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Project • By Tomecek Studio ArchitectureHousing

Shipping Container House

The 1500 square foot residence is an exercise in reducing the average American home size while implementing environmentally sensitive strategies including recycled materials, green roofs, and photovoltaics. The residence is anchored by an existing rock outcropping and takes full advantage of the distant ridge views to the south. The main floor includes two shipping containers that saddlebag a wedge-shaped space. The containers hold the function of bedrooms, bath, office, laundry and kitchen while the center space is used for entry, dining, and living. The upper floor is an open loft with a platform bed that slides on tracks outdoors as a reference to the quintessential camping experience.Material Used:1. Corten Steel 2. Shipping Containers3... More

Project • By VTN Architects (Vo Trong Nghia Architects)Private Houses

S House 3

The serial project, called "S HOUSE", has begun to propose a prototype house for low-income classes in the Mekong Delta area. After building two successful case-study houses, a steel structure model in 2012 and a precast concrete structure model in April 2014, a new prototype, S HOUSE 3, was constructed in Ho Chi Minh City.The aim of this serial project is to provide stable but lightweight, permanent but affordable homes for low-income earners in a harsh tropical climate. Although there are many local challenges such as weak ground condition, frequent typhoon and potential earthquake, the structure is stable enough to withstand natural disasters. Passive design methods are applied throughout the series, including but not limited to; natural... More

Project • By MVRDVAuditoriums

Roskilde Festival Folk High School

Roskilde Festival Folk High School is the first newly-established and built folk high school of its kind in Denmark in 45 years, based on the ideals of the Roskilde festival. The ideals and values are very much influenced by the volunteer engagement, the humanistic focus and creative power, that every year forms and characterize the event and the community of Roskilde festival.The Roskilde Festival Folk High School is closely linked to the world-famous Roskilde Music Festival, which every year temporarily turns this small town on the outskirts of Copenhagen into the fourth-largest city in Denmark. The school is an example of the Danish system of folk high schools, which deliver a “non-formal adult education” following th... More

Project • By 5468796 ArchitecturePavilions

Crossroads Garden Shed

The Crossroads Garden Shed demonstrates the value and capacity of architecture to transform communities with even the smallest of briefs. Intended to supply a growing neighbourhood with a simple storage structure for gardening tools and outdoor furniture, the original vision shifted drastically when re-approached as a unique opportunity to enhance the pedestrian realm. This discovery led to a rigorous design process, developing the project into much more than initially imagined, and activating the area for residents and visitors.Inherently stable and waterproof structures, three 8’ x 10’ shipping containers establish the base structure. Selected for their utilitarian nature and in response to the brief and budget, these were placed to creat... More

Project • By NEXT architectsOffices


What can be done with a 18.000 m2 empty office building situated at the outskirts of the city and that has been deemed unsuited for redevelopment for the last 11 years? This is the big challenge faced with B.Amsterdam at the Johan Huizingalaan in Amsterdam. From the start, NEXT architects was closely involved in the transformation of this static cube-shaped building into a lively hotspot for startups, freelancers and creative entrepreneurs. Strategic interventions are used to strengthen the quality, experience and identity of the building.B.Amsterdam is a new working space concept in the former IMB headquarters building in the Rieker Business Park in Amsterdam’s Nieuw-West district. Usually, this is the place to find monofunctional office b... More

Project • By LOT-EKPavilions


The Qiyun Mountain Camp is a large natural adventure and extreme sport park in China. It is located by the Qiyun Mountain, a beautiful natural and sacred site as the birthplace of Taoism and the yin and yang symbol. We designed all the public services within the pristine natural setting of the park. Shipping containers are cut on a bias to generate the base units of the various buildings. They are joined, mirrored, tilted and recombined to fit the several programs and to make up new typologies. Three different areas are carefully inserted in the landscape considering the varying topography and are color-coded to create detectible landmarks within the natural setting.The orange and blue area at the entrance is marked by the gate building and... More

Project • By MB ArchitectureLaboratories

Bard Media Lab

The Bard College Department of Experimental Humanities’ Lab is made from 4 recycled shipping con-tainers. They were installed in half a day in the middle of the campus, close to a Frank Gehry concert hall, completely finished as shown, and fully operational in a couple of weeks. The double wide, double tall arrangement yields a 15’ wide, 17’ tall main space, and a second floor office totaling 960 sf. The project arose out of a grant of $100,000 and was prefabricated, delivered and installed in half a day at a cost slightly over $200,000. As a prototype, it offers schools and universities an affordable solution to their urgent classroom space needs.The budget required that we explore options beyond conventional construction. We tapped into s... More

