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Project • By Bayón Arquitectos, S.L.P.Offices

Office building for Dirección General de Patrimonio del Estado

The 2007 proposal for the new Administrative Building for the General Management of Assets of the State of Spain, represented a tribute to the architecture of the building Corrales and Molezún that once was home to the Reader's Digest with which it shares plot, today very upset though preserved in its main aspects. The competition was to design a new building, independent of the previous one, which was able, with the ordinance enforcement, to absorb the remaining buildable site area, only connecting the new with the old building by a vestibular module at the ground floor, without touching or stepping on it. If the Corrales - Molezún project acted on a large plot with a synthetic architecture based on two twinned parallelepipeds of square... More

Project • By MecanooConcert Halls

La Llotja theatre and conference centre

30/August/2016 The mountain with its historic cathedral Seu Vella and the Segre River marks the high point and low point of Lleida (Lerida), the second city of Catolonia, following Barcelona. La Llotja theatre and congress centre sits on the banks of the Segre, somewhat outside the centre of the city. Mecanoo’s design interprets the landscape of Lleida as the exciting scenery before which the building has been placed, somewhat further from the river. The mise-en-scène is elaborated on three levels of scale. Regarded from the large scale of the region, the building forms a link between the river and the mountain. Viewed from the urban scale, La Llotja and the river form a balanced composition. At street level the cantilevers of La Llotja de... More

Project • By JAIME SALVA, Architecture & Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Reforma en Andratx, Mallorca

Architect: Jaime Salvá Pascual // Project: 2014 // End of works: 2015 // Plot Area: 754 m2 // Building area: 325 m2. Cala Moragues, Puerto Andratx. An integral refurbishment of an existing villa at Puerto de Andratx, Mallorca. Spain, designed by the team JAIME SALVÁ, Architecture & Interior Design. Located only 3 minutes away from the harbour side and enjoys some of the best views ever. On the east side you have a full view of the harbour with its beautiful lights at nighttime and on the west side fabulous open sea views. On clear days you can even see Ibiza on the horizon. The villa is set on a about 754 m2 plot and has a constructed area of about 325 m2 including about 30 m2 of covered terraces plus about 100 m2 of open terraces. T... More

Project • By panoramah!®Housing

La Moraleja

PanoramAH! Project: La Moraleja Architecture: OTTO MEDEM Arquitectura Photography: Antonio Lachos Location: Spain More

Project • By JAS ARQUITECTURAHousing


Hotel building dating back from early 70’s and that has been operating 100% ever since its opening day. A first intervention in the main Access as well as in the Hall was needed. This first intervention represents the first step of a long road of different reforms that will end up remodelling the whole hotel. This first intervention is vital since, on the one hand, it will determine the future development of the following reforms, but at the same time, it should function as an independent and autonomous intervention. The intervention is conceived as an free-standing volumen, a White composite coated volumen, in which the limit beetween the covered Main Access (porch) and the Hall are no easy to distinguish. The porch opens it... More

Project • By BAMEROffices

Philip Morris Madrid

The Philip Morris Spain S.L. new workspaces reflect a colorful and friendly environment where ideas, its global vision and identity can grow stronger. More
Hogan Lovells

Project • By BAMEROffices

Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells 10th anniversary at Madrid, Spain, was also celebrated with new facilities! This top 10 global legal services provider continues to grow and has now new offices with more than 4.600m2, placed at an emblematic building at Paseo de la Castellana. More

Project • By S3 ARQUITECTOSCommunity Centres

Socio-Cultural Center

Introduction This proposal refers to the construction of a socio-cultural center, established on the ruins of the old municipal market of Abastos in Reinosa – Spain, built in 1882, subject of fire in the summer of 2012 which completely destroyed this former building, leaving only some portions of their boundaries walls. Location Reinosa is a city in the autonomous community of Cantabria (Spain), and one of the most important, located 75km from Santander. With an area of 4.12 km2 and 10,071 inhabitants (in 2012), is surrounded by rivers Ebro and Híjar. Being a mountain city with the lowest average temperatures in the region is located about 851m above sea level, with very cold winters with abundant snow, mild summers and incre... More

Project • By Hunter Douglas ArchitecturalBanks

Caja Rural de Jaén

Client: Caja Rural bank in Mengibar, Spain Architect: Juan del Corro Garcia-Lomas Main contractor: Detea Type of works: supply of a dual-tone high-performance QuadroClad ventilated façade system Hunter Douglas has supplied a dual tone version of its high-performance QuadroClad ventilated façade system to complete a striking finish for the Caja Rural bank in Mengibar, Spain. More than 2,500m² of coated QuadroClad panels were used to create the subtle aesthetic, in which the façade appears to change from blue to white depending on the angle and light. The product finish, which was achieved through an innovative coating called EuraMica, from Euramax, is now available in the UK. The dual tone is created using Mica platelets which are... More

Project • By HOWEUniversities

Tenerife School of Scenic Arts

The level of cultural activity in Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife, is very high. In 2002 the Tenerife Insular Council and the Canarian government decided to build an educational facility for the scenic arts. The project was placed in the neighbourhood of buildings of related cultural use, such as the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Applied Arts, and the Music Conservatory. Soon a Centre of Cinematography will be placed next to the School of Scenic Arts, both institutions designed by gpy arquitectos. The Tenerife School of Scenic Arts has a size of 3360 m2, allowing for 80 resident students, 120 periodical attendants, and 41 teachers. Furniture solution: In the contemporary educational facility there is an urgent need for flexib... More

Project • By ESTUDIO NATTOOffices


Architects: ESTUDIO NATTO Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain Architect In Charge: Elías M. Medina Moreno Architects: Adrián Magdaleno Rodríguez y José Manuel Rodríguez Peña Industrial Engineering: INGENIERIA Y ARQUITECTURA TECHNE 3D Images: DPC 3d Infografía Built Area: 40.465,31 m2 Year: 2012 The project for the new headquarters building of Disa Group seeks to achieve the typical headquarters prominence and become a leading further into architectural landmark for the city in an environment dominated by high-rise buildings (34 storey towers of Santa Cruz, 28-story courthouse future) The floor of the tower, as every square, is perceived in an apparent form by its four corners. The project idea is to material... More

Project • By PlanhoHospitals

Hospital Campus de la Salud

There are two major constraints that set the guidelines for the architectural and functional design of the building. We created two large juxtaposed zones in dialogue with each other. First we have the clinical and service areas, organised around a central patio upon which the whole building rests. Secondly, we have the outpatient and hospital areas, which occupy the arms which emerge from it and which open towards the city as well as the imposing views of the Sierra Nevada. It is a model hospital and will constitute the key element in the activities of the new Campus de la Salud de Granada. We have tried to optimise circulation, grouping all the units of each expertise on the same level, distributing the functional area following the heal... More

Project • By Hunter Douglas ArchitecturalAirports

León Airport

The new airport terminal in Leon, in the Northwest of Spain, is designed to magnify the economic and social “magnetism” of Leon and to give the province means to face the “challenges” of the future. The new terminal for domestic travel has a total ground floor of 4900 m2, where all airport facilities are located. The idea behind the envelope of the building is to enhance the natural feeling of fluidity, both in the process of rapprochement from the land site, and from the experience approaching from the air. A high volume setting with a glass curtain wall and a large longitudinal skylight is designed to give expression to this idea. Inside the building an open-linear solid wood ceiling of Hunter Douglas has been applied. The wooden ceil... More