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NewsNews • 26 Sep 2022

Forest House by Inblum Architects reflects the local spirit of the Lithuanian landscape

Reflecting the local spirit and context, this reconstructed residential house in Lithuania’s Pavilnys Regional Park retains a link to the past while sensitively meeting the needs of a modern house. Anchored into the terrain and surrounding old apple orchard, the house by Inblum Architects sits at ease in its environment.   Norbert Tukaj The existing residential building and adjacent rebuilt structures form the core of the newly formed building complex. Inside the restrained gable volumes, space is deconstructed in a such a way as to afford for terraces, beautiful views to ski areas, intimate spaces, and plenty of natural light. Norbert Tukaj Indoor to outdoor connections are a dominant theme of the house. Thes... More

NewsNews • 26 Sep 2022

Gravity vanishes and the unexpected emerges at new wellbeing extension by noa* network of architecture

Following completion of their iconic cantilevered pool project in Hubertus, Olang, in 2016, noa* network of architecture completed an addition to the site with the completion of a new wellbeing extension. As with the original pool, gravity seems to vanish and the unexpected emerges. Alex Filz The architects sought to materialize in the extension what one sees mirrored on the surface of the pool as if it is a transient rendering ready to be converted into reality. Playing with the horizon line and the perception of being upside down, project architect Lukas Rungger explains, “The essence of this project is the overturning over horizons, with the resulting effect of wonder for the observer. If you think about it, however, cha... More