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Project • By Thomashoff + Partner ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The Last Glass House

“The last Glass House” is situated on the rocky outcrop of the Westcliff Ridge, with a view to the west, through existing electricity pylons, over a valley, with Auckland Park and Melville in the background. The brief was simple: A dwelling for an artist: a Bedroom Suite with an en-suite Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining area, Lounge area, Study area, and a Guest Room facility. Ancillary facilities include a swimming pool, Staff Quarters, and Storage. The design is inspired by the rich history of Johannesburg - the goldmines and its industry, the essential functionality of the industrial buildings in central Johannesburg. A key characteristic is the use of mass-manufactured steel fenestration. Another element of inspiration was the galvanis... More

Project • By ORE Design + TechnologyCommunity Centres

Square roots

ORE is thrilled to be working with Square Roots in the design of their first campus here in Brooklyn. Located within the former Pfizer Building, the campus will serve as an entrepreneurial headquarters for Square Roots. To combat a lack of fresh, accessible food in urban areas, Square Roots will utilize the technology of Freight Farms’ re-purposed shipping containers and ZipGrow’s vertical growing towers to hydroponically grow an array of fresh food. A mere 320 square foot container will be able to produce as much food as two acres of farmland does annually. These containers will be placed in the parking lot of the Pfizer Building. Brooklyn will be the first of hopefully many of these campuses, allowing people living in cities a ch... More

Project • By Yaroslav GalantOffices

Clube 39

YaroslavGalant adds an eclectic structure from shipping containers for Portuguese Football Club. “YaroslavGalant innovative design” studio has finished work on the project for football club “GrupoDesportivoEstoril Praia” (Portugal). The new dynamic structure has been constructed on a roof of already existing building. "Clube 39" includes offices and the universal transformable space, which joins restaurant, training center, conference hall, museum and open terrace facing training fields. The structure is created from five shipping containers combined under parametrical roof. Simplicity, strong winds resistance, energy efficiency and ecological compatibility - are tasks, which were successfully solved by a new design, considerin... More

Project • By GRAFTPrivate Houses


In Berlin, on the site of “Urbane Mitte” between the eastern and western parts of Gleisdreieck Park, GRAFT designed and planned a mobile brewery and beer garden. The building for BRLO BRWHOUSE combines a restaurant and bar, beer garden and events space with a craft brewery and administration spaces and is remarkable for its modular container architecture. GRAFT designed a freestanding building made of shipping containers, similar to the two “Platoon Kunsthalle” container constructions opened in Seoul in 2009 and in Berlin in 2012. The pre-fabricated containers are altered individually according to their function and are stacked to form a mobile home base for the young local brewing company BRLO. The building is designed for temporary usa... More

Project • By People's Architecture OfficePrivate Houses

Plugin Tower

For Vanke’s inaugural design event that explores a pressing architectural theme each year, People's Architecture Office was invited by the real estate developer to tackle the ‘future of housing’ through an experimental built work. Installed at Vanke’s headquarters in Shenzhen the Plugin Tower addresses the insecurity of private home ownership in a country where land is held exclusively by the government and the construction of private homes is reserved for the very wealthy. The Plugin Tower curtails the investment necessary for building a home since it excludes the risk of losing one’s property: residents can pack up their homes and bring it with them if they are ever forced to relocate. Classified as a temporary structure, the Plugin To... More

Project • By LOT-EKLibraries

Daegu Public Library

The mission of every library is evolving from storing knowledge to a more complex exchange of information, accessed through both digital and physical media. The library adds to its traditional reading rooms and book stacks a constellation of new places for gathering and growing: assembly and community rooms, galleries and gardens, spaces for children and families, and more. Our vision for the Daegu Gosan Public Library is for a building with a strong character, for a very special landmark on the local skyline that inspires a feeling of identification and investment in the community it serves. The powerful sculptural presence anchors the building to a complex and varied urban site; internally, a subtle variety of big and small spaces, and... More

Project • By ORE Design + TechnologyShopping Centres


Reactivating a stalled construction site in Downtown Brooklyn, Dekalb Market is an open-air gathering space and retail complex built from 86 salvaged shipping containers. Composed of an incubator farm, a community kitchen, a 10,000 sq ft. event space, a community garden and a collection of 14 restaurants and 82 work-sell spaces, the project transformed an inactive brownfield eyesore into a thriving community of small businesses. As a 24 month interim use of the stalled site, Dekalb was designed with quick construction and efficient relocation in mind. Responding to this prerequisite, ORE conceived of a series of program-filled spaces on the 43,000SF site defined by modifying the shipping containers into storefronts. Because this is... More

