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Project • By IsploraOffices

ArchiTALKS Alvisi Kirimoto

The lesson develops through the biography of the two founders of the studio, Massimo Alvisi and Junko Kirimoto, two different and at the same time complementary paths. On the one hand, the experiences of Kunko Kirimoto at the University of Kyoto, straddling both art and architecture, and with world-famous japanese architects such as Shin Takamatsu and Kazuyo Sejima, up to her arrival to Italy and the collaboration with Massimiliano Fuksas. On the other hand, Massimo Alvisi with his education at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, and the collaborations with Thomas Herzog and Renzo Piano. With the latter, architect Alvisi has worked side by side for eight years for important construction sites such as that of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin... More

Project • By Il PrismaOffices


What is Bacardi in people’s lives? Is there a way to reach the company’s employees with the same power of identity? Our challenge was to solve this query by designing a work space capable of activating the sense of belonging. Decoding the iconic moments in which people get in touch with the Bacardi brands enabled us to identify their meaning for the consumers. We named them the “Living Moments”, translating them in three thematic areas of the new headquarters office space: Home, Clubar and Distillery. A place of strong identity that presents a variety of its brands in three fundamental moments of life: family, conviviality and heritage. A place that, as a whole, narrates the identity of Bacardi and is also a show... More

Project • By Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor ABOffices

The Threaded Pin (Gängtappen)

Wingårdhs designs office interiors in Sweden’s first skyscraper In the heart of Malmö stands Sweden’s first skyscraper – Gängtappen, or the Threaded Pin. The building has also become known for its characteristic triangular form. It was once home to the headquarters for Kockums shipyard, and recently Media Evolutions City moved in. When Malmö’s creative hub, Media Evolution City, sought more space to expand operations, they discovered the potential in reopening the previously closed building known as Gängtappen, or the Threaded Pin.   On two of the building’s fifteen floors, the Wingårdhs interior design team has created a colorful co-working office. The two levels are li... More

Project • By Molecule StudioOffices

Escala Partners

A new workplace for wealth management firm, Escala Partners, this project in the Sydney CBD represents a significant interstate expansion for the growing company.   The client brief was create a sibling space to the Melbourne HQ (completed by Molecule in 2013), both in functional brief and aesthetic design. The 450sqm commercial tenancy provided a similar substrate for the Sydney project and an opportunity for us to refine and re-investigate our design ideas in a new context. Our primary focus was to achieve a unique identity for the Sydney workplace, without creating a major deviation from the design characteristics executed in the original HQ.   The space planning approach to the Sydney space capitalises on the strong entry... More

Project • By Matt Fajkus ArchitectureOffices

RigUp Office

The primary design charge by RigUp, a dynamic Austin startup business, was to both create an inspiring work place that efficiently functions for the office activities, as well as to symbolically engender the brand externally. A more specific request was the design of a simple, modern, and warm work space for a growing team of more than 100 employees. The young, tech-savvy company was looking to minimize distractions while also offering a cozy and residential feel to a commercial work environment. The objectives were achieved through the layout, material selection, integrated biophilic design, and a collaborative approach throughout the design process.   The new RigUp headquarters fills an entire floor of a downtown Austin skyscraper.... More

Project • By OMAShops


Amid the myriad of skyscrapers and luxurious retail spaces at Hong Kong’s waterfront, the KUBE at K11 MUSEA is an installation to create a distinctive and intimate place for encounters and happenings—an invitation to shoppers and passers-by from the local community and abroad to stop by, and be fully present to experience the city.   Located in front of a main entrance of K11 MUSEA—a ten-storey retail space designed to blend cultural experiences and commerce—the KUBE is a compact, multi-functional installation: at once a kiosk, an outdoor seating area and an event space. Part of the KUBE is a golden colour cube, which is home to a local artisan coffee brewer. Its anodised aluminum finish changes colour as ligh... More

Project • By NOWADAYS officeOffices

Tower office

International investment company office in ‘Moscow City’ With this interior design project for an office of an international financial company located in one of the Moscow City skyscrapers the aim was to soften the typical austerity of an archetypal office space, that is fixed and stratified. Nearly all the surfaces in the office are of varying shades of grey but different texture combinations were carefully curated to prevent the exaggerated monochromaticity from becoming monotonous. Smooth grey walls, grey carpets, grey aluminium veneer, grey fibro-cement and grey stone melt into each other, smoothing out the sharp geometry of the space.  The storage unit, mandatory for any workplace with a considerable document flow,... More

Project • By Alumil S.AHotels

Lighthouse Tower Tel Aviv

The skyscraper "Lighthouse Tower" is another creation of the renowned architect Ilan Pivko, in the city of Tel Aviv in Israel, in the suburb Bat Yam. Its characteristic feature is its "golden" fenestration with glazing that incorporates a special filter providing an impressive golden hue. The construction of the project began in 2016 and is the main part of the Park Hayam neighborhood development plan, which includes the upgrading of the coastal area surrounding the building with the creation of parks, restaurants, cafes and bars. Once the project is completed in early 2021, it will be an impressive skyscraper of private residences with a height of 167 meters, 50 floors and 194 apartments, including also a hotel. Its residents will enjoy t... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans


