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Product • By Casart Coverings, LLCFaux Glass Mosaic Tile

Faux Glass Mosaic Tile

Why build architectural interest when you can peel and stick faux glass tile as wall covering, which saves time, money and commitment. Faux glass mosaic tiles can be printed on transparent repositionable Casart Clear as well as our regular opaque (white base) Casart Regular and Casrat Light repositionable materials. Casart Clear lets your color come through! Printing on clear will allow a light-colored base paint color to be visible through the transparent material as the grout color for the tiles. This is a perfect solution for a kitchen backsplash. Printing on our regular material can accommodate covering an accent wall or an entire room. The material is matte but if you want a shiny look, a coat of clear, polycrylic can be rolled on w... More