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NewsNews • 19 Nov 2020

MAD completes surreal sinuous roofscape kindergarten complex

When asked to design a kindergarten next to a senior citizens’ apartment in an old part of Beijing, MAD Architects envisioned a floating roof that twists its way around existing buildings, trees and an original 18th century Siheyuan courtyard, to connect them together all the while shaping a surreal dreamlike roofscape for children play freely. Hufton+Crow The client holds a "intergenerational integration" ethos that blends the mutually beneficial combination of elder care with pre-school education. Completed at the end of 2019, the kindergarten has a place for 390 kids that range from 1½ to 6. Hufton+Crow Three courtyards were carefully placed around old trees to avoid cutting them. Slides and stairs inside the cou... More