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Project • By Johnson ChouOffices

Global Showroom

The design concept is based on two principles each realized separately on Showroom Floors 2 and 3: to INSPIRE the client or stimulate possibilities through a carefully composed and edited merchandising or display system that shows the products in their best light (Floor 2); and to help one ENVISION it in a parallel office/workspace recreation (Floor 3) – a context that may reflect their own needs. Ben Rahn/A-Frame The forms of the architectural elements and movement through the showrooms are inspired by the angled and curved forms of the original building designed by Moriyama & Teshima Architects. Ben Rahn/A-Frame By utilizing the floor division between the two showrooms, a clearly divergent, yet related, means of pres... More

Project • By MAD ArchitectsOffices

Residential complex Sydney City” Sales office

Architectural bureau MAD Architects has developed a sales office for the new residential complex “Sydney City” on Shenogina street in Moscow. This is one of the main projects of FSK Group, which is one of the largest developers in Russia. Caption Construction of a sales office is the creation of a full-fledged image of the future residential object. In the project of the residential complex "Sydney City" needed to reflect the aesthetics, the unique interior’s, planning and conceptual features of the massive business class quarter, built according to the Well-being philosophy. Caption The organization of the two-storey space allows conducting presentations of the object and negotiations with buyers as efficientl... More

Project • By De VormOffices

De Vorm Office & Showroom

De Vorm's new headquarters celebrates the brand values in an ultimately functional and inviting destination for both employees and visitors. Workplace and showroom under one roofThe newly renovated location combines a showroom and an office in one building, emphasizing how De Vorm collection can blend into practically any context. On one side, it offers a comfortable and spacious workplace for the team. On another side, it's where architects and designers come for inspiration, and are able to explore the design possibilities of products to the fullest. Given that De Vorm offers furniture for both contexts, the design team decided to blur the lines between their workplace and showroom. As a result, many workplace areas received a welcoming... More
Wire façade designed by Tokolo Asao

Project • By Arakawa GripOffices


The concept of TIERS, HQ building of Arakawa & Co., Ltd in Tokyo, is a showroom and gallery space that is not restricted to professionals, but open to the city. It creates an open environment in which people passing through the city can freely visit.TIERS includes a grand staircase leading from the outside city streets to inside the foyer, a terrace on the middle floor, and eventually, the top floor, with a facade of interlinking wire cable patterns, gradually creating a continuous space with the city. On the middle floor, the staircase diverges into a culvert-like terrace, thus connecting the space within as well. More

Project • By Jmarvel Interior DesignShowrooms

Essence of Luxury.Treasured in Nature

This is a model house for a collective housing project, the challenge being there is no clue of owner’s requirements or lifestyle reference. The purpose of this design is to appeal to the virtual owners and potential residents, offering them a realistic snapshot of what it will be like to live here. A visual feast with essence of luxury, the power of design here is both expressive and restrained, with poetic elegance in nature.   The target clientele, in their 40s and 50s, are those who have various life experiences, successful careers, and prioritize quality of life. They no longer yearn for ostentatious luxury and instead have become reserved and practical. A healthy and natural lifestyle is preferred, while their tastes are... More

Project • By ShaarOfficeOffices

Yasha Electronic Office

The employer has owned property to gather all their branches which due to the circumstances has been located all around the city. Therefore, four different functions (showroom, research and development space, workshop, restroom) should be designed with the least changes in the existing building in a way that can be used as soon as possible.  In accordance with the current situation, salon and middle hall and one of the bedrooms with access to the hall allocated to the showroom. And another bedroom has been considered as the research and development room. With a slight change and the conversion of the building’s patio into an access corridor, the other three bedrooms were connected so that a suitable workshop space was created wi... More

NewsNews • 2 Oct 2020

Nendo showcases the playful side of marble in Marsotto showroom

Nendo welcomes visitors with a soft recess in the marble facade. The designers hope neighbors will start using it as impromptu street furniture. A door hidden in the marble front gives entrance to marble manufacturer Marsotto’s showroom in Milan’s Brera district. Hiroki Tagma A mesh like marble partition in the entrance space covers the staircase behind. The partition is made from two layers of 10 mm thick marble, perforated by 65 mm wide holes, sandwiched between glass sheets. Hiroki Tagma The showroom exhibits marble furniture, sundries, and samples of processed materials. The ground level aims to give the physical experience of marble processing techniques, while the basement is designed for visitors to enjoy the... More

