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Project • By Steven Holl ArchitectsLibraries

Hunters Point Library

Located on a prominent site along the East River, against the backdrop of rapidly built skyscraper condominiums, the 22,000 square foot Queens Public Library at Hunters Point stands as a public building and public park, bringing community-devoted space to the Long Island City waterfront.Resisting recent trends of incorporating public libraries and much-needed social space within high-end residential towers, the Hunters Point Library stands independently, rising with a minimal footprint on its 32,000 square foot site to offer maximum surrounding green space to the local community and becoming an integrated part of the vibrant public park that lines the river’s edge.The vertical structure reimagines the traditional library model, providing di... More

Project • By Axis MundiApartments

432 Park Avenue - New York

Conceived by architect Rafael Viñoly—432 Park Avenue is the tallest residential skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. This apartment designed by John Beckmann and his design firm Axis Mundi has some of the most breathtaking views in Manhattan.Known for their glamorous low-slung aesthetic, Axis Mundi took the challenge to design the residence for an American client living in China with a family of four, and an important art collection (including the likes of Cy Twombly, Gerhard Richter, Susan Frecon, Vik Muniz and Lisette Schumacher, among others).In the dining room, a Bocci “28 Chandelier” hangs above an intricate marble and brass table by Henge, with ceramics by John Born. Entering the main living area, a monumental “Let it Be” sectional f... More

Project • By petrjanda/brainworkApartments

Loft 32 Zlín

The loft is situated on the 8th floor of a former Baťa shoe factory building in Zlín, overlooking the green heart of the town. Its design aims to integrate the town’s image into the space of the apartment. The design approach contradicts the usual loft-making procedure, which emphasizes industrial materials in the interior, by transforming the space into an abstract composition with the industrial aspect presented through the view of the surrounding area, framed by the Zlín skyscraper and the valley. The inner space features the gradual opening of the individual epicentres of the apartment. Its open space allows the separation of the social and private parts by using multi-level differentiation, rather than sharp divides. The interior is de... More

Project • By Saniya Kantawala DesignRestaurants

Bar Stock Exchange

With its blusterous and energetic populace and its chaotic cityscape, Mumbai, is unlike any city in India. The Mumbaikar culture is unique and tells a story about the city’s modern skyscrapers, from the Victoria Terminus to the Madh Fort, not unlike a catalogue of historical events, cultures and architecture. It is this idea of the passage of time, the gradation of culture and design movements in Mumbai, which the Bar Stock Exchange in CBD Belapur plays with. The design identity and language are bright, lively and eccentric but, at the same time is very sensible and remains true to the theme of time; incorporating elements from different eras ranging 1940’s to present day in its interior and décor. One couldn’t look further than observ... More

Project • By iGuzziniOffices

Evolution Tower

A distinctively luminous landmark on the Moscow night skyline.Evolution Tower, the skyscraper designed by Tony Kettel and Karen Forbes, became a landmark in Moscow’s new urban skyscape throughout its construction between 2011 and 2014, the year in which it was completed. Since 2016, when it was bought by Transneft, the building has been the headquarters of the largest state-owned oil pipeline company in the world. The tower is 255 metres and 55 floors high and is now the largest and most efficient office building in Russia. It is lit entirely by LEDs and boasts one of the most sophisticated management and control systems on the planet.For iGuzzini, the Evolution Tower was a highly complex project that it completed successfully thanks to its... More

Project • By YKK AP America Inc.Apartments

The Pythian Apartments

The Pythian Apartments building in downtown New Orleans was a $44 million renovation completed in June 2017. The historic nine-story building was originally built in 1908 by S.W.Green, the leader of the Grand Lodge Colored Knights, an African American fraternal organization.According to an article in, the building served as “a center for African American commercial life, including Green’s Liberty Independent Life Insurance Co., a bank, the Negro Board of Trade and the Louisiana Weekly newspaper. A popular theater and rooftop garden hosted performances that included an appearance from a young Louis Armstrong.” The building is now home to 69 apartments that target middle-inc... More



INNOVATION New air transport will change the way we perceive buildings. The project proposal intends to demonstrate innovative approach to air transport integration with existing buildings in urbanized areas. Adding superstructure on the top of skyscraper might be the best location for skystation (drone station). It can become a trend-setting discovery, which can be implemented on several buildings with flat roofs along city skyline. Multiplication of the skystation might create a sky transportation network. In the following project particular emphasis is placed on sustainable construction solutions. The height of the construction is always a problem due to the safety of workers. The famous image of New York's Workers on skys... More

