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Project • By StipfoldApartments


 The gently alternating textures and the shades of white accentuate the layers in the space and create coziness in the bright interior. A large light grey segment on the living room floor, which outlines the area serves as a substitute to a carp... More

Project • By StipfoldWineries

Oreste Wine Estate

A road trajectory leading to ORESTE Wine Estate has been altered and a path directs a visitor through a vineyard towards a facade, where two buildings and a connecting bridge beautifully frame distant Alaverdi Monastery.In order for a field of vision... More

Project • By StipfoldApartments

Batumi Boulevard Residence

The apartment interiors and the lobbies carry similar design aesthetics: bright hues are contrasted with darker tones. Light colored materials were given preference due to the modest sizes of the apartments, but darker shades of the natural marble te... More

Project • By StipfoldApartments


 The straight walls of a dining room and a kitchen were curved so that transition between an entrance hall and a living room would feel smoother. To make a case for subtle gradations the living room wall is vertically striped. Lines are applied... More

Project • By StipfoldHousing


 Metal panels are folded around seven angular-shaped cabins. Although they are similarly structured, their arrangement on a slanted field creates an image of a single organism zigzagging across the surface. Wood lined units are divided into two... More

Project • By StipfoldApartments


 This modern apartment building resides in an old part of Batumi. Unobtrusive design and brick exterior is comfortably integrated into the environment and a context of the surrounding historic buildings. A simplistic structure of the first... More

Project • By StipfoldPrivate Houses


 The structure was realized through a bottom-up approach; Forms emerged after deciding how spaces with specific functionalities would be arranged in the house. Dense tree population in the front yard was kept intact and for the purpose of e... More

Project • By StipfoldApartments


  A view on the city is available on the opposite ends of this penthouse via the large terraces. The spacious apartment, 200 sq. m, was designed to accommodate young owner's idea of having guests over for parties and socializing. The entran... More