Project • By VietDECOROffices

Rehau Showroom

Rehau - Unlimited Polymer Solutions Expertise and innovative spirit have made REHAU a leading systems and service provider for polymer-based solutions in construction, automotive and industry. The highest levels of professionalism from material development through manufacturing, together with a passion for the unlimited potential of polymers are the foundation of our worldwide success as a premium brand. On 2018, Rehau Asia set up the showroom & office at Hanoi Capital.  Location: Trang An Complex – Ground floor showroom and Mezzanine floor for office Area: 1000 m2 Designed & Built by VietDECOR Layout was planned efficient showflow, spatial connectivity and maximized natural lighting, with a focus on creating space... More

Project • By Chenin StudioShops


Microtel is an effort to create a flexible build that allows the user to present their different reading from the space. The spatial organization of the  project is based on the dual "visible" and "hidden" and the definition of different uses of the space in this dual is looking for an economic solution to reduce expenses and speed up the process of implementation. At the same time, the project tries to minimize its borders with the city (only one glass facade) and inform it’s user free of uproars, advertise and turbulence the urban walls. The project has a quiet presence on the urban wall and presents itself to the city only with a brief sign that extends from the roof to cover the installation parts. In this duality, the stor... More

Project • By OB Architecture LtdShowrooms

Lanzante Showroom

The supercar showroom, offices and storage facilities we designed for Lanzante automotive company with overnight accommodation for guests and clients, all combined together in one building. The offices and storage facilities are set behind the showroom and are divided from each other by double height glazed links. Different materials help create definition to the different functions, but the overall palette is calm and muted to tie everything together.   Photography by Martin Gardner More

Project • By LIKO-SOffices


The new showroom of the LD SEATING company was designed and conceived so that the disposition meets the variability of the space and current architectural requirements and trends for presentation spaces. The main display area is divided by individual groups of boxes for exhibited samples of chairs. The dominant feature of the interior are the glass partitions & mobile wall, which allow you to quickly & easily divide the meeting rooms. The task of the project was the reconstruction of the interiors of the entrance, showroom and meeting rooms of the LD seating company in Boskovice, including hygienic facilities. The interiors were designed and conceived so that the space meets the variability and current architectural requirements a... More

Project • By Smart Design ExpoShowrooms

Showroom Lenart

This showroom was meant to be dusty pink, soft and feminine but at the same time modern. Our designers decided to go all in on the pink - pink walls, pink furniture, pink counter - but somehow the overall design is not sickly sweet. That is partly due to the specific hue of pink chosen for Lenart, but also the modern lines of furniture, the grounding black accents and lots of trendy plants keep the feel clean and calm.  More

Project • By FPAA studioShops

Ma'aM collection fagship store

The project lefts the architectural body: walls with no fittings, a floor area conceived as an autonomous object thanks to brass surface between existing and new layer, ceiling treated with sinuous fabric blades.The sensation of “compression” given by the ceiling installation and the circular holes on the floor, generate a system of places and temporal dilations.  The lights “Lampada di Abbott”, the hanger stands and “beSIDE” furnitures, are custom designed for this project  More

Project • By Samuelov StudioShowrooms

Klil Bauhouse

Transparence Minimalism in a Retro Sense Studio Samuelov has been designing Klil’s showrooms for many years. In 2020 an updated was needed to fit to the new Bauhaus series, and the story we have chosen in the showroom design showcase the style’s values: precise minimalism, functionality and a retro sense. The challenge in the design process was telling a story about an almost invisible product, a window that’s simply combines thin aluminum and a transparent glass, that practically blends into the space.   The creative solution was to highlight this specific quality, giving the product an interesting quiet appearance, allowing the store’s customers to walk through it. We decided to highlight the transparency an... More

Project • By DEFERRARI+MODESTIShowrooms

Marca Corona 1741

In the heart of the world famous ceramic production district. The new exhibition space tells the story of the Emilian company founded in 1741 and showcases one of Made in Italy’s flagships: ceramics.  The aim of the project was to create a flexible and multifunctional box, where set design could be modified, transformed or even completely revolutionized, according to various exhibition needs. The Florence-based office squared up to the challenge by thinking in modules and freeing up the floor plan, which is characterized by a dense texture of pre-existing pillars, and by installation and lighting systems.  The design follows an intuitive and functional logic, granting immediate exposure to the products’ features and... More