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Project • By von Weise AssociatesOffices

Cards Against Humanity’s Chicago Office

The irreverent card game Cards Against Humanity encourages players to constantly probe the boundaries of offensiveness. The self-proclaimed “party game for horrible people” has grown to become the best-selling game on, and earns that spot because - as it turns out - when you’re with friends, being bad is good.    The same social paradigm that makes the game so fun to play is also what drives the games’ eight founders in their professional endeavors. The group sees social connections and the cross-pollination of ideas as a crucial aspect of a creative culture. They envision the work-share office typology as an opportunity to bring together graphic designers, artists, photographers and writers in... More

Project • By Héctor AyarzaExhibitions

Wandering Museum

It’s not created or destroyed. It is only transformed. What used to be shipping containers, now become containers for the democratization of contemporary art in Panama. An itinerant museum made up of 2 20’ containers, one becomes an exhibition hall, the other assumes the uses of the workshop and transports all the museum equipment when traveling. Both containers are intervened by Panamanian artist Cisco Merel making both boxes a public work of art themselves. Both volumes rest in a square with a simple aesthetic and volumetric image whose language fits in with the nuance of the museum's containers. Both, plaza and museum, generate the activity and contain the collective coalescence of the community. More

Project • By Roth Sheppard ArchitectsOffices

Tradecraft Industries

Tradecraft Industries is headquartered in a newlyconstructed, 19,000 SF industrial space with 20 private offices and over 200 flexible co-working memberships for small and start-up construction companies and design firms. The project goal was to create a collaborative environment that provides a place where contractors and designers can organically grow and support one another. Conceptually, Tradecraft Industries was designed around the idea of multi-use. By selecting multiple-use building components, systems, and materials the concept allows for cost and labor efficiencies while offering flexibility and streamlined construction.   A layering process was designed to maximize multi-use components. This process starts at the building&r... More

Project • By Carlo Ratti AssociatiCare Homes


COVID-19: Open-source design helps turn shipping containers into Intensive-Care Units at record speed   Just four weeks after the launch of CURA – a global open-source initiative aimed to convert shipping containers into plug-in Intensive-Care Pods for COVID-19 patients – the first unit is built and installed at a temporary hospital in Turin, Italy,with the sponsorship of UniCredit. Each CURA pod is as fast to be mounted as a hospital tent, but as safe as a regular isolation ward, thanks to biocontainment with negative pressure. Several more units are under construction in other parts of the world.   As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads internationally, the first prototype of an open-source project to create plug-in in... More

Project • By Studio HausHousing

Florida Riverbank Clubhouse

The Exterior is an artistic re-imagination of a giant game of building blocks in play, wherein two 20 foot shipping containers straddle the modern glass and concrete structure. The oriental blue containers project out of the glass box with a chic charcoal black residential complex in the background. A yellow chocolate slab door catches the light and directs the crowd into the creative retreat.   Inspired by industrial New York lofts, the clubhouse is a modern and well lit open space. To cater to the young inhabitants of the Florida Riverbank community, the communal space offers eclectic charm with pops of primary colors, statement furniture pieces and artworks including The New Yorker past issue prints.   An incredibly large,... More

Project • By CMTB WorksPrivate Houses

Camille's House for Lego

For one week in January 2020 the Lego x Walala House of Dots dashed a brilliant splash of colour against the mid-winter grey of London's Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross.   The amazing post-modern house was designed by Artist Camille Walala and her creative team alongside Christopher Bradley, Architect and Director of CMTB Works, teaming up for a Lego global press launch in January 2020.   Walala’s signature style of vibrant colours and geometric patterns can be seen across 5 themed rooms, which are spread out across eight shipping containers and two floors.   Inside visitors could design their own patterns and bracelets ahead of the Lego Dots launch, and explore the living room, kitchen, bedroom and Disco room before... More

Project • By Anna O'Gorman ArchitecturePavilions

Northshore Pavilion

A TEMPORARY STRUCTURE THAT ASSUMES THE FORM OF A STRIKING LANDMARK Northshore Pavilion is an inclusive public space that bridges the site’s past and future. Designed and constructed in just 14 months, this project required quick, inventive thinking.   Overview Northshore is Queensland’s largest waterfront urban renewal project, spanning an area greater than Brisbane’s CBD. As the precinct’s steady transformation takes place, Northshore Pavilion provides the public with a continual anchor to the area.   The first conversation While Northshore Pavilion occupies a small footprint, its brief was ambitious on many levels. It challenged us to create a contemporary, human-oriented space using an experime... More

Project • By CrossboundariesPrimary Schools

Pop-up campus – Infitity 6

Crossboundaries’ latest installation is made out of 12 shipping containers and is imagined as a fun inducing manifesto of future schools, where you can experience and imagine little glimpses of its principles. The installation is a part of the group exhibition for 2019 Shenzhen-Hong Kong Biennale themed around potential models for future schools and the possibilities of prefabrication and modularization in the realm of educational buildings. The group exhibition contains five installations in total, all utilizing the standard shipping container module provided by the organizers.   Dubbed “INFINITY 6”, Crossboundaries’ installation takes an interlocked “X” shape, positioned on a 18x18m site. The &ld... More

