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Project • By 3LHDCultural Centres

Zagreb Dance Center

The opening of big movieplex cinemas in Zagreb has led to the dying out of old cinema theatres in the city centre. The City of Zagreb, who is the owner of the old cinema Lika, decided to reuse the space for new cultural facilities. In that scenario old cinema Lika was given the role of a new dance centre. Fifty years of contemporary dance culture in Zagreb has produced about 40 dance troops, with this project all of them will have a new home in the city centre. The cinema is located in a derelict residential block only 100 meters away from the Zagreb’s main square. The entire project’s program is determined by the gross developed area defined in the master plan and it places the project in the old cinema shell. The new dance centre which w... More

Project • By Architects EATHousing

Elm & Willow House

This project involves restoration and alteration to the existing Edwardian house, and the demolition and construction at the rear of a new addition. The transparency and openness of the new part is a deliberate counterpoint to the introverted Edwardian house with its dark central corridor. Our intention was to create an “inside is outside is inside” environment, where inside and outside spaces were interchangeable elements. The project evokes a certain reference to the Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe, and many courtyard houses in Melbourne by McGlashan and Everist. The two mature Elm and Willow became the constraints to the project. They informed the arrangement of our new addition, and together with passive solar orientation the... More

Project • By Architectenweb MagazineOffices

Fortress in a Showcase

In 1842 following the recognition of the Kingdom of Belgium, the defences in Breda were yielded, these were part of the ‘Antwerp front’. Twentyfive years later there was a mandate by royal decree to dismantle the lunettes. One of the lunettes was maintained as a structure. After one and a half centuries of decline the imperial monument was given a useful function. It has recently been restored and now serves as a workspace for an architects office The philosophy behind this restoration was the notion of consolidation. Not bringing it back to its original state, but rather maintaining the current state of the ruin forms the main principle here. A couple of measures were taken. The remains of the defences were injected to avoid further... More

Project • By GLR arquitectosHousing


Urbania is an urban recycling project located in downtown Monterrey. The task was to work with a building that used to house the old headquarters of the “Monterrey-New York Life” insurance company. Originally built in the late fifties, this building was converted into a rental residential project, with 130 units, ranging from 500 sq.ft. to 1,650 sq-ft. The building was deeply transformed both in its interior as well as on its rooftop, where four new light structure floors were added over the existing 15 stories, providing a new crowning to the building. Levels 1 and 2 kept their commercial use. The rest of the structure and the original brick facades went over a careful restoration due to the building’s architectural value as a fin... More

Project • By C.F. Møller ArchitectsHousing


C. F. Møller Architects and Norwegian firm Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter cooperate to design a new landmark for Oslo C. F. Møller Architects, in collaboration with Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter, has won a major competition to design a spectacular new landmark project in the city of Oslo, for the client KLP Eiendom AS, one of Norway’s largest property investors. The project, which has been dubbed “Crystal Clear”, consists of three towers, which grow organically from the ground to form a sculptural cluster, and are composed of stacked, prismatic volumes. The development totals approx. 90,000 m² of offices, commercial space and possibly housing, located at one of Oslo’s most valuable sites, the former postal sorting office adjacent to the cent... More

Project • By Katerina Tsigarida ArchitectsWatch Towers

New White Tower Square

The project’s main objective is the reconstitution of public space around the White Tower –important historical monument and landmark at the waterfront of the city of Thessaloniki- and its link to the East Cultural Axis. The new square created required the partial deviation of the waterfront avenue in order to provide adequate space in front of the monument. The restoration of the surrounding space on its initial foundations’ level was additionally proposed. The synthetic design procedure explores the principles of centrality, monumentality, strict plan geometry, axis continuity, while refraining to a minimal intervention. The architectural discipline and the design austerity focus more on their long-lasting effect in the city, rather t... More

Project • By architectenbureau cepezedCommercial Landscape


Complete restructuring, restoration, and extension of what was once the largest livestock market hall in Europe. Now, parts of the Brabanthallen have been put on the list of protected buildings, and the halls orient themselves fully to the market for trade fairs, congresses, and events. Initially, the assignment only covered the renovation of several halls, but it was extended with the request to formulate a developmental vision that would elevate the complex from a regional trade fair centre to a national A-location. Eventually, 8,500 m² of the existing hall area were demolished to make way for new construction that covered an area of more than 15,000 m² and was built in a record time of only six months with the use of prefab elements.... More

Project • By de Architekten Cie.Concert Halls


Haarlem’s concert building, which stands adjacent to the former location of Joh. Enschedé printers, has undergone a radical metamorphosis. Besides a thorough renovation and restoration of the existing structure it has also been extended, executed in a manner that has achieved a perfect harmony between old and new structures. The building was originally constructed as an association building in 1878, but has served as a concert hall since the early 20th century. It has been transformed into a full-fledged music centre with five auditoria. The concert hall did not survive the ‘stranglehold’ of 20th century modernism unscathed. The concert hall had degenerated into a labyrinth of bleak spaces due to the drastic removal of the neo-classical... More

Project • By Benthem Crouwel ArchitectsMuseums

Anne Frank House

The design is a combination of new-build and restoration. The new-build had to fit in the city as if it had always been there and not shout down the houses around. The bricks and the colours of the window and door frames wed the colour scheme with that of the city, while the detailing resumes the layers and grids of the canal fronts. The Anne Frank House is restored as closely as possible to its original state. By stationing the entrance and exit far apart flows of visitors are kept separate; the Anne Frank Foundation and the houses included in the plan have entrances of their own. A light court creates a front section of house and Annex, and the split level and glazing round the void make for an open, transparent interior. The houses are... More