Project • By PICO COLECTIVOWorkshops

Cultural Production Zone

Cultural units involve a center of urban creation and experimental economies, based on the transformation of a vandalized construction.The intervention proposes to confront the need for collective spaces, as a result of the evidence of huge gaps and precarious structures, common in the center of the city. Betting to occupy a building violated during street protests, for its rescue as cultural infrastructure, articulating a series of initiatives driven by groups of artists and local communities.The project manages to access a state financing program that provides technical equipment and cultural tools, foreseeing adopting shipping containers as devices that will accommodate the spaces, once they were acquired to transport the equipment.The s... More

Project • By Clare DesignLibraries

Docklands Library

Libraries are an essential and enduring building type that have the capacity to strengthen neighbourhoods and communities. They provide a democratic framework for knowledge exchange – bringing people together in pursuit of knowledge. The Library, as a key architectural piece in the new Victoria Harbour master plan contributes to urban generation and good civic outcomes.Designed on a heritage listed wharf the Library is a three storey lightweight timber building sitting atop the wharf structure. Its placement avoids cutting into the original concrete beams below the deck minimising its impact on the existing fabric of the wharf. CLT (cross laminated timber) technology is used for the upper floor slabs, roof, columns, beams and core wall cons... More

Project • By Chan ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Boundary Street House

This site was unique in that it was the left over space between two streets running at different angles in Port Melbourne. As such it was very irregular with a particularly wide frontage, with all the surrounding properties a combination of backyards, side yards and a single Victorian terrace house to the north-west. The site was also located on the border between a residential area and commercial/industrial buildings on the opposite side of the street.The brief was to design a striking, modern house that made the most of the small site and yet responded to the neighbouring urban fabric and location.Our response was to start with materials and forms that were prominent in the Port Melbourne area and combine them in a unique manner. Strong,... More

Project • By LOT-EKSocial Housing


Drivelines Studios is a residential building in Johannesburg, SA. Located in Maboneng, an area of recent urban transformation and renewal, it responds to the post-apartheid generation’s desire to repopulate the city’s downtown through new models of urban living.Embracing the triangular geometry of the site, the building is conceived as a billboard where two separate volumes of residential units are hinged at the narrow east end of the lot, framing the social space of the open interior courtyard. As in a billboard, the building outer facades are straight and flush with the lot line while the facades in the inner courtyard are articulated by the staircases, the elevator tower and the bridges connecting all levels, and by the open circulation... More

Project • By River & RainPrivate Houses

Escape Den

CONCEPTConcept of space evoked on three main grounds; to create a hymn of solitary through a more contemporary yet quirky design approach with a time worthy construction period. The space was considered as the simplest of its expression. Neither form dominated nor space, a perfect mingling and cohesion to generate ooze sophistication. To create a subtle experience of one’s being and non-being at the same moment, the project adorns emptiness with grace. Space here is not stagnant; it’s allowed to flow with its highest ardencies, form is only the resonance of space. ARCHITECTUREThe location is mostly secluded of settlements at present and therefore remains little less noise. The serene place is a perfect hide out from every day hust... More

Project • By SuperlimãoWorkshops


This project consists of a large gallery that displays items from the collector’s car and art collections throughout their space. We created forms and pieces allowing the users to configure the displays to show these objects from the collection in a variety of ways. The program requires a garage for the cars, an exposition gallery to display various items from the collections, an office, a smaller workshop, a gym and a kennel. Developed by SuperLimão in partnership with the architect Gabriela Coelho, this project was conceptualized around the use of shipping containers and metallic structures.One characteristic that differentiates our project from the usual container projects that we are used to seeing is that this particular project is tot... More

Project • By Nina Maritz ArchitectsHotels

Shipwreck Lodge

LocationIn the desolately beautiful Skeleton Coast National Park in Namibia, near the dry mouth of the ephemeral Hoarusib River, wind-sculpted white sand-dunes rise over small hummocks of salt-tolerant plants leading to the wild Atlantic. In these dunes lies the Shipwreck Lodge, surrounded by scenic desert habitats, home to various special desert-adapted animals –brown hyenas, desert lions, dune-sliding elephants, gangly giraffe, and many others. Client A joint venture between three companies bravely took on this challenging site to develop the destination of a lifetime. Piet du Plooy, the owner of Trip Travel in Namibia, had long been pursuing a dream to build a lodge in the park and won a concession bid put out by the Ministry of Environm... More