Project • By Studio Twenty Seven ArchitectureShops

Union Station Bus Deck Pavilions

In 2012, Union Station became the new central location for intercity bus travel in Washington DC. The new bus transit center is located in the parking garage, removed from the facilities and amenities of the majestic Beaux Arts masterpiece next door. Studio Twenty Seven Architecture was asked to design a solution that would provide amenities to the bus traveler without requiring them to leave the bus deck. Using the metaphor of a Zen garden, the new bus transit center comprises three pavilions. The first pavilion serves as "rocks" in the field. This is formed from two ovoid shapes, merged together, created from booleaned ellipsoid monocoque geometry. This method provided for cost effective cast fiberglass fabrication and assembly by... More

Project • By Whitaker Studio LimitedOffices

Hechingen Studio

In 2010 a German advertising agency approached me to design them a low cost workplace in the Black Forest, just outside the town of Hechingen. The advertising agency stopped trading before the project was realised. However, expanding my photography business into visualisations I revisited the project in 2015 to produce these renders of how it would have looked. The client was keen to use shipping containers to keep costs low and needed a small office that would encourage the growth of their company. Taking inspiration from crystal growth in a science laboratory and the soaring towers of Hechingen Castle, I arranged 11 containers in this radial form. The upper containers trace the sun’s path through the sky while the lower containers prov... More

Project • By People's Architecture OfficePavilions

Container Stack Pavilion

Shipping containers stacked and shifted in plan and layered in elevation maximize rooftop views and shaded public areas on the ground at the Container Stack Pavilion. A 7.5 meter cantilevered box is the point of entrance to the building’s upper level roof, while the pavilion itself seems to extend out toward bordering streets, showcasing its interior activities. The ends of each container are capped with full height windows, allowing sightlines throughout the entire building. Inside, a double height central atrium is carved out where the two levels of shipping containers overlap. The Container Stack Pavilion is a temporary structure that can be disassembled and moved to other locations. More

Project • By 2A DesignPrivate Houses


2A Design has recently completed a surprising small and low cost house on a tiny plot, in a rural village next to Rennes (France). How to fit such a program on a so small parcel of land located 1.50m above the street ? How could we reduce the cost and the building period of the project? The budget of this construction is as small as the building plot ! The program is as complex as the configuration of the parcel ! In order to give the best response to the client, 2A Design chooses to built this house with shipping containers (B3 Ecodesign concept). The house has been prefabricated in a factory then moved on the site and achieved in approximately three months. The container dimensions fits exactly with the buildable zon... More

Project • By PARTISANSExhibitions


Luminato Festival will #TurnOnTheHearn from June 10 to 26, transforming Toronto’s iconic decommissioned power plant, the Hearn Generating Station, into the world’s largest enclosed temporary community and cultural centre with 17 days of free and ticketed artistic programming. PARTISANS was approached by Luminato’s Artistic Director, Jorn Weisbrodt, to help achieve a singular and largely unparalleled vision: Convert one of the world’s largest decommissioned power stations into a performing arts venue. In collaboration with the Luminato Festival’s production team and theatre design and acoustics consultancy Charcoalblue, PARTISANS has helped bring Weisbrodt’s vision for the Hearn to life. The studio understands this incredible opportunity... More

Project • By james&mau arquitecturaPrivate Houses

Casa Menta

The house of 100m2 is designed in the shape of a cube organized on one level, including a central living area with an open kitchen, 2 rooms and a common bathroom. Located in the country side of the Tarragona Province, the project was thought of as a weekend house, which needed to be easy to use, efficient and which would take full advantage of its natural surroundings. The house was designed as a “living Box” which can be “opened”, “closed”, “switched on” “heated”, “cooled down” efficiently, easily and rapidly. The house is designed as a cube - rational and functional - where the transition between exterior and interior areas is as fluid as possible. The façade system uses Corten Steel panels which create an eye-catching contrast w... More

Project • By SIMÓN VÉLEZ Museums

Nomadic Museum

To house the traveling exhibition “Ashes and Snow” by artist Gregory Colbert, Simon Vélez designed a monumental 5,000 m2 bamboo structure. The design comprised of a roof and four ruled surfaces formed by an array of bamboo tubes along a sine curve at the base and a straight line on top. Sporadic protrusion of steel shipping containers puncture the curved wall and give hints of the interior spaces and exhibition inside. To ensure the stability of the light-weight roof, Velez chose to weigh down the structure with bunches of Guadua culms whose rhizomes form a garland at the top. The building's reference to the hypostyle hall is at once understood and simultaneously challenged, as the columns are not anchored in the earth but rather, they hang... More

Project • By JC ArchitectureOffices

Logistic Republic Office

Acting as the main office and reception of the vast logistic center in New Taipei City, the ALP owners wanted to establish a reference design for the workplace in the warehouse setting. We utilized the properties of key elements of the logistic center to develop the space. Racking systems, pallets and shipping containers all have the ability to form multi-level spaces within a space, carrying new products and possibilities. We wanted to create that feeling and showcase the flexibility and potential of the site. With Large windows and high ceilings, we were able to add floor area with stacked shipping container-like structures to create privacy as well as different atmosphere within an open environment. It breaks down the homogenous char... More