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Project • By Vizdome SpaceBridges

Island bridge-city in New Zealand

The project presents itself the island bridge that could be built in New Zeland or elsewhere. It has got the honorable mention on 2018 MNPG Arch competition.  As we all know, Great Barrier Island is a place with long and curious history. Now it is a tourist center with wonderful landscapes. So we propose to shift buildings from the island to the bridge and make nature territory bigger. The main idea of our proposal is to create not just a bridge, but a bridge-city. That’s why there were used not just usual supports for the bridge, but support-skyscraper too. We propose to use 1 support-skyscraper like that on 100 km in the center of the bridge. Support-skyscraper is a vertical city with different functions. It looks like a gian... More

Project • By Vizdome SpaceCommunity Centres

Noosphere - Interior of J57 skyscraper atriums

Noosphere is a possible new higher phase of biosphere evolution, which formation is thoroughly concerned with the evolution of human society, that has a strong influence on natural processes.   According to Ukrainian scientist V.I. Vernadsky, «there is a great geological or, maybe, cosmic force in biosphere, the planetary influence of which isn’t usually taken into consideration when we talk about cosmic conception… This force is the mind of human being, his or her rightly directed and organized will of a social creature». We have reflected this theory in our project proposal. The project is a 4th place winner of Sky City Challenge 2017: More

Project • By CarvePavilions

Clear water bay road

Just an hour drive from the city centre of Hong Kong, the Clearwater Bay area is situated. These peninsulas, with their lush green hills, beautiful bays and little villages, are quite the opposite of the skyscrapers and city buzz of Hong Kong.   New World Development has been working on 'Mount Pavilia', an extraordinary new settlement wedged in between the rolling hills and existing villages, since 2014. Small scale, artisan crafts, community and shared facilities are important pillars of the concept of this new neighbourhood. Famous architects like Minsuk Cho (Mass Studies) and Adrian L. Norman (ALN) have contributed to Mount Pavilia, just like a number of internationally renowned artists. The White Yard Club and White Yard Gallery,... More

Project • By Werner SobekWatch Towers

ThyssenKrupp Test Tower

Rising to a height of 246 meters the ThyssenKrupp test tower (TKT) in Rottweil, Germany, is one of the tallest structures in Germany. The tower structure is used to test and certify high-speed elevators. It thus contributes considerably towards reducing the development time of future skyscrapers throughout the world, including those presently in the design phase. However, the test tower is more than just a functional building reserved for research and development. A visitors’ viewing platform offers 360° views of the region around Rottweil from a height of 232 meters. As a consequence, the test tower boasts the highest visitors’ platform anywhere in Germany.   TKT has been awarded the Balthasar Neumann Award 2018. The... More

Project • By Design Forum InternationalOffices

Cyberwalk, Manesar

Cyberwalk, Manesar   "Man belongs to nature and that is how he has been designed to function." Originating from this notion, CYBERWALK was conceived to bring man and nature together, within an office environment that would enable better Ideation, creative thinking that would lead to innovation in a relaxed working environment.    To aspire for the skies, to aspire for a walk in the clouds, to aspire for architecture that scales new heights of glory. And when it is about high performance glass, the result is a spectacular expression of class, contemporary style and classic architecture – Cyberwalk – the first LEED Gold certified building in Manesar, Haryana.   With an aim to head to the greener pastures... More

Project • By Vudafieri Saverino PartnersShops

Delvaux New York Flagship

Delvaux opens its first American flagship store in New YorkThe Maison has touched down in the United States with a space of over 650 square metres, designed by Italian Studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, bringing Belgian savoir-faire and creativity to the heart of Fifth Avenue.   Delvaux, the world's oldest luxury leather goods house, has chosen New York for its first American flagship store: 650 square metres on Manhattan's elegant Upper East Side. The exceptional location for this important opening is the Sherry-Netherland building, an architectural jewel of the 1930s, set in the heart of Fifth Avenue. The interior design is by Milan studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, which since 2012 has been responsible for designing the world c... More

Project • By Liqui GroupRestaurants

Nine Restaurant

Liqui’s restaurant designers conceived Nine as an indulgent interior for the top floor of a skyscraper in the heart of London’s financial district. This well-considered luxury restaurant design features a standout cocktail bar that has a shimmering bronze front that forms a repeating geometric pattern. Together with the polished black walnut surfaces, subdued lighting and modern aesthetic this refined interior design creates an opulent eatery for diners to enjoy the stunning skyline views of the high-end location. With our branding agency Crate47 providing all the branding, logo design, menu, and web design while Liqui offers full restaurant interior design and build capabilities this comes together to provide a unique turnkey... More

Project • By A Nomad SubOffices


Kansai-chuo Social Welfare Association  PALETTE   Architecture like an urban space where users can find a place to fit in   In a homogeneous space like an office, about twenty users were engaged in work; some were packing products in boxes at their desks, and some were processing parts for industrial products. One-half of them were working at an open desk, and the other half sat at individual desks with partitions so that no other people came into sight. Because they felt nervous about the visitors, high screaming came from individual cabins separated by piled up boxes and partitions. It was something I saw in the existing facility on an adjacent section before the design of the employment support facility PALETTE.   PA... More

