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Project • By Manetti Gusmano & figli - Sannini ImprunetaRurals


Southern Tuscany is home to a handful of wineries, which are often described as wine cathedrals. The Petra vineyard near Suvereto (by architect Mario Botta) is an interesting example of this new approach in winery architecture. At Petra the world-class architect went beyond designing an impressive wine cellar, but also included the outlay of the vineyards in his aim to form a contemporary agricultural landscape. Vittorio and Francesca Moretti (the father and daughter team behind the Petra winery) where largely involved in architect Mario Botta's project. It was clear from the start that the winery was going to be built with the prefab building parts the Moretti family had made their success with. Also an idea of Vittorio Moretti was the lon... More

Project • By StudioNine ArchitectsPrivate Houses

CP Residence

Designed by Studionine Architects, this residence in suburban Ahmedabad revels in delicate tracery and the warmth of natural light. As a response to the client’s needs of simplicity, low-maintenance and soothing spaces, this home, designed specifically for an elderly couple unfolds through simple, efficient planning.    Beginning with a compact site of 1365 sq. Ft.(37’x37’), the architects transformed the constraints of space through a play of interconnected volumes and double-heighted spaces vertically across the floor plates. Using embedded knowledge and traditional building science of Vastu Shastra, the internal zoning and articulation was planned effectively for this south-facing house. The house is essenti... More

Product • By Manetti Gusmano & figli - Sannini ImprunetaCOTTO SANNINI - FACADE ELEMENTS


The line it is a composition of extend style and shape from PIASTRA to DOGA see ref. in the attach Catalogue. More

Project • By Manetti Gusmano & figli - Sannini ImprunetaApartments


The multi-purpose building is located in Pudong (Shanghai), in a rectangular lot with four glass towers - housing a hotel, malls and service - and twenty buildings designed to become offices with similar heights and architectural expression. The volumes are realized with a skeleton of reinforced concrete covered at the base by granite slabs and, near the offices, by terracotta elements anchored with mechanical applications through aluminium profiles. More

Project • By Manetti Gusmano & figli - Sannini ImprunetaMuseums

Uffici Museum - Florence

We periodically manage the restauration of the different rooms of the prestigius Uffizi Museum in Florence. The product selected it is an unique hand-made tile with specific satin finish that we made for the Museum with the overview of the best arch. and architecture expert in Italy. The terracotta produced in the Manetti furnaces has always occupied a place of first order in the minds of the great architects of the world. The floors installed in the Uffizi Museum in Florence, the Hollywood Museum of Cinema in Los Angeles, testify to the variety and versatility of the range of solutions offered by the Manetti furnaces. Our company is also the official furnisher of tiles used for the restoration of Brunelleschi’s Dome in Florence. Our... More

Project • By Caracalla ArchitectesApartments

Appartement S

During this critical time, the question of quality and state of small housing is primordial. How to have a private space, a desk, a place to cook, create or chill, host a guest or stock many plants in a little 36 sqaure meters and a restricted budget?   The project is a combination of an optimised space and a complex program. Uses and spaces are produced by superposition and permutation.   A technical wall including the kitchen, a bathroom and various storages articulates all the different spaces and configuration. 2 sliding doors divide the room. Each inner space is oriented on a baclony and the warm light oft he sun. As a perpetual motion.   Material Used :1. Plywood2. Béton ciré3. Plaster4. Terracotta t... More

Project • By Manetti Gusmano & figli - Sannini ImprunetaShops

Greve in Chianti wine bar Tuscany

The renovation project of the former MCL premises in Greve in Chianti represented an opportunity to give new life and organicity to a long-forgotten place. The project provides for the functional reorganization of the spaces by providing for the demolition of the small existing warehouse and creating a flexible system set around the central hall for common activities of about 40 square meters, with a creative laboratory of about 20 square meters as support, a warehouse of 10 square meters , and a space with bathrooms for users and changing rooms for staff. A new exposed brick wall used as pixels to create a texture of voids and solids identifies the new warehouse and acts as a scenographic backdrop for the great hall. The project is configu... More

Project • By Square Feet StudioBars

Bread & Butterfly

Our client, a celebrated local chef and James Beard semi-finalist, asked us to help realize his latest venture, an intimate neighborhood café with an emphasis on wine and small plates. The name Bread & Butterfly is borrowed from the imaginative character created by Lewis Carroll in his novel Through the Looking Glass. The restaurant is located in a new mixed-use development located in Inman Park, and the name also refers to the historic neighborhood’s symbol, the butterfly. Inspired by the small cafés lining the streets of Paris, the design features a paneled main dining room and bar with casual seating that spills out onto a cozy porch and sidewalk. We designed custom steel doors that fully open up the interior to t... More

