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Project • By spillmann echsle architektenShops

Freitag Flagship Store

The Geroldstrasse district is characterised by its location at the crossroads between several transportation axes: on one side the Hardbrücke and Gerold ramp, opposite the railway viaduct and the wide railyard. Scattered small buildings with lively transitional uses and intensively used empty lots influence the character of the nearby surroundings to this day. The standardised 20-foot shipping container is transformed into a building block for an architectural intervention. A stepped tower rises9 units up from a 5 x 2-unit base. Originally built from 17 units with a subsequent extension of the shop by 2 lateral modules, today 19 refurbished overseas containers form the Freitag Flagship Store. The containers were... More

Project • By 08023 ArchitectsHousing

Barcelona Container House

BARCELONA CONTAINERS HOUSE IS AN EXAMPLE OF SUSTAINABLE AND RECYCLABLE ARCHITECTURE  WITH A DIFFERENT AESTHETIC. A HOUSE OUT OF THE ORDINARY.   In the surroundings of Barcelona we have built a design house with containers, the Barcelona Containers House. A rational architecture design, recyclable and balanced with the environment. A family with new ideas and a desire to change the world proposed us the challenge of building a house with recycling. Much of the reused elements had to be used in the construction of the house. Its construction should be simple since they themselves wanted to be part of the house by building it step by step. More

Project • By MIXDShopping Centres


The remodeling of the existing food court in CH Galaxy Szczecin by the MIXD studio is aimed at creating an attractive meeting place where Szczeciners of all ages will feel at home. Foodport reflects the atmosphere of a port city with its local character, where almost everyone had or has their close seamen and shipyard workers. The success of the food court in Pasaż Grunwaldzki in Wrocław - a dynamic and inspiring space targeted at young people - made EPP again decide to cooperate with the MIXD studio. Foodport is another volume of stories about the need for authentic locality, about creating a space where the older and younger will feel at ease and willingly spend time there, with which they will identify. The name is, of course, a referen... More

Project • By ARTIKUL ArchitectsHotels

Contain Hotel

ARTIKUL architects designed a small mobile hotel from used shipping containers. Its first location is on a surf campsite at the Elbe riverbank close to Litomerice, Czech Republic. The task for the architects was to design a mobile, easily demountable, seasonal hotel made from three shipping containers. Additionally, the building was supposed to be ultimately self-sufficient and environmentally friendly. The small hotel with five rooms for a total of 13 guests was finished within four months. It consists of two 20-feet containers and one 40-feet high-cube container placed on top.   Downstairs are located the sanitary facilities, a technical room, a storeroom and one four-bed guest room. Upstairs, there are four rooms accessed through... More

Project • By BDPSports Centres

Boxpark Croydon

BOXPARK Croydon is the second project for BOXPARK, the brainchild of CEO Roger Wade. Building on the success of the BOXPARK Shoreditch scheme, BOXPARK Croydon takes the brand thinking a stage further to create a unique street food, restaurant & event venue formed entirely out of up-cycled shipping containers. Built on a gateway site next to East Croydon Station in South East London, BOXPARK provides a temporary ‘meanwhile use’ on the final phase of Stanhope / Schroders ‘Ruskin Square development.   Unlike the original ShoreditchBOXPARK, where the containers are simply arranged end on to the street, at Croydon 98 shipping containers, stacked 3 high, are arranged in two parallel rows around a central events space.... More

Project • By KSOUL StudioRestaurants


Goon Yard is one of the most remarkable and inspiring start-up project in the past several months. After long haul meetings and discussions with customers, we finally came up with a breakthrough change in our design style in order to approach the most potential market in Westside - Can Tho city. Goon Yard is inspired by the industrialism style, the key characteristic of Can Tho as it is having a great advancement to itself. Especially, as we wish to create an endurable value and tempt to be unique in the coffee market in Can Tho, Ksoul has added modern, lively, and hectic images of a soon-to-be big city. Making use of container images with orange is the main tone and skyblue is the reflection, Ksoul has generated architectural values which... More

Project • By HTAP ArchitectsOffices

The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre

HTAP Architects inserted a contemporary art centre into an existing steel warehouse in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The aim was to produce a complex of related venues, making it a destination not only for art events, but also for working spaces, healthful meals, evening drinks and more. The core design idea was to build as much as was necessary to make the space vibrant and viable, but to accept and even facilitate anticipated modifications that would come as the exhibitions changed and the complex matured. Because of these anticipated changes, the project was infused with a sense of collaboration with un-knowable future participants.   The interior of the warehouse was clad in an exposed steel mesh supporting a foil-face... More