Project • By The Switzer GroupOffices

Wells Fargo Manhattan Headquarters

New York City-based interiors firm The Switzer Group is pleased to share its final design for Wells Fargo’s new 30 Hudson Yards corporate workspace. Spanning across 500,000 square feet, the new Manhattan flagship for the multinational financial services organization occupies floors 14 and 15, as well as 60-66 of KPF Architecture’s stunning skyscraper. Establishing a cultural undercurrent through a strategically crafted interior scheme, The Switzer Group designed a contemporary, high-performance workplace to support the future of Wells Fargo.   Arrive Located on the northeast corner of the 14th floor, Wells Fargo’s main reception brings both visitors and staff directly into the main trading floor. A stadium-style fe... More

Project • By Jaeger Kahlen Partner ArchitektenOffices

Huitong Hybrid Tower

Huitong Hybrid Tower is a novel idea in skyscraper design—it is part world-class office space and part high-tech car park. By efficiently and seamlessly integrating parking spaces into the design, JKP increased buildable area under zoning regulations and maximized the value of the project to both the users and the city.   Situated near the waterfront in Nanshan’s Coastal City—and surrounded by bustling commercial, entertainment, and residential neighbourhoods—the project engages its context to take advantage of the unique site conditions and enrich the surrounding urban fabric.   The tower sits at the bottom of a valley and is the only tall building in the area. Its height of 80m responds to this condit... More

Project • By Studio DuBoisOffices

JCDecaux North America Headquarters

Occupying two floors near the top of the Empire State Building, JCDecaux's new North American headquarters was conceived as a showcase for the importance of design for the world's leading outdoor advertising company.    JCDecaux’s new offices are a culmination of the 80 year story of the Empire State Building.  Conceived in 1929 as the world’s most sophisticated office building, the Empire State Building is famous for its elegant stone and stainless façade and spectacular Art Deco lobby.  Thanks to the recent $500M restoration and upgrades it has again taken its place as one of New York’s leading skyscrapers.  With the opening of JCDecaux’s new headquarters, the Empire State Building... More

Project • By ABIMISApartments

Abimis in New York A stunning play on mirrors

Abimis has confirmed its significant international growth path by partnering with the Bonetti Kozerski architecture studio in New York. In fact, this Italian company has been chosen for the renovation of a prestigious apartment on the thirty-ninth floor of a skyscraper right in the heart of New York, along Manhattan's famous Fifth Avenue. This home is incredibly sophisticated, down to the last detail: from its layout to the choice of iconic furnishing accessories and original pieces of contemporary art.   Together with Abimis, the architects have designed an Ego kitchen which is as fascinating as it is small: a cube of mirrors in which light and reflections create an incredible visual effect. Despite being created in a small space, t... More

Project • By Schenker Salvi Weber Architekten ZT GmbHOffices

New Office Landscape Wien Energie Tower

„The material concept from the upper office landscapes continues within the generous foyer. Together with the warm and haptical wooden staircase the newly implemented gallery adds an exciting new vertical organization to the enterance situation.“   „Finally a view from the skyscraper over the city! Opening and reorganizing the spaces: A bright and communicative office landscape in a rhythm with calm areas and meeting rooms for concentrated work.“   „Wood, carpet, textiles – ideal acoustics and a warm color scheme. A flexible kit comprised of working clusters, creative cubicles and wardrobes.“   „Growing like the trunk of a tree the load bearing core of the building is clad... More

Project • By D&P AssociatesOffices

Spaces Triple One

Singapore’s sparkling skyscrapers are home to a blooming professional community – and the flexible workspace at Spaces Triple One Somerset is the ideal place to get involved. This development is a part of the high-end commercial building. Despite being surrounded by other flashy brands like Gucci or Samsonite, Spaces Triple One holds it own reasonably well by staying true to its nature and unmatched functionality. Spaces Triple One resides on the second floor of the building, readily welcomes visitor by facing the escalator. Through the glass wall they can see the charming interior of some public areas inside. We simply cannot be reserved in place where big brands can be found. Also, it is thanks to this very position that we... More
Next wall to wall carpet, design Deanna Comellini
505 Church, buinding
Next wall to wall carpet, design Deanna Comellini

Project • By G.T.DESIGNApartments

505 Church Nashville

The interiors of residential buildings’ common areas need to have a welcoming feel, and to be perceived as an extension of the private space at home. The textile element is crucial in creating a comfortable and hospitable environment, and it needs to reflect the style of the space. The integration of textile surfaces in interior design projects is at the core of G.T.Design’s expertise. A pioneer in the field of the contemporary rug design, the Italian company has worked extensively in the design of residential and commercial spaces in partnership with architectural firms. A recent project of G.T.Design was a collaboration to design the interiors of the lounge areas and communal spaces of the 505 residential skyscraper in Downt... More