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Project • By Randy Bens ArchitectOffices

RBA Office

Completed in the winter of 2016, this modified shipping container is our new office. The practice was formed in 2005 to focus on small, well-crafted buildings. After working in my home office with one staff member for many years, we decided to expand the practice (a little).Lifestyle is important to me and my wife, so the decision was made to expand to the back yard rather than to a remote commercial space. The goal was to have the benefits of working from home, while having an independent space for staff, a place to conduct meetings with clients and contractors, and to simply have more room to do our work. The self sufficient building contains a kitchenette, washroom, printer / network cabinet and an open studio space. The small meeting sp... More

Project • By Inhouse Brand ArchitectsOffices

Allport Cargo Services South Africa,

When leading supply chain management firm, Allport Cargo Services South Africa, sought to redesign the interiors of its Cape Town offices, it looked no further than award-winning design studio, Inhouse.Allport Cargo Services South Africa offers logistics solutions for the storage, clearance and movement of goods both by air and over sea. The company required a solution that would reflect its brand identity and business offering in a modernised work environment.Allport Cargo Services South Africa occupies the 2 nd and 7 th floors of a building on Loop Street in Cape Town. The Inhouse team needed to integrate the aesthetics of the two separate areas in a seamless manner regardless of the spatial divide. In response to the design challenge, In... More

Project • By DA ArchitectsExhibition Centres

Showroom of Workspace Bulgaria

Realization of our interior design for Workspace Bulgaria in Megapark, Sofia. The client was looking for innovative and unconventional solution to distinct his company and represent the products in the best possible way.One of the requirements was to submit a design, according to the reuse and recycle trends. Following this concepts, we defined a space with emphasized industrial character - self-leveling concrete floor, visible installations and used shipping containers as a focus of the common space. The two shipping containers divide the functional areas of the showroom and are used for display area at the same time. In order to dynamize the space, one of the containers is cut in halfs, situated in different areas of the showroom and th... More

Project • By her architectenDistribution Centres

De BakkeRij

On the historic industrial site of the former crane builder Figee, located at the border of the river Spaarne, the production hall with more than 1400 m2 served as a bakery until the beginning of 2016. After relocation of the bakery the choice was made to place 60 shipping containers for reuse of the hall. The containers serve separately or connected as business / workshop spaces for small and start-up companies. This concept is named BakkeRij (bakery in Dutch) to the previous function but also to the Dutch translation for a row of boxes. The stacking and arranging of the shipping containers created exciting workspaces, traffic areas and places to stay. The containers, provided with their own ventilation, data and electricity connection, ea... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignShops

Cafe Container Design

Container architecture is fast becoming the preferred eco-friendly way to construct, and CAS is at the top of the game. This Café Container design in Jeddah, KSA is a start-up business that promotes the coffee culture of our contemporary world. CAS participated in the architecture, branding and conceptual design of this new chain. It has been crafted to be flexible and adaptable according to various locations. It spreads out vertically and seats almost 32 guests along its two-story 12meter container span. So with a small budget, the client ended up with a truly attractive mobile business establishment that can be easily modulated according to the location. More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignApartments

Fruitful Sustainable Container House

Shipping container projects have become quite a phenomenon in the recent years, and CAS is somewhat of a master at designing with them. Recently, their team was tasked with designing two container house schemes that were eco-friendly, sustainable, economical as well as functionally stable. The CAS team responded by designing two, four and five bedroom container homes that featured efficient orientation, pragmatic use of solar energy and expertly formulated utilities including water and sanitation. Furthermore, the exterior has been cladded in cedar to minimize rain damage and elevate insulation performance. Even with all the limitations and restraints, the end result is quite a sophisticated blend of eco-friendly and economical. http://w... More

Project • By Whitaker Studio LimitedOffices

Joshua Tree Residence

Earlier this year my client in LA had some friends visiting and, having a little time to spare, they all went on a road trip to visit the client's plot of land in Joshua Tree. Whilst there, amongst the arid landscape and jutting rocks, one of the friends said, "you know what would look great here?", before opening her laptop to show everyone a picture she'd seen on the internet. The picture was of an office that I'd designed several years ago but had never been built. And so it came to pass that next time the client was in London he got in touch and asked to meet up. Situated on their 90-acre plot, the house sits on a mountainside spanning a wash, where stormwater has created a small gully in the landscape. The house is 200m2 with 3 ensu... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignRestaurants

Ho Yamal! Emirati Eco-Friendly Cafe Container Design

Container construction has been taking the design world by storm, and Ho Yamal! – a respectable eatery in the UAE, Dubai – has hopped on the bandwagon! Since container construction is still in the mythological stages in the UAE, the location of this eatery is incredibly unique. The CAS design team balanced out the schematics by seamlessly combining the indigenous aspects of the Emirates culture with sophisticated elements of green design to make this project a success. To ameliorate the rough climatic conditions, solar panels became an inherent part of the design. A turquoise color scheme embraced the coastal nature of the location, and a parametric wooden structure artfully embraces the organic side of the design. This project turned out o... More

