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Product • By RocaLoft


The avant-garde design and the technology blend together to create strong and high-quality elements. This design is a timeless, singular and unalterable style proposal with a refined finish and the originality of its contours fill every space with elegance, precision and distinction. More

Product • By RocaHall


A design ideal for complex and virtually impossible spaces that adapts perfectly and faces up to the challenges posed by modern-day interiors to achieve a maximum adaptability whose only contribution is positive, without compromising on design. More

Product • By RocaEssential


The best option whether to enjoy a relaxing or invigorating shower, depending on the time of day. This hydromassage column has an attractive design of pure lines and several options to control both the temperature and the water flow. More

Product • By RocaDeck


A collection of shower columns with single lever (Deck-M) and thermostatic (Deck-T) options with a practical shelf to keep the showering essentials close by. More

Product • By RocaNaray


Shower screens collection with sliding doors and minimalist design. Easy installation, with screws or adhesive. The whole series is equipped with tempered glass of 6 mm, MaxiClean and integrated hanger for comfortable access to the towel. More

Product • By RocaUra


Sliding-doors shower screens collection with 6 or 8 mm. thick tempered glass and a practical handle that eases opening and closing the enclosure More

Product • By RocaAquos


In a clear commitment to design and with the relief of stone as a hallmark, these custom-made shower trays offer the possibility of covering the large side drain with a stainless steel grid or with a cover manufactured in STONEX®, in the same finish as the shower tray. More

Product • By RocaMeridian


One single concept for a thousand solutions. One single concept to fulfil any need. The most versatile and global range. More

Product • By RocaModo


New generation of products manufactured in Surfex® that stand out for their great beauty due to the outstanding flexibility of a material that allows entirely uniform, joint-free designs, obtaining shapes that would be unachievable using other materials. More

Project • By MSGSSVOffices

Coca-Cola Headquarters

In this project, a corporate office building for Coca-Cola, we mainly seek an architectural image that represents, dedicating much of our work to the pursuit of his personality.It has all the technological solutions necessary for its LEED operation, that is, sustainability requirements and others, but above all it has an organization in its proportion that, from the contemporaneity of its treatment, does not stop responding to the academic concept of the base, shaft and capital and this vertical organization with its treatment define its personality.The ideaA corporate building, with diverse functions in its program, but which must constitute an aesthetic unit that expresses in its architecture the strength of the brand it represents.Unit i... More