made the interior design of Felix Meritis anno 2020 commissioned by investment group Amerborgh.A distinct and charismatic design, inspired by the rich history of the building. Every space within the building refers to a specific period in the building's history. The starting point was to show diversity and to give all rooms their own identity, just as in 1788 each department was given its... More