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Project • By BrigadaShowrooms

Fagus Showroom

Fagus showroom – a place custom made for carpenters, traders, designers and architectsCarpenters, traders, designers and architects now have a showroom they have always desired - the design concept of Fagus, a new showroom for paints, varnishes and decorative wall and floor coatings located in VelikaGorica near Zagreb. Since Fagus offers a wide range of decoration products as well as products for the protection of wood, flooring and walls in numerous shades, tones and finishes, the entire range of products has been displayed and used in the building and the story of the interior.The main design feature of the space is a striking long wall where most of the samples can be found. The samples are arranged by category and purpose; visitors can... More

Project • By Kalliope KontozoglouOffices

Office building, store and showroom of a Fabrics C

 The building is treated like a container, parked in a long narrow site along the Athens ring road and next to a toll station. This is the office, showroom and warehouse of a company that sells fabrics. The eye of the passer-by or driver that passes the toll is “trapped” by the monolithic volume of exposed concrete that constitutes the facade of the second and third floors of the building, towards the highway. In contrast, the volume of the ground and first floors has large repetitive openings, that mimic the rhythm of a film, “freezing”, frame-by-frame the perpetual motion of the cars for the users of the building.  The two identical prisms, each of which consists of two floors of the building, “slide” over each other t... More

Project • By VIGUIERShops

Maison de Haute Couture

In Paris, the Rue Cambon is the very heart of French Haute Couture. At the number 19, three independent houses come in succession, all of them protected by the Paris urban master plan. These historical houses were built respectively in the middle of the 17th, in the 18th and during the first third of the 19th centuries.With this project, Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés’ main challenge was to combine the refurbishment and restructuration mandates with the preservation of each building’s own identity while creating a single address for the Couture House. The program focuses on one major principle: highlighting and reusing the most noteworthy elements of the original construction.Part of the mandate was to reveal the historical stylistic pattern... More

Project • By Fiction FactoryOffices


Wikkelhouse is a unique modular concept. Individual standard segments can be simply interlinked with hidden connections to form a (holiday) home or office. Fiction Factory, a creative and innovative company in Amsterdam, can make a Wikkelhouse in any desired style.The base of Wikkelhouse is virgin fiber cardboard, which is made from Scandinavian trees. This top-quality cardboard is wrapped around a unique patented house-shaped mould, while environmentally friendly glue is added. This results in a robust sandwich structure with optimal insulation qualities and structural strength. After wrapping the cardboard each segment is covered with a waterproof but breathable foil. This foil makes sure the cardboard doesn’t get drenched during rain whi... More

Project • By Gariselli AssociatiShowrooms

Building make-up

 Make-up of a building of the 60s used as a business for the sale and exhibition of furniture and furnishings. Simple vertical and horizontal lines become the main theme of this restructuring, alternating in a game of verticality and linearity that brings the building back to life with a non-invasive restyling. The wide front wall with facing bricks remains almost unaltered from the intervention, on which large white sun bricks rise up, accentuating the verticality concealing the existing openings without eliminating the light. The upper part binds to the underlying one thanks to vertical elements in painted aluminum that follow the lines, and then develop horizontally in the gray base, highlighting the large showroom windows, joined t... More

Project • By StudioDiDeAShowrooms

Bulthaup Showroom Palermo

Studio DiDeA was asked to design the new showroom for the German kitchen company bulthaup: a space reflecting the minimalist aesthetic of the brand: elegant but informal at the same time. The venue a commercial space with showcase window at street level is 140 square meter large. The display space integrates the Bulthaup systems outlining different scenarios for three different types of cuisine the company offers: B1, B2, B3.The materials : serene stone and solid douglas panels, chosen for their naturalness and soft tones, together with the lighting (2700 k) and the beige curtains create a comfortable and enveloping space. The different materials used for vertical and horizontal surfaces allow to stage different environments but united by a... More

Project • By VersatileShowrooms


Well established company Keramika Soukup decided to move to the centre of Prague with new showroom and come with bright new concept. First sketches of new interior gave also shape to new corporate identity - it both represents the same principles - innovative approach to showcasing products, maximal emphasis on quality and providing unexpected experience just by visiting the place.The showroom is divided into two floors. Entrance floor is opened to the street with big glass facade and represents a concept of a loft flat - there are areas of living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. This multifunctional space is for exploring the new concept, meeting with other people and also for occasional workshops.Main showroom area takes place in... More