Project • By wiercinski-studioParks

Kontenerart 19

Location. Kontenerart is a recreational and cultural public space in the center of Poznan located near the Warta River. The assumption is set between the area of the historic Old Gasworks and the popular "Wartostrada" bicycle path. It is one of the most popular summer places for active recreation in the city. Assumption, function. Kontenerart is an initiative that initiated the revitalization of riverside areas in Poznan. In 2019, a new project was created that defined a new quality. The main assumption was to use recycled shipping containers to ensure the possibility of quick construction and demolition using mobile recycling materials. For this purpose, 23 containers were used, in which there are successively: a meeting room and a gall... More

Project • By Paul Michael Davis Architects PLLCPrivate Houses

Wyss Container House

The Wyss family approached Paul Michael Davis Architects with a vision to design a bold, unusual, and adventurous addition to their existing ho-hum 1950s split level where they could raise their 3 active boys. And they really loved the idea of re-purposing shipping containers.    The clients, Balthasar + Stephanie Wyss, asked the house be designed to fit into the style of the existing traditional neighborhood, while at the same time integrate new, contemporary elements. The remodel should reflect the unique history and development of the Seattle area and Pacific Northwest, key themes include: The roots of the Pacific Northwest as a place of vast untouched forests and the wilderness of the Cascades and Olympic mountains; Seattle... More

Project • By Yaroslav GalantSports Centres

Estoril Praia FC

YaroslavGalant adds an eclectic structure from shipping containers for Portuguese Football Club. “YaroslavGalant innovative design” studio has finished work on the project for football club “GrupoDesportivoEstoril Praia” (Portugal). The new dynamic structure has been constructed on a roof of already existing building.   "Clube 39" includes offices and the universal transformable space, which joins restaurant, training center, conference hall, museum and open terrace facing training fields.   The structure is created from five shipping containers combined under parametrical roof.   Simplicity, strong winds resistance, energy efficiency and ecological compatibility - are tasks, which were successf... More

Project • By UndecoratedRestaurants


Takoi is an exercise in transforming an obsolete service garage into an urban restaurant.   The restaurant is situated between two major roads in Millenium Village of Detroit, Michigan. The design began in 2014 during Detroit’s bankruptcy, challenging the team to be resourceful. The client’s non-egotiables were: open kitchen, booth seats, and a communal table. The rest was open ended.   The existing building was missing its back wall. An addition was designed to contain the kitchen and bathrooms which integrated the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing budget with the new construction costs.   Additionally, the building required a new roof. To bring natural light into the restaurant, skylights were built int... More

Project • By Hombre de Piedra Arquitectos Transports

Seville Cruise Ship Terminal Phase 2

The second parts can also be good. This is the second part of our Seville Cruise Terminal project, which expands and upgrades the original building. Ports and cities share the common feature of undergoing constant change. To resolve the challenges brought on by that interaction, port buildings must be able to change over time, without recourse to improvisation. One solution can be to propose modular industrial architecture that highlights the port’s distinctive nature, though designed with the architectural quality required to ensure the respective urban integration. In that regard, the Port of Seville needed a new cruise ship terminal that would be flexible, multi-purpose, extendable, easily removable and even transportable. That w... More

Project • By Bounds PlanTransports

Container Block

Container Block in Haojiacun UrbanVillage is a project carried out on the premise of “Low-Res Completion”— primitive commercial plan, limited investigation and lowcontrollabilityonappearance. We had to give up the dependence on “completeness”, and rethink the multiplemeanings of ourdesign pursuit — “order”.“Design” still finds its entry points under such circumstances. The projectsitelies beside Haojiacun— one of the “urban villages” formed during Xi’an’s urban sprawl. In 2010, an interrupted removal action left the13 mu (0.86 ha) of blank land between the village and Yanta West Road.   Spatially and temporally, the project sits right on the fr... More

Project • By Squire & PartnersOffices

Rolling Stock Yard

Squire & Partners has completed Rolling Stock Yard, a new development in King's Cross designed as a contemporary response to its industrial setting providing 57,500 sq ft of workspace for creative small to medium sized businesses. The design concept draws on the area north of King's Cross St Pancras, historically characterized by the machinations of transport, freight and industry, and now an emerging creative quarter. Converging railway lines and shipping containers are referenced in the nine storey building, expressed as a series of stacked elements with a black profiled steel structure emulating parallel railway tracks running horizontally across the facades.   Within this horizontal grid, full height glazing is softened by... More

Project • By R/URBAN DESIGN OFFICEWellness Centres

Smoking Box in Tokyo

A small smoking space combining two shipping containers appeared in front of a railway station in Tokyo, reflecting the increasing need for isolated smoking spaces for the purpose of preventing second-hand smoke. The site is the space left between the station platform, the escalator and elevator to the station, and the police box. We put two 20-foot shipping containers here, one horizontally and one vertically.   About half of the horizontally placed container is external space so that they can be used continuously with the surrounding area. The vertically placed container has a 5 meters high ceiling space, and the rising airflow exhausts smoke from the upper part of the container, reducing the cost for the air cleaner machine. &nbs... More