Project • By LOT-EKPrivate Houses

Carroll House

Carroll House is a single-family residence located in a typical 25x100-feet Brooklyn corner lot. 21 shipping containers are stacked and cut diagonally along top and bottom, generating a monolithic and private volume within the urban fabric. The diagonal cut modifies the conventional ground-floor rear yard type and use, allocating outdoor space at each level. At the same time the container walls along the diagonal cut shield the outdoor space from passers-by. Large sliding glass walls create continuity between indoor space and outdoor private enclosed decks. At ground level, the diagonal cut provides entry to the cellar and garage. Kitchen, dining and living room occupy the first floor above ground, while the area right above the garage... More

Project • By Quarta & Armando Architecture Design ResearchExhibition Centres

Greencode FW17

Taking place in the dynamic context of Shanghai Fashion Week, Greencode is week-long event which addresses the increasingly relevant topic of sustainability in the field of fashion and design with a focus on young Chinese talents. Traditionally, fashion shows happen in enclosed spaces which can only host a limited number of people, therefore becoming exclusive experiences. Choosing to adopt an inclusive approach, Q&A proposed instead an open layout which doesn’t rely on one specific center. During the day, both the outdoor and indoor spaces are accessible to all, while during the evening Catwalk shows and dinners access to the covered pavilion can be temporarily restricted. Conceived as a modular and scalable structure and... More

Project • By TAK architectsStudent Housing

Ccasa Hostel

Ccasa Hostel is the first hostel which was built from shipping containers in NhaTrang, Vietnam. The location of the hostel is on the north of the city, about 3km from the center, 3 minutes walking from the beach. It is close to famous sights in NhaTrang: Hon Chong – Hon Vo (huge rocky headland in associate with fascinating local myth), Khmer’s temple of goddess Ponaga, natural mineral water spring resort I-resort, etc. This is a hostel for backpackers created on the motto that everyone around the world can be connected into a big family. Ccasa is built to function like a family house with cabin beds inside containers as bedrooms, shared area as kitchen and living room, terrace roof as play room, washing area as toilet and bathrooms. Ther... More

Project • By LOT-EKPrivate Houses

91 Irving (Irving Place Carriage House)

The Irving Place Carriage House is a single family residence for an artist, a gallerist and their daughter. The project involved the remodeling of an existing two-level carriage house from the 30ies and the addition of a penthouse above. The space is organized through the insertion of a single volume that--as a jellyfish, resting its bell or umbrella on the roof--crosses with its tentacles the entire house extending from the roof to the ground. The penthouse, retrofitted from four shipping containers, provides access to the decked and shaded roof. The vertical volume—orange, like the penthouse containers—intersects the carriage house and organizes kitchen, bathrooms, mechanical space and the stairs, the incline of which generate... More

Project • By VOLAHotels

The Krane

THE KRANE is an immersive, multi-sensory experience. Inside is exclusive Danish design in black in homage to its past as a coal crane. Outside is the sea, sky, harbour and panoramic views over Copenhagen. An inventive, cohesive concept in this private retreat for two. THE KRANE is an aesthetic oasis amidst an industrial landscape on the edge of Nordhavn, one of the last harbours under renovation in Denmark’s capital. Spearheaded by visionary owner Klaus Kastbjerg and architect / master builder Mads Møller from Arcgency, the concept builds on its dark past as a crane for loading coal by using black as the colour scheme throughout. Fostering a soothing sense of serenity inside this multi-tiered structure comprised of a reception area on th... More

Project • By A4AC Architects - Architecture for a changePrivate Houses

Cliff house / Flying container house

Clients original brief: “I was looking an alternative and fast method of construction with a big element of sustainability . I am looking at getting the most out of the building when it comes to energy conservation , coupled with green Architecture with a modern 21st century spin. After having gone through most like Adobe, rammed earth, straw bale and the rest of our so called sustainable methods of construction. I then looked at containers , flat pack housing which is mostly used on construction sites as site offices, I stumbled on a youtube video which showed a house being erected in America using light gage steel. I did more research on this method of construction and found that it conformed to almost everything I am looking at. It... More

Project • By Whiting ArchitectsPrivate Houses


Primarily designed from inside out for views & sun also conscience of creating very sculptural form; object in the landscape. Not to blend, but to sit in opposition, a manmade imposition. Removed all trace of archetypal house elements to produce a subtle blurring of the line between art and commerce. Is this freight or a house? utilise shade & shadow on form & natural light as a key feature maximise natural light & visual access, yet privacy is an issue. minimise impact on landscape. Break building into small component parts like stacked boxes. Use natural topography to advantage. The ‘Pod’ building is an anchor point for the site with crates in timber & concrete randomly stacked as if ready for loading and dispatch by sea. Des... More