Project • By John PawsonHotels

The Jaffa Hotel and Residences

The context of this complex architectural undertaking is a site of extraordinary historical and cultural richness, set on the crown of the ancient port city of Jaffa within the walls of the Crusader citadel, with views over the roofs of the old town to the sea, along the broad sweep of the beach front and across to the skyscrapers, Art Deco, classical and modernist buildings of the Tel Aviv skyline. Throughout the project, the aim has been to preserve and retune the existing historic and archaeological structures whilst also adding significant contemporary elements, creating a powerful new spatial narrative, charged with atmosphere and a seamless sense of place, plans and elevations flexing in response to the s... More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesRestaurants

Townhouse Detroit

Architect/Interior Designer:  McIntosh Poris AssociatesMichael Poris, AIA, Principal-in-ChargeLaurie Hughet-Hiller, Associate, Project ArchitectSean Ryan, DesignerElizabeth Swallow, Interior DesignerRenee Kaip, Interior Designer                                 Size: 7,484 square feet, including 1,800-square-foot indoor/outdoor                    structure, and 1,440-square-foot outdoor patio Budget: $1.2 million Client:  Restauranteur Jeremy Sasson, whose first Townhouse restaurant is in neighboring Birmingham... More

Project • By M+N ArchitectureWellness Centres

Cayan Tower SPA

The LivNordic concept has been created to give guidelines on materials and signature colours to interior designers, who then have the freedom to interpret them in their own way.The aim is for each LivNordic to be a unique representation of innovative individual and local creativity while still offering a distinctly recognisable LivNordic Spa. Interior Design for LivNordic Spa & Wellness @ Cayan Tower by: Blue Camel Design LLC in association with M+N Architecture In designing a Nordic-themed luxury SPA in one of the landmark towers of Dubai we had to deal with several key aspects, at times in contrast with each other: 1. Dubai is one of the seven Emirates of the UAE, the most populated and the second largest one. Dubai is... More

Project • By Alumil S.ACasinos

Crown Sydney

The impressive project "Crown Sydney", whose construction started at 2016, will adorn Sydney from 2021 and on. The 75-storey skyscraper will be Sydney’s highest building with a height reaching 271 meters, offering an undoubtedly irresistible view of the city.   The building will be definitely a landmark for Sydney’s waterfront, not only because of its imposing size, but also due to its curved design, which contradicts the more linear-rectangular design logic of the rest of the buildings in the area. The tower will accommodate a casino, a luxurious hotel with 350 rooms, 80 modern apartments and also 610 parking spaces.   This impressive project is an inspiration of the world renowned British architectural office Wilkinson Eyre, which has als... More

Project • By Marlon GamaPrivate Houses

Projeto Campo Belo

Owner / family profile: Family with 3 children who value family life in common areas and piano lessons for children.   What are the owner's requests and expectations for the project and how they were met? Large rooms with lots of space for family and friends. A generous and integrated landscaping was also a very important request.   Is it about renovation or remodeling of interior design? If it was renovation, how was the internal distribution of the property? It is a renovation where the opened terrace was integrated to the internal area of ​​the apartment.   Was it necessary to change electrical, hydraulic materials , etc.? Please specify the details and the reasons. When we customize a project, it is fully... More

Project • By MA2Exhibition Centres

Dual Towers Hong Kong

The dual towers are a play of forces connecting with one another to allow flexibility in formal fluxes and creative manipulation in the typology of skyscrapers. The intention is to study the dynamics of forces to allow twisting, leaning, and bending to achieve a more diverse formal expression. This would allow variation in elevation, profile, and structural performance. The overall form is inspired by a continuous shell structure to create uniformity in its mass and morphing. The podium levels are bases that have been articulated by varied curvatures to create multiplicity and unique spaces for exhibition and retail.   The form fluctuates to create cavities or nodes of surface folding and tessellation. Color is introduced as means of... More

Project • By Yang Bangsheng & Associates GroupHotels

Hangzhou Marriott Hotel Lin'an

With its advantageous location, Hangzhou used to be the largest metropolis around its neighborhood, and has been prosperous since ancient times. While preserving the elegance of thousands years’ Jiangnan (the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River) water town, modern stylish Hangzhou attracts numerous visitors and makers with its energy and vitality as well. Lin’an district, which enjoys both picturesque natural scenery and great development potential of the “Zhejiang Silicon Valley”--Qingshan Lake Sci-tech City, becomes the the perfect spot for Marriott Hotel to settle in Hangzhou again. As the interior design consultant, YANG utilizes modern crafts to interpret a traditional Jiangnan. By transforming loca... More

Project • By EDGEApartments

Business Bay Tower

The 70-Storey tower is integrated with Dubai Canal’s promenade on the ground plane. Great care has been taken to ensure continuity of pedestrian flows and activate the waterfront with activities, dining, and focal features. More