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Project • By Rogers Stirk Harbour + PartnersHousing


The Montevetro residential development occupies a site at Battersea Reach, south of the Thames and looking across to Chelsea's Cheyne Walk. The site was formerly occupied by an early 20th-century flour mill, closed during the 1980s. Its context is extremely varied – to the east, high-rise 1960s housing, surviving older terraces and villas and, to the west, the listed 18th-century church of St Mary at the river’s edge. By inflecting the new building, RRP aimed to create variety along the river-walk. The major public gain is the riverside park which has created a continuous route between Wandsworth and Battersea bridges, while also enhancing the setting of St. Mary’s. The scheme consists of five connected blocks which step down to four st... More

Project • By Rogers Stirk Harbour + PartnersCommercial Landscape

Silvercup Studios West

Design: The design for Silvercup West meets the challenge of delivering a mixed-use development by organising the three main functions of the project – residential, commercial and cultural – into three distinct zones, of which the central zone is the studio facility. The difficulty of constructing towers above large-span studios resulted in the high-rise elements of the development being located along its perimeter. This creates the maximum separation between high-rise residential and commercial buildings. A restaurant and gardens will be located at the studio roof level. The site is organised into a composition of elements. High-rise residential towers are located on the south side of the site, separated from a new cultural building and... More

Project • By Point Supreme ArchitectsBars

Kalavrita café

Kalavrita is a picturesque mountain town surrounded by natural beauty. The project uses a deliberately limited palette of materials that collectively reflect the natural setting. The existing series of diagonal columns supporting the residential floor above are emphasized and connected to create a continuous line, framing the dramatic views. Custom-made terracotta tiles, echoing the roof tiles of the area, cover the floor and bar and extend to the exterior. The ceiling has been sloped mimicking the slope of the roof above. This combined with the diagonal columns creates an unusual unrest in the space. The contextual colour palette creates a merging of inside and outside and a constant reminder of the natural setting. More

Project • By Philippe Stuebi Architekten GmbHHousing

Maison Draeger

The holiday house sits as walkable sculptural building in the strong landscape with a square ruin, old retaining walls, large rocks as well as olive groves and oak tree forests. In the south the house has a spectacular terrace with a great view on the sea and with a low, broad parapet (40/70cm). Under the terrace is a further guest room with a bath and cellar. The living space has the atmosphere of a covered outside space and gets maximum glazing on the back too, which releases the view as contrast to the width of the sea on the bizarre rock landscape lying directly behind. Two large movable wall pieces let the living space with kitchen and bedroom become a large flowing area. Outside the oversized staircase dramatizes the hillside situatio... More

Project • By Hawkins/BrownUniversities

New Biochemistry University of Oxford

The Biochemistry Department at Oxford University is the largest in the UK and internationally renowned for research work in DNA, cell growth and immunity. The building achieves a new ethos of “interdisciplinary working” where the exchange of ideas is promoted in a large collective and connective environment. At the same time researchers have the space to concentrate on intense work in highly serviced laboratories. The building deliberately challenges the public perceptions of the secretive nature of research. Elevations are transparent with research spaces brought to the external face, making a political point about the value and integrity of biomedical research. The facades are enriched by a series of laminated glass fins which fra... More

Project • By Cino Zucchi ArchitettiOffices

Nuovo Portello,Residential and office building

The project creates a new city part in coherence with the larger process of transformation affecting the area. The anomalous scale of the existing industrial Alfa Romeo precinct is opened to collective use by tracing a new series of pathways connecting it with the surrounding urban net. A new square along via Traiano generates a new diagonal pedestrian way which becomes the main access to the new park. Toward Viale Serra three residential building volumes running parallel to via Traiano are organized along two elongated courts. In the middle of the area, the volume of the former Alfa Romeo cafeteria is conserved and inflected toward the park by the new path cutting its corner. In the North portion the project adopts a high-rise resi... More

Project • By NOWA s.r.l.Housing

Twin Complex

PICCOLA PERRERA Grammichele (CT), Italia built 2007 Residential New accommodation for a holiday farmhouse (agritourism) The project is about the building of new rooms for a holiday farmhouse through the demolition and reconstruction of a pre-existing rural building immersed in a citrus plantation with a lying position from the rural approach road. The urban limitations forced us to respect the position of the pre-existence, the original disposition of masses and the structural typology (bearing wall wooden pitched roof with roof tile covering). The new masonry, made up with blocks of tuff, slightly veiled with lime mortar, is carved and bent by the light, forming kind of lumps of brightness filling up the walls thickness and they are... More