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Project • By gmp · von Gerkan, Marg and Partners ArchitectsCultural Centres

A new roof for Verona’s historic arena

The architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) and the engineers schlaich bergermann partner (sbp) have won the international ideas competition for a roof over Verona’s historic arena. The jointly developed design was the winning entry of over 80 competing submissions, and continues the many years of cooperation between the two practices. Following the Borgo Trento hospital and the new trade exhibition halls, this could become the architects’ third project in Verona. The arena in Verona is one of the largest and best preserved amphitheaters dating from Roman times. The city’s arena is nearly 2,000 years old and is an important landmark and tourist attraction with the status of a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. The arena, which... More

Project • By schlaich bergermann partnerBridges

Telekom Bridge across Bundesstrasse B9

The footbridge for Europe's largest telecommunication company is an elegant, slender concrete structure that connects the company´s buildings on both road sides in a sweeping gesture. The elevation of the bridge is defined by the clearance height of the tram. Thus, the walk-way supported by steel columns leads through the tree tops along the highly frequented but beautiful tree-lined boulevard. Abutment points, where the bridge is supported on bearing plates to place it on the ground, occur on both sides of the road. On each face side, set against the bridge, there are elevators standing as light solitaries to delineate the structure. Hanging underneath the bridge are folded steel stairs marking the connecting paths to the buildings. The or... More