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NewsNews • 18 Jan 2021

House of Sand is designed for the coastal landscape of Valencia

The starting point for this stunning beachfront villa by Fran Silvestre Architects is its position in the land – behind a large and imposing sand dune that protects the coastal area of Valencia from storms. Diego Opazo To optimize views and provide much-needed shade within, two clean and crisp volumes are arranged perpendicular to each other. To take optimal advantage of the ocean views, the ‘day area’ programme of the house is located on the top floor where the house clears the top of the dune. The lower level, by extension, becomes a terrace for outdoor living. Night uses, primarily sleeping, are on the lower level and oriented perpendicular to the sea. Diego Opazo The pool area is the main living space of th... More

Project • By Paco Lago InteriorizaRestaurants

La Minilla

There is one thing that everyone from Malaga knows: spending time at Los Montes natural park makes a special time.   Our approach to La Minilla went that line; a restaurant where we have widen the local touch & traditional concept, and extended it to the terraces and chill areas, softening the transitions and integrating them more into an already picturesque environment. ​ The result, a space where everything is connected, and every experience has the same grade of tradition, design and avant-garde. More

NewsNews • 13 Oct 2020

Escola Massana addresses its surrounding context with rotating volumes and ceramic brise-soleil façade

Situated in the heart of Barcelona’s historic Gardunya Square, the Escola Massana is part of a long-running urban transformation process. With over 11,000 square meters of usable surface area, Estudio Carme Pinós was tasked with integrating a large programme and building footprint into a rich existing city fabric.  Credit: Duccio Malagamba The architect’s design response was to differentiate the building, both volumetrically and in terms of façade design. Credit: Duccio Malagamba The part of the building that faces the square is split into two rotating volumes that generate different terrace spaces. Sculptural in appearance and giving the building a unique terrace element, this move also serves to... More
Hanging world at Torralbenc Hotel
Ango lighting at Torralbenc Hotel
Ango lighting at Torralbenc Hotel
Bedside pendant at Torralbenc Hotel
Bedside pendant at Torralbenc Hotel

Project • By AngoHotels

Torralbenc Hotel

Torralbenc is a traditional Menorcan farm that has been renovated into luxury accommodation, respecting the rich heritage and archaeology of the area. Ango’s "Hanging World", rattan hand-woven pendant light is selected for the bedroom interiors throughout, and is a great complement to the refined interiors. More

NewsNews • 13 Aug 2020

Tiny office in Oslo demonstrates creative use of small space

Located in a former industrial neighbourhood of Bilbao, Oslo Cowork is a minimalist and compact office space designed by BABELstudio. The project and consequently the material selection is intended to create a balance of a bright, light-flooded, minimalist studio suitable for concentrated working while offering a calm, warm atmosphere. Credit: Biderbost Photo The brief for Oslo Cowork integrates 3-5 working places with a meeting and retreat space, kitchenette and bathroom and an extended storage hall  - all within a rather small 39 sqm floor area space. Credit: Biderbost Photo In response to the reduce floor space available, the design takes advantage of double-storey roof height and the incorporation of a mezzanine level.... More

NewsMaterialization • 28 Jul 2020

Café Got bar design embraces the urban vitality of Barcelona

With a long and active façade facing the street, Café Got is a spot where the city of Barcelona and Hotel Kimpton Vividora come together, inviting the community in. Credit: One Represent Agency The designers, El Equipo Creativo, were inspired by Ciutat Vella, and more specifically the Gothic Quarter and its street atmosphere, where little narrow streets lead you to unexpected plazas, patios, and entrances to residential buildings and stone, greenery and water are material essentials. It was decided to introduce these same elements to the design of the bar. Credit: One Represent Agency A double-height space with a cascade of glass lamps connects with the lobby area on the first level bringing a fresh and watery effe... More

Project • By Contell-Martínez ArquitectosCultural Centres


The Project aims to transform an old railway warehouse into a cultural facility within the new Valencia’s Central Park which nowadays covers the old railway tracks of the main city station. The shed was built in 1917 by Demetrio Ribes and it is a valuable example within the railway architecture of Valencia.    The design allows maximum flexibility of use so different activities can happen simultaneously while respecting the industrial character of the building.   The shed is divided into five bays, which will geometrically guide the project. This structural rhythm, as well as the possibility of developing two levels in height, are fundamental for the proposal.   The building has two entries. The front one, fo... More

Project • By Nordest ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

1510 House

The House is understood as a floating volume on the mountain.A space for contemplation that it’s opened to the views and the garden simultaneously.   The building is integrated to the landscape reducing its presence just to a concrete volume. The other elements are materialized with natural stone from the site, in that way, they can be read like if they come out from the land.   The interaction in between the different volumes, creates a close garden and protected from the main winds of the zone. Is from this garden, where it is possible to enjoy the environment thought a spaces succession that related the outside and the inside of the house, turning them to just one space.   The entrance to the house is done by a... More

