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Project • By mainstudioPrivate Houses

Waverly Residence

Robert Lavoie, founder of the firm, has created a refined layout that highlights natural light. The kitchen, which opens generously to the backyard, has become the brightest point in the apartment. Its abundant fenestration gives the impression of feeling between the inside and the outside. The opening with rounded corners between the immaculate kitchen and the rest of the residence marks the transition to this in-between.   The arch between the bathroom and the shower invites natural light. The white on the walls contributes to the overall brightness and enhances the warmth texture of the terracotta floor. The 980 square foot space has clever hidden storage that clears up the rooms and gives way to the geometric simplicity of the sp... More

Project • By LAGADO architectsPrivate Houses

Work Home Play Home

Work Home Play Home is our own live and work home in the center of Rotterdam: a colourful and playful interior that is designed to add colour and charm to the daily life of adults and children. The main goal of the design is to create an environment that can handle all sorts of use, at the same time, without giving up character in favor of performance. Simultaneously, we wanted to create a joyful and colourful house with a personal character.   Each floor has its own function. Living and cooking on the ground floor next to the garden. Sleeping on the first floor, the dark heart of the house. And working and a guestroom on the light top floor loft, under the rooftop terrace. A characteristic blue staircase with triangular windows adds... More

Project • By Studio TackHotels

Scribner’s Catskill Lodge

Scribner’s Catskill Lodge opened in 2016 as a new interpretation of a Catskills classic. In its revitalized state, the 38-room eclectic mountain lodge and 85 seat in-house restaurant Prospect, is a year-round refuge for urban explorers and adventurers looking to enjoy the inspiring nature of the Catskills amidst thoughtful design and welcoming service. Originally built in the 1960’s, today’s Scribner’s brings key players of the Hudson Valley cultural renaissance together at one property, and evokes the region’s sense of exploration, nostalgia and craftsmanship through design, programming and local culinary offerings.   Location Situated in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, Scribner’s Catskill... More

Project • By Goettsch PartnersHotels

Viceroy Chicago

Located at the intersection of Cedar and State in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood, the historic Cedar Hotel will take on a new identity as a Viceroy property.   The four-story brick-and-terra-cotta façade of the original Cedar Hotel will be preserved, fronting a new 18-story hotel tower. Visitors will enter into an open, three-story lobby space with an adjacent restaurant and lounge. Additional amenities include a ballroom and conference suite on Level 4, with access to a large outdoor roof terrace overlooking State Street. The rooftop lounge with outdoor pool and landscaped terrace offers views of Lake Michigan and Chicago skyline.   A unique identity for the Viceroy emerges through the contrasting... More

Project • By Lola CwikowskiApartments

Penha de França Apartment

Among the art-deco modernist architecture of the relaxed Penha de França neighborhood, just beyond the tourist path, an actor has acquired a home for peaceful retreat with family and friends. Extensive collaboration with the client rendered a space instilled with wrought-metal accents, vintage woods, and tropical plants, recalling the instruments of cinema’s southern California golden age and the natural landscape of southern Portugal.   A modest hand-crafted bed is the backdrop of the master bedroom, flanked by modern Portugese wall lamps and nightstands with vintage flair. Generous apertures show changing seasonal foliage, while an adjacent contemporary reading chair relishes rays of afternoon sunlight throughout the y... More

Project • By Olson KundigPrivate Houses

Rio House

After living in the urban core of Rio de Janeiro for many years, the clients wanted to build an intimate retreat on their property adjacent to the Tijuca National Park where they could enjoy books, art and especially the natural landscape. Theprimary design goal was to make the house as small as possible within its tropical jungle setting. The 1,500-square-foot house rises into the rainforest canopy – a secluded hideaway for the owner couple to retreat from the distractions of city life.   Essentially a steel-and-glass box, the house hovers above the land supported structurally by two concrete piers, one of which also functions as an indoor/outdoor fireplace. Tucked into the juçara palm and cariniana trees on the 3.1-acr... More

Project • By (ma!ca) architecturePrivate Houses

MON house & brick extension

Montpellier, France, 2020-05-26 - The house, with its large north-facing garden, had very little natural light and the living space on the ground floor was segmented into too many sections with low ceilings. Load-bearing walls and partitions have been removed in order to create a homogeneous and airy place.   The new choreographed sequence of the spaces results from the regular structural grid made of load-bearing rectangular beams. Thus, this structural frame minimizes the distribution spaces and comprises the entrance, dining and living room in only one central area. It is connected to the extension of the house that accommodates an open kitchen and reads as a large brick cube that stretches out onto the garden for a constant... More

Project • By GRT ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Hudson River Renovation

