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Project • By Melina RomanoPrivate Houses

Hygge Studio

The environment signed by Melina Romano Studio calls Hygge Studio, a minimalist space located in São Paulo, Brazil .   Hygge is the Danish word which has no Portuguese translation, but suggests comfort, delicacy and simplicity for the home. For this project, the designers challenged themselves to turns a Scandinavian concept in a Brazilian way of life.   It was between colors, textures and materialities that the designers found the exact point between hot and cold, between modern and bucolic. The home was also this base that allowed them to reach their own balance for what was wanted.   The 68m² space has a suite, bathroom, living room and kitchen completely integrated, but in a deconstructed way. The layout... More

Project • By Hollander Design GroupOffices

Pura Vida

The design intent was to create a space that embodies the “pura vida” way of life and captures the essence of the company. The importance of light, color and use of greenery were key elements in delivering a space that felt fresh and organic. The open floor plan with floor to ceiling glass, allows for an abundance of natural light to filter throughout the space and showcases the 180 degree ocean views only a few blocks away.   Everything is visible to everyone, from the reclaimed wood conference table and custom bronze chandelier to the ping pong table at the opposite end of the suite. Earthy tones and natural elements reminiscent of a beachside bungalow were paired with bold graphic wallcoverings, pops of color and metal... More

Project • By Bates Smart ArchitectsUniversities

School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

The School of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering occupied two ‘legacy’ buildings from the foundation of UNSW Campus; a ‘T’ shaped teaching and academic offices building and a low-rise laboratory. These buildings were no longer functional as contemporary learning environments; with academics and research students disconnected, isolated academic offices separated from teaching spaces, which were without informal learning areas. The legacy buildings are characterised by a vertical masonry expression, chevron concrete soffits; and circular motif entry screen.  Bates Smart's design strategy was to respect these buildings while creating a contemporary addition through re-working the chevron and circular geo... More

Project • By Bates Smart ArchitectsOffices

Boomerang Tower

Another step in the urbanisation of Sydney Olympic Park’s town centre, Boomerang tower combines a 7-storey podium of retail, office and above ground parking with a rises 32 storeys residential tower. above Sydney Olympic Park, making a striking addition to the suburb’s burgeoning residential and commercial development. The tower project delivers on the future vision for Olympic Boulevard of a 6-8 storey street wall with slender towers above. Adding 239 apartments, 5 shops, two levels of new workplace, shared outdoor amenity, and above ground parking, the project sits respectfully within SOP’s high quality landscape and public domain—anchored by 425 hectares of designated parkland—and adds 239 apartments, 5 shop... More

Project • By De Rosee SaPrivate Houses


Known as Kilnwood, the property is located on the edge of the Mendip Hills with an extensive view overlooking Glastonbury Tor. The brief for the project given to De Rosee Sa was to ensure that the renovation and new build share the same local vernacular and architectural language as that of other nearby farms and rural buildings, such as pitched roofs and black ship-lap timber boarding.   With the main house, a converted barn, De Rosee Sa designed an impressive and welcoming entrance. The practice created a new external entrance porch which dually functions as a boot room, and within what was the original hallway, they relocated the staircase. Moving its footprint allowed for a double-height hallway, successfully opening up the space... More

Project • By Andy Rahman ArchitectMosques

Honeycomb Mosque

Be like the bees They don’t eat unless it’s good They don’t throw away except the bad ones And does not ruin what has perched   This mosque located in the Puri Surya Jaya housing complex - Sidoarjo, which has the official name of the Al Ikhlas Mosque. But this mosque is well-known in the community as Sarang Lebah (Honeycomb) Mosque or An-Nahl Mosque, because honeycombs inspire most of the architectural elements used in this building.   Why use honeycomb as the main idea? This mosque indeed takes the basis of the Qur'an's 16th letter, the 68th verse of An-Nahl, which reads: "And your Lord revealed to the bees." Bees are creatures that give a lot of parables, a favor, and benefits to humankind. Thi... More

Project • By Interior Design LaboratoriumHotels

Istoria, a member of Design Hotels

Interior Design Laboratorium presents its first holistic architectural and interior design project, ISTORIA hotel a unique Mediterranean sanctuary inspired by people’s original stories.The fundamental design idea of ISTORIA stems from the building itself and the stories of the people who have resided in it throughout the years. A deserted private residence neighboring a deep blue patch of the Aegean Sea is transformed to a boutique hotel for travelers with eclectic taste, inspired by luminous images and Mediterranean locations. Interior Design Laboratorium’s initial contact with the existing building, in September 2017, brought to light a true story from the building’s past. The premises included 5 stables where the former... More

Project • By Studio MODULEOffices

Campus Orange Lyon

The new regional headquarters for telecommunications company Orange is an extension and renovation of an old telephone exchange. While making the most of the industrial building, it also gives an urban coherence to the city block by breaking the project into two ‘folded’ volumes that wrap around the existing building.Our starting position with regards integration within the neighbourhood was to create a large, uniform building on a continuous ground plane, so reducing what we see as the negative effects of a multiple development, which can be overloaded with too many building types and too many textures.The new buildings find harmony in the homogenous grid of their facades (echoing the existing building) and the cut surfaces tha... More

Project • By Openbox ArchitectsPower Plants


After many success OPENBOX design interventions for large scale projects, B Grimm Power send us a brief to help creating an awareness of the importance of sustainable energy to the public. The brief was to create an iconic piece of landmark at their Headquarters Office, that can send a strong message.   OPENBOX design team studied the headquarters layout and proposed to create two multi-function objects at the office parking areas, at the most visible location from the main road. We will create a parking roof, complete with solar panels in the form of a stunning sculpture.   B.Grimm Power is the leading professional firm in solar energy, the company's headquarters emphasis is using the solar panel and solar farm. The design is... More

Project • By Rina LovkoApartments

Blue Terracotta Apartment

Radial walls - the feature of this apartment in a new residential complex in the center of Kyiv. Custom layout of the space created certain difficulties. But at the same time it caused us professional excitement.   The customer dreamed of a modern, functional living space. Comfortable and with bright accents but at the same time not dry and strict. Standard techniques did not work here because of the complex geometry, although the total area of space is quite large - 207 square meters. That's why each solution was developed individually.   The layout of the apartment is part of a circle divided into sections. We combined several sections into a living-dining room-kitchen-hallway. In the next room there is a bedroom, in which t... More

Project • By Ant StudioPavilions


The dynamism of Contemporary Architecture and its postulates keep facing numerous amendments in terms of new techniques, materials, and ways of construction. Parametricism or Parametric Architecture is one such style that emerged out of advanced ideas of computation and digital animation techniques, moulded into the built world.   With the help of this mechanism, today designers can choose to recreate any form that seems relevant. However, the primary concern at hand, is whether these can be manifested to address pertinent global issues related to the environment, climatic changes and animal abuse.   We at Ant Studio, have always endeavoured to create designs that generate a conversation by blending such avant-garde processes... More

Project • By Aangan ArchitectsPrivate Houses


Unlike a traditional Indian joint family which usually span three or more generations and tend to have strict hierarchies, the clients, in this project, were looking forward to moving 'together' as  kindred nuclear families. Therefore, it sought to build an integrated environment in line with the prevailing ‘apartment system’ retaining the charm of cohesive interactions, celebrations and communal agglomerations. It addresses the highlighted dilemma of nuclear living within a joint family structure. The house is a collage of individual aspirations and design ideologies of two young millennial couples along with their parents with specific zones for each family unit and member. Each private space has been tailored to suit th... More

Project • By LWK + PARTNERSHospitals

Shijiazhuang Zhao Hua Hospital Development

Shijiazhuang Zhao Hua Hospital Development, Shijiazhuang, China Our planet’s population is now going through the biggest shared experience in decades due to COVID-19, and the way people think about life and illness today is incomparable with any time in history.    Prolonged social distancing has cast a limelight on the importance of mental health as part of our wellbeing. People’s expectations for medical buildings have gone beyond equipment and technicalities and been more focused on their ability to encourage positivity. There have also been calls for a greener and more humanised environment.    Philip Wong, LWK + PARTNERS Director who leads the practice’s Healthcare and Senior Living Team,... More

Project • By Shanmugam AssociatesPrimary Schools

Rane Vidyalaya School

Rane Vidyalaya CBSE school is an educational campus for K12 and a CSR initiative by Rane Foundation India Pvt. Ltd, a leading industrial conglomerate. Theerampalayam, the rural region where the school is located, has no proper educational institutions that offer quality learning.   The closest city, Tiruchirapalli which is a Tier-II city in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, is 20 kms away. Neighborhood districts are a mix of small rural villages whose occupation is agriculture and unskilled labor. The project was envisioned as a whole but executed in two phases. Presently Phase 1 has been constructed for an area of 50,000 Sq.Ft. The intent was to create an infrastructure that would have a positive social impact on the local community a... More

Project • By TwoBo ArchitecturePrivate Houses

6 residential houses in Cabrera de Mar

The North face of the building holds the right balance of openings and colors to match the old-town style of Cabrera de Mar. It does so however with a composition that breathes new life into the neighborhood. This tone down contemporary language bursts out untethered towards the South side. Opened to the views and the sunlight, the concrete structure forms a grid that frames lodges and pergolas that stretch from the main building and protect the living spaces.   Each residence runs through from the wide hallway openings on the North face entrances and community areas, to the South face which is exposed in the form of patios, sun-decks and porches. Each home planned for a fluid transition between these two cardinal points by use of ci... More