Project • By Matern ArchitektenPrivate Houses

Villa Roses

Situated on the steep slope of the Costa Brava, the house offers on a living area of 335 m² a brilliant view to the gulf of Roses. When looking through the large window fronts, a landscape panorama unfolds, which reaches from the Mediterranean to the peaks of the Pyrenees. Like in front of a cinema screen, the residents look through a wide band of glass. Sky, sun and sea seem close enough to touch.On two floors, the holiday home nestles crescent-shaped on the steep slope. Widely projecting concrete ceilings and walls frame the glass facades. The upper floor jumps back in cascades and makes room for a large roof terrace which surrounds the house on three sides. Interior and exterior spaces interlock - the bay seems to be literally drawn... More

Project • By Q2Studio sp. z o.o. sp.k.Housing

Villa Benissa in Costa Blanca

The project is dominated by transparency and minimalism. Benissa is simple forms and basic shapes with an original design. Interior arrangements combine elements of the minimal, scandi and modern style, thanks to which the whole creates a harmonious space for living and relaxing. The interior is dominated by bright, neutral colors. All rooms have been maintained in shades of gray and off-white. The object was designed in a non-obvious way. The building is invisible to people in the area, which ensures discretion and full anonymity of the investor. From the side of the road you can see only the sculptural form of the entrance zone. The villa was located next to the cliff itself, which meant that the owner can admire the view of the sea and t... More

Project • By Balzar ArquitectosApartments

Mirasal Housing

Torrevieja is a seaside town located south of Alicante, known for its major tourism attraction. Its surroundings have a high landscape and ecological value on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the form of Las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja Natural Park.Distant views towards this natural park with mesmerizing light pink hue of the salt lagoon, a recently constructed urbanization in which there are no neighboring buildings yet, striking topography and a complete triangular block form the context in which Balzar Arquitectos and Julia Alcocer have designed the Mirasal residential complex.The project resolves the placement on the lot by conforming to its perimeter, creating a large interior garden. The building seeks to harmonize with the t... More

Project • By HAVER and BOECKERLibraries

Library Ourense

Sun protection facade with Architectural MeshTo protect the interior against excessive sunshine and overheating, the large windows of the library in the Spanish Ourense are covered with HAVER Architectural Mesh.For the sun protection screen the architect Jose Manuel Casabella Lopez chose the cable mesh MULTI-BARRETTE 8301. With its open area of 66 % it acts like an elegant transparent cladding.A special feature of the façade cladding are the diagonal wire mesh elements, which are to the façade. Due to the optical overlaps of the diagonal wire mesh elements, moiré effects appear at the façade cladding.In total Haver & Boecker supplied 678 m² stainless steel wire mesh, including the proven mounting system consisting of round bars, eye bol... More

Project • By GANA ArquitecturaOffices


Anytime you have to design a place to work, able to communicate its company philosophy and foster its activity development, is an atractive and difficult challenge; but if this office is going to be your new headquarters, this challenge gets huge and powerful.For us, this project for GANA’s new headquarters emerged full of ideas and illusion, based on a place with great location and possibilities. Features as the traditional flooring tiles from the 30’s, views to Santiago’s church, or the access from Alcazabilla street, make of this project a valuable opportunity. Thus, the key of this design is to empower the existing elements, as an oposition to the contemporary elements required for the activity itself.From a perspective of simplicity, t... More

Project • By SAOTAOffices

Bora Headquarters

This relaxed resort-style home and work environment, a short flight from Germany, blends into its surrounding bucolic landscape through its use of form and locally inspired materials. Designed by SAOTA, it reflects a contemporary take on Mallorca’s architecture. The client’s vision for Bora Headquarters was inspired by the airy light-filled spaces of SAOTA’s Cape Town projects that they had previously visited. The complex, steeply sloping, site required careful placement of the building to provide comfortable pedestrian and vehicular access. Its length allowed for the creation of a linear terraced building with every important room, on both the terrace and bedroom level, having uninterrupted views with an emphasis on outdoor livin... More

Project • By Contell-Martínez ArquitectosTrain stations

Rehabilitation of the old railway station of Burgo

The construction of the railway network and the travelers station by the Company of “Northern Railroads”, at the beginning of the Twentieth cen-tury, was a significant event for the city of Burgos due to the relevance of the equipment and the significance for the city planning, importance that, however, was lost with the passage of the years till its total ab-andonment. The project aims to rehabilitatethe Old Railway Station to accommodate a recreational and leisure programmeintended primarily for children and youth. The intervention extends, on one side,over the Station Square (former Travelers Courtyard) as a pedestrian and relationship space and, on the other side, a boulevard that is today where the railwaysused to be. In... More