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Project • By StipfoldApartments


 The gently alternating textures and the shades of white accentuate the layers in the space and create coziness in the bright interior. A large light grey segment on the living room floor, which outlines the area serves as a substitute to a carpet.  The vertical line carvings are integrated into all three main elements used in the design: Calacatta marble, the white-painted furniture and a mild grey tone in the kitchen. These lines evoke cohesiveness and refine a character of the interior. Delicate lines and curvatures of the lighting also carry the same mood throughout the apartment. A shower head and a bathtub tap are also minimalistic. The shower glass door is engraved with vertical lines as well. A wooden floor, only used... More

Project • By StipfoldHousing


 Metal panels are folded around seven angular-shaped cabins. Although they are similarly structured, their arrangement on a slanted field creates an image of a single organism zigzagging across the surface. Wood lined units are divided into two sections: one is split into two levels and is allocated to two bedrooms and the other is entirely assigned to a spacious dinning room with a furnace. A see-through fence is mimicking a sheerness of the balcony railings, which are made of perforated metal. A garage and a sauna are located on a ground floor, the sauna facing a backyard.Credits:Architecture: STIPFOLDProject Team: Beka Pkhakadze / Giorgi Bendelava / Giorgi TsuladzeCopywriter: Mika MotskobiliLocation: Bakuriani / GeorgiaTyp... More

Project • By StipfoldApartments


 This modern apartment building resides in an old part of Batumi. Unobtrusive design and brick exterior is comfortably integrated into the environment and a context of the surrounding historic buildings. A simplistic structure of the first six floors is designed with acknowledgment of an overall visual character of this part of the town. However, old material is used in a modern way and in accordance with the latest techniques, creating patterns and variations. The uppermost three floors, which contain the penthouses, have a contrasting and bolder structure and are encrusted with the rusted metal plates. The large green terraces, which are assigned to the penthouses, are located on a rooftop.Credits:Project Team: Beka Pkhakad... More

Project • By StipfoldPrivate Houses


 The structure was realized through a bottom-up approach; Forms emerged after deciding how spaces with specific functionalities would be arranged in the house. Dense tree population in the front yard was kept intact and for the purpose of eliminating the distraction from the residence's harmonious blend with nature, the parking spot is allocated in the back side of the building. As they are paneled with the same material, the wooden terraces almost seem to be growing into walls. In contrast to the first floor, the second floor modules are arranged at different angles and are covered with black metal sheets. They also accommodate large outdoor spaces for relaxation and interaction with nature. The glass doors of the second flo... More