Project • By Axel Duhart ArquitectosShops

Duhart Design

Showroom with the best European design firms, presented as a museum way, with a path of different rooms with its own nature, inviting the customer to go over each one, as well as presenting different ranks of price & design levels, so they can figure how it will fit in their own homes. All this presented in a high level design matching the content. More

Project • By Admun StudioShops

Laico Showroom

Laico is a brand containing multiple sub-brands with various products, hence to design Laico central store, each group of products need various stands with different forms. The store is giant and hard to perceive. Numerous columns, irregular layout, illegibility of the space makes the user confused through the space.Client: I cannot see where the space ends. I want my every product to be seen. A Pan-optic space with appropriate zoning and transparency to satisfy all the differences. -How could diversity be illustrated by the means of integrity?-A peaceful space with a variety of products, not adding complexity to complexity, a perceivable space for the user. -Around which center can the layout become integrated?-What is the contemporary vis... More

Project • By Van Eijk & Van der LubbeOffices

Woonbedrijf Eindhoven

The new head office of the Woonbedrijf housing corporation unites what used to be four branches beneath a single roof. We took on the complete design of the interior, approaching the building first and foremost as a space where people should be able to spend their working day in comfort. In addition, we designed it so that tenants feel at home here, too – leaving nobody to feel excluded.Flexible Working As the organization starts using the new building, the entire staff at Woonbedrijf will take up flexible working, which means employees will no longer have their own work stations. To realise this, and to make it comfortable for them, we took stock of all the different functions the building combines and studied things like how intensiv... More

Project • By FUTURE DesignsShowrooms

Bisley Showroom, Clerkenwell

FUTURE Designs has created a bespoke lighting scheme for the interior of Bisley’s new showroom in the heart of Clerkenwell – the home of the UK’s design community. The stunning new space is multi-functional, used as an office, showroom and event space and an important chapter in the evolution of Bisley, showcasing its ability to provide a complete furniture solution for the contemporary workplace. This meant that FUTURE designs had to provide a scheme that would not only show case Bisley’s portfolio of first class workplace solutions but also provide the very best in workplace lighting designs, promoting wellness and comfort for Bisley’s employees. In line with the wellness standard all luminaires are supplied with tuneable white LED’s offe... More

Project • By Ergün ArchitectureOffices

3S Firuze Housing Sales Office

The 3S FIRUZE HOUSING SALES OFFICE​ is​ ​located​ ​in the Avcılar district of Istanbul. The land is in an industrial area that has lost its use over time. Previously it was a combination of independent workshops and small industrial plants. The steel gable roof structural formation has become a source of great inspiration for the construction process. This design strategy leaves traces of industrialism throughout the building's ​mass, ​interior, and facade that was imbedded in the memory of the region.The​ high ceiling part of the gable roof ​structure has a ​sales ​office ​and exhibition hall. The back part where the terrace roof is has two mockup apartments​ and service spaces. In the design of the exhibition hall, an interior design in a... More

Project • By SpacemenShowrooms

Gold 800 Experience Centre

Spacemen were commissioned to design an experiential centre for a first-of-its-kind premium lifestyle consultant and its ultra exclusive members-only club lounge. Due to the high profile of the clubs’ clientele an emphasis on discripency was of high importance.Just like the smooth stroke of a calligraphy brush in motion, the entire flow of the space was designed so that clients can be swiftly guided upon arrival into their designated appointment areas and rooms. Transitioning between space to space will feel effortless and seamless.A rich palette of brass metal strips and white volakas marble line the entrance foyer and stretch the entire corridor to the members only lounge area.‘Where culture embraces the future’, was the approach we adopt... More

Project • By DZAPOffices


Panasonic, a worldwide leader in electronics, moved its Dutch branch offices to a new location in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. After assisting with the building selection, DZAP did the design and execution of the office space, showroom and training rooms. The overall impression is a visually attractive, bright and industrial whole created through the combination of open space and the latest tech innovations. More

Project • By DZAPOffices

Enexis Netbeheer

Enexis Netbeheer is one of the 7 energy distribution system operators in the Netherlands. Their main task is to construct and maintain the electricity and gas networks in the Netherlands. In addition, Enexis also handles the distribution of electricity and gas from the stations where it is produced to homes and businesses. Enexis has offices in a number of Dutch cities. They have relocated their office in Breda to a new regional office in Roosendaal.For this new office, Enexis wanted a building that clearly expresses their company culture, identity and work process. So it had to be a robust building that projects pride and reflects their passion for technology and hands-on attitude. DZAP has based the design concept on the business objectiv... More