Project • By estudiHacShops

Rosanflor Florist

Floral Creativity in Contrast with Solid Architectural Materials.Under the creative direction of Jose Manuel Ferrero, estudi{H}ac has designed and completed an all-new type of Flower Shop concept in Ontinyent, Valencia. To create this new space, Jose Manuel Ferrero got inspiration from three main elements as the starting point: Earth, Water and Light.   The challenge lied in transforming the basic elements of nature (the environment where fantastic floral elements are found) into something material, something constructive that could provide the envelope for the new flower shop.   The EARTH was the basis for creating a palette of desaturated beige and terracotta tones. The element of WATER was used in the project in the form of... More

Project • By David Chipperfield ArchitectsShops

harlan + holden store, Lotte World Mall

Founded in 2015, harlan + holden is a clothing retailer with 20 stores across South Korea, Indonesia and The Philippines. The company rejects fast fashion, instead focussing on comfortable and timeless pieces. This new store is located within the Lotte World Mall in the Songpa district of Seoul and was developed to serve and represent the brand’s philosophy in spatial and physical form. The curved store front is clad entirely in grooved terracotta panels with natural colour and finish, giving it a strong physical presence within the mall. Openings are cut into this façade creating an entrance and display window that connect visually to the interior. The interior consists of three interconnected rooms each with its own scale an... More

Project • By Flad ArchitectsOffices

Sentry Insurance, New Office Building

In an effort to accommodate continued growth, this new, 290,000-square-foot office building infuses Sentry Insurance’s established brand and core values into the built environment, creating a rich and meaningful corporate community that embodies the Sentry identity and its culture of honesty, transparency, and connectivity.   With themes of cooperation and collaboration forming the basis of the building experience, every architectural design element contributes to creating a dynamic center where human interaction leads to lifelong partnerships. Sentry’s dual-piece logo fits perfectly into the building’s structural design—a parallel bar scheme of interlocking wings linked by a central, six-storyatrium. By openi... More

Project • By TAA DESIGNRural

The Red Roof

Project name: THE RED ROOF Architecture office: TAA DESIGN Website: www.taadesign.com Project Location: Quang Ngai, Viet Nam Site area: 80.0 m2 Complete: 2019 Architects in Charge: Nguyen Van Thien, Nguyen Huu Hau Photo credits: TAA Design Contractor: Local Construction budget: $30.000   The project is a small house in an area of 80m2 in Quang Ngai, Vietnam. This is a rural area with difficult living conditions with hot weather and sometimes there are long rainy and flood seasons.  The house is meant for a married couple over the 50s who has been living in this rural area since they were born. Connecting with nature, daily activities are gardening, paddy drying, chicken breeding, etc.  In a small site, the house... More

Project • By YODEZEENRestaurants

Follower Restaurant

The Follower restaurant, newest Kyiv hospitality openings, is imagined as an eclectic, eccentric, and modern place for millennials who are keen on social media but at the same time never forget the benefits of social life.   Located at one of the oldest and longest streets of Kyiv, VelykaVasylkivskastreet, the Follower restaurant takes over the two-floors of the brick historical building with the panoramic windows on the central façade. The newly renovated building itself well known as «stalinka» was built in the 1950s by Ukrainian architect OsipKryvoglaz and has become a part of the entire ensemble of Soviet architecture in Kyiv.   As designers, YODEZEEN, was faced with two essentials tasks: maximum preserv... More

Project • By RISCO ArchitectsRestaurants

Mano a Mano

The restaurant is located close to Cais do Sodré Station, in a recently recovered Pombaline building with three fronts: one on Rua do Alecrim, which will contained the main entrance, another on Rua do Ferragial, and a third on Rua de S. Paulo, one level up from that street. The project briefing was very clear: an Italian restaurant with a pizzeria, an open kitchen with full views of the ovens and an informal atmosphere, to be located in a recently recovered Pombaline building. The space was handed over in the rough. It has plenty of daylight because of its three fronts and its long narrow configuration, wrapped around the building’s stairwell. Our approach to the project began by defining a layout that would comply simultaneous... More

Project • By architecture.SEEDPrivate Houses

In.X-Hale Residence

The In.X-Hale Residence is a private home for a family of three, located in the countryside with plenty of coconut trees and surrounded by lush paddy fields.    The focus of the project was to respond to the context of the site and its climatic aspects while keeping in mind the clients requirement of a simple home in a serene environment. Hence, the insertion of a building in this context needed to ensure two things - that the perennial wind-flow in the site remains unobstructed and the spaces within the house connect to the natural elements around it. Strategically, two nodes in the form of courtyards were identified along the direction of the wind as points where both these concerns could meet.   The primary node which... More