Aurora Melbourne Central is a new metropolis, an integrated mixed use precinct with an alluring and seductive yet technologically advanced form. The proposed building has a rich fusion of Malay culture and Melbourne eccentricity, reflecting Melbourne’s position as a primary international south East Asian city. In this way we can create a metropolis that doesn’t have to be hard and gritty but rather has an organic softness.The hybrid form and plan of the tower is drawn from the hibiscus flower, a species constantly reproduced in Malaysia to create new, exciting colours and textures. In plan, the petals radiate out to the corners of the site, and the sculptural façade is three-dimensional, its textures merging into one anot... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans

Victoria One

We used to be told that we would love every piece of Victoria, and Elenberg Fraser has taken this on board. You can now find every piece of Victoria in our new building Victoria One, on the edge of Melbourne’s CBD. Our first project with developer Golden Age marks the next chapter in Elenberg Fraser’s story of rejuvenation for Melbourne’s northern corner. The form and façade of this mixed-use tower recalls Victoria’s famous landscapes – the gardens, waterfalls, rainforests, waterways and beaches that make up this southern state. The fluid façade appears soft and yielding like the local parks, oceans and rivers. Green glazing with gold highlights gives a botanic feel. The fins – which appropr... More

Project • By Rocco Design Architects Associates LtdChurches

Wesleyan House Methodist International Church

Wesleyan House Methodist Church embraces a challenging site in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The building both provides a serene sanctuary space for worshippers in this bustling location and enriches the surrounding urban fabric. The project stands on a teardrop-shaped site at the corner of Queen's Road East – a major four-lane road, and Kennedy Road. The site itself is tight: as 11,000m² of program needs to fit on an 800m² plot, the building inevitably needs to go up.   As such, the design creates a vertical church, integrating the sanctuary, chapels, activity halls, social service floors, and pastoral offices into a tower. Wesleyan House building defines its skyline by slanting gently and subtly from the base to the top to... More

Project • By Elenberg Fraser ArchitectureMasterplans

Swanston Central

Melbourne has a thing with axes – how often have you glanced down one of the mains arteries of the city and realized it perfectly frames a civic monument? Taking inspiration from that axial idea, this tall residential tower, positioned above the intersection of the off-set Hoddle and Carlton grids, echoes this geometric tension in its facetted planes that stretch up into the sky.Intersecting vertical fingers of descending pink and rising green glass, separated by a dividing silver hue, create a shimmering dichroic effect through the height of the façade. Inspired by the ambiguity of Escher, this creates a dramatic vertical transition evocative of the transition of solid, through liquid to vapour.Facing Victoria Street, a three-... More

Project • By Wutopia LabMuseums

Models in Model

Wutopia Lab was commissioned by Fengyuzhu to design the first architectural model museum in China in the way of predicting the future city.   Models in Model The client, founder of Fengyuzhu, hoped to display the architectural models of all the famous contemporary Chinese architects in this museum. His inspiration came from Archi-Depot, an architectural model museum situated at a warehouse in Tokyo. When I looked through the photos of Archi-Depot, an idea popped into my head: since the museum focuses on models of various built or unbuilt projects, if we look at these vastly different projects from a macro perspective, and ignore the difference in region and time period, they can form a world together. Therefore, I decided to make th... More

Project • By Ron Grinberg ArchitectsOffices

Sentinel One

Offices for a cyber High-Tech company in a new skyscraper in Israel. This new Skyscraper `Azrieli Sharona Tower ` is a very daring building, twisted and tilted positioned and is one of Tel-Aviv best design'world best awarded skyscraper. Our concept was to design a joyful, colorful and young working environment for a young company with young and innovative employees. Most of the employees are sitting in open space benches so we divided the floor to rather small areas (neighberhoods) each for a different department thus giving them intimacy Privacy and acoustic values. This was done with wood and color partition screen and the use of other raw materials such as iron columns, swings, small meeting rooms and small reunion areas amphitheater sty... More

Project • By Atelier E LimitedRestaurants

AIA Coffee Kiosk

Much like the form and philosophy of the Mikado game for which the project has been inspired by, a serendipitous mix of effortless charm and thoughtful structure defines this NINETYs cafe stand at AIA Central as a welcoming oasis of peace and tranquillity - right at the beating heart of Hong Kong’s financial center with all its hustle and bustle. As the wise words of Sufi poet Rumi once described serendipity in life: what you seek is seeking you. Once a game of Mikado begins with the bundle of bamboo sticks dropped in a pile, each participant take turns with physical skills and considered moves: the random presence of each stick is taken advantage of as a strategic tool to carry the game forward - what has been unconsciously and consciously... More