Project • By StudioACPavilions

Stackt Summer

‘Stackt Summer’ by StudioAC was commissioned as part of DesignTO, Canada’s largest annual design festival. The location for the piece is a courtyard located at Stackt Market which is a complex of shops, restaurants and services in downtown Toronto entirely built of shipping containers.   Acknowledging the temporality of installations like this StudioAC conceptualized a piece that utilized components from two previous installations from the past year thus producing no waste as all components are intended to be used moving forward on future pieces. One a shipping container donated by Giant Containers and the other a series of industrial grating panels. For ‘Stackt Summer’ the idea was to create an object o... More

Project • By MB ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Container Studio

An art studio made of recycled shipping containers on the East End of Long Island, in Amagansett, New York. It includes 900 sf of space and a double height ceiling. Winner of an AIA Peconic Award and featured in numerous publications and design blogs.   The client needed an art studio close to her house (which we renovated in 2008). Her requirements called for a space of about 900 sf , a tight budget and for a simple structure that would be both inviting and reflective.   Our solution was to use two 9’-6” x 40’ x 8’ shipping containers (cost: $2,500 each, delivered) perched over a 9’ foundation wall/cellar. By cutting 75% of the floor of the containers, we were able to move the painting studio to... More

Project • By MB ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Amagansett Modular House

1800 sf single family, 4 bedroom house with pool, located in Amagansett, NY on a .34 acre wooded site.   Our clients, a couple with 3 children, had purchased a triangular, wooded, corner lot on high ground in Amagansett, NY and contacted us to explore means of building a house for their summer and year-round-weekend use. The site is constricted due to its shape, but, due to its elevation, affords beautiful sunset views and light. Programmatically, we were asked to provide 4 bedrooms, 3 shareable bathrooms, kitchen and living spaces; plus, outdoor eating and recreation areas and a pool; and enough lawn area to play games.   More critically, our clients had a limited budget—significantly below prevailing construction costs... More

Project • By RJDL (Rahul Jain Design Lab)Bars

Cafe Infinity

Cafe Infinity located at ITS Dental College, Greater Noida is designed to be used as a recreational space for students, faculty and patients alike. The vision was to design a sustainable structure that goes beyond the conventional and pushes the boundaries of design and build form. Recycled shipping container, being a sustainable product, was a perfect fit due to its modularity as well as economic feasibility as compared to the conventional RCC structure. The cafe is designed to stand out due to its form factor, and also in terms of its positioning, breaking the rigidity of the existing site layout. Focusing on the outer structure and containers’ industrial form factor the interior is kept neutral.   The design idea centers aro... More

Project • By Walala Studio (Camille Walala)Exhibitions

House of Dots

Artist Camille Walala unveiledher most interactive work to date at Coal Drops Yard in London’s Kings Cross to introduce the entirely new 2D tile play concept from the LEGO Group - LEGO® DOTS.   To tease the new product, Walala was invited to bring LEGODOTS to life in a free public art installation that celebrates their shared values of creativity, self-expression and accessibility, expressed through the vibrant colours and bold geometric patterns of both the new product and her own signature work.    The result is HOUSE OF DOTS: a fantastical house comprising five rooms spread over eight shipping containers, in which everything from the walls and floors to the rugs, frames and furniture has been customised in a... More

Project • By Allford Hall Monaghan MorrisPrivate Houses

Squirrel Park

The project transforms shipping containers into four two-bedroom single-family homes. Each unit benefits from large windows and private outdoor spaces. Squirrel Park builds on a number of previous AHMM modular construction projects, including MoMo, Raines Court and OKSea. These past investigations led to the conclusion that recycled containers were best for the volumes required.   MoMoMobile Modular (MoMo) is a research project, initially commissioned by the Peabody Trust, for a relocatable system of mass housing constructed from specially fabricated shipping containers. This type of system allows flats to be erected speedily on short-life sites and to be demounted and re-assembled in different configurations on other sites in the fu... More

Project • By Taller EscapeHousing

VMD - Vivienda Mínima de Descanso

Innovative prefabricated housing presents an eco-conscious retreat from city life -VMD (Vivienda Minima de Descanso) is a newly launched prefabricated housing system that presents a luxurious alternative for living away from the city while minimizing the environmental impact of a new build. In a timespan of just 99 days, this one- or two-bedroom home, made from environmentally responsible materials, can be ready for permanent immersion in a location of choice, with minimal interference to the landscape. It opens up the opportunities for people looking to invest in a weekend residence without the construction, time, hassle and costs associated with building and maintaining an abode.     Ready to order and customize online, -VMD... More