GRT was asked to renovate a mid-century home designed by one of the first female architects to graduate from Columbia University’s architecture program. She also happened to be the client’s grandmother. Situated high on the east bank of the Hudson River the house is a strong, rational design that foregrounds views and the connection to the natural world outside. Two 102-foot long beams run the length of the house, defining an east-west axis visible from every room. Six-inch terracotta tile covers the floor throughout. Our work was guided by the desire to accentuate what we found and complement it where necessary.   Color and material choices were guided by the strength of the original design. Looking south to the Tappan Z... More

Project • By NEXT architectsVillages

Dafang Creative Village

China has undergone an unprecedented urbanisation process, from being a predominant rural society to having an estimated one billion Chinese living in cities in 2050. In this transformation so far, urban migration has left hundreds of thousands of villages abandoned. Many of these have dozens of generations of social, cultural and monumental value but are currently lacking major future significance. To address this challenge, NEXT architects, together with IVEM (Dutch Institute for heritage and marketing), Smartland (landscape design), Total Design (graphic design) and numerous artists were asked by the Government of Jinxi, Jiangxi Province to develop a strategy for one of its 102 abandoned villages, Dafang. NEXT architects was responsible... More

Project • By AMAN SOHALOffices

Fifth Note

This 1500 sft Office Interiors for Mr Ketan Sharma has been a cherishing journey for us . The client besides aiming for an efficent workspace and high productive atmosphere is also an artist by heart .  STORY BOARD - The idea was to create a Nazm ( theme based poetry ) in the space .Hence we chose the element of Motherboard circuit as a concept and the entire lighting design was perceived as an oversized Circuit pattern that hovers above in a form that is not only a reflection of the space but also attains a poetic form at the same time . Being an extention office the idea was also to retain the material pallete but with a subtle freshness.The arrival space has brick wall that takes one into the timeline of a village terracotta floori... More

Project • By Zozaya ArquitectosPrivate Houses

La Vida

Casa “La Vida” is located in the magical town of Troncones. It has a rectangular land with an area of ​​2000 sqm. The surface of the land is flat, having access through the main street of Troncones. The central concept of the project was to create a contemporary house, with large spaces but preserving the already traditional Zihuatanejo style in the area, taking advantage of local materials and the excellent workmanship of our local masters.   The central volume of the house consists of two volumes that frame a palapa in the center where the living and dining area are located. The palapa, having a very high roof and using materials such as dry palm, allows us to create a very spacious and fresh space for most of the year,... More

Project • By CadencePrivate Houses

Badari Residence

The Badri residence is a house designed on a typical tight knit urban plot measuring 2400sft. The client requirement was further distinguished into two kinds of spaces. Spaces that needed to be personal and intimate verses spaces that needed to be congregational in nature which encouraged interaction amongst family and friends. The building’s exterior and interiors was conceptualized as an assemblage of a series of episodes that seek ‘delight’ through architectural effects.    The Living room The plan was organised around a double height space that forms the soul of the house. This space connects the living, dining, kitchen, prayer room and the exterior deck into a cohesive whole. The space is further animated... More

Project • By Studio LauriaShops


Studio Lauria has just completed the creation of a small but interesting and unique interior design project in Florence: the atelier of the young violinmaker Tommaso Pedani, heir of a centuries-old tradition started in Cremona by Antonio Stradivari.   The atelier, located in the historic district "Le Cure", opens onto the street through a large window that reveals the floor in terracotta planks and the wooden ceiling from which luminous globes of various sizes hang. Sound-absorbing panels have been fixed to the walls join to large olive-tree boards, shaped and worked to host the display box containing violins and violas.   The use of wood characterizes the design of the interior space and recalls the work of cutting and engrav... More

Project • By MIYAOApartments

Bay view apartment

BAY VIEW APARTMENT | INTERIOR | RUSSIA | 219 SQ. M If the apartment has a stunning sea view, then it has to be shown to everyone. The owners of this spacious penthouse in the downtown did just so: they rebuilt their home in such a way that the loud parties could be held there. In the middle of the spacious living room combined with a kitchen there is a large table for friendly feasts. It’s very comfy to chat at the bar, or, if you want some solitude, you can enjoy a stunning view of the city opening from the terrace. At the far end of the apartment there is a bedroom with a labyrinth of dressing rooms. It was important for the mistress that she could put her impressive collection of clothes there. The windows in this apartment look... More

Project • By PAD10 Architects + DesignersPrivate Houses

Baraka Seaside Residence

Approached by the Client with an archetype (a barn), we celebrated it rather than suppress it, by elevating it from its site, while treating all other structures as non-architectural; submerging one within the landscape, to be one with it, and merging the other with the perimeter concrete fence. João Morgado Architectural Photography Elevating the barn (family house) maximizes its views without blocking the same to rear structures on the relatively deep site. The elevated barn, spanning in between the service core on one side and the elevated landscape on the other, provides a see-through and an underpass connecting two landscapes; the central garden and the sand beach/poolside. A barn door slides